(PDF/EBOOK) [Introduction to Management Accounting] Á Peter Scott

Ideos that provide practical emonstrations of ealing with complex accounting tasks; Web links for primary source material and articles through which readers can learn about the companies and organizations iscussed in the bookLecturer resources include PowerPoint slides examples and solutions and hundreds of ready to use multiple choice "uestions all arranged by chapter Lecturers can choose to the online "all arranged by chapter Lecturers can choose to make the online available to their students via Dashboard a and assessment tool which provides sophisticated analytics for student achievement and engagement with the resources also facilitating iscussions and course update. Introduction to Management AccountingPeter Scott's Introduction to

management accounting provides 
Accounting provides thorough but accessible and engaging introduction to the subject for "first year studentsthis highly practical textbook uses a "year studentsThis highly practical textbook uses a of worked and real life examples supportive learning features crystal clear explanations and extensive online resources all fully integrated with the book to guide students towards a confident understanding of the fundamentals of management accounting Scott's lively writing style sets the numerical content within an easy to follow Narrative And The Real and the real relevance of each tool or techniue is explained at every turn All key areas of fi. .
Rst year management accounting "COURSES ARE COVERED TO PROVIDE A "are covered to provide a foundation for advanced modulesThe book's online resources include a wealth of materials which can be ownloaded into a university's local VLEThe student resources include Interactive Multiple Choice uestions for revising key topics; Numerical exercises "for practising the calculation of accounting information from given sets of "practising the calculation of accounting information from given sets of 'Go back over this again' features containing a mix of further Examples Written Exercises True Or False Uestions written exercises true or false uestions annotated accounting information to help consolidate learning and revise or revisit concepts; 'Show me how to o it' .

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