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I ve read several reviews and comments about how Spires of Stone Is A Somewhat Modern a somewhat modern telling of Shakespeare s Much Ado About Nothing Sadly other than the title I m not all that familiar with the play Too Bad Because I Ve Liked A bad because I ve liked a of re tellings that I ve read They add an xtra bit of fun to a new novelThis third book in Annette Lyon s Temple Series was an njoyable read It *didn t seem to have as many historical tidbits as the previous book in the series but focused on a few *t seem to have as many historical tidbits as the previous book in the series but focused on a few Ben and Bethany were driven apart due to a misunderstanding They combat with hurtful words whenever are in ach others presence and try to ncourage those around them that the opposite sex is horrible and marriage is a bad idea Two of Ben s brothers fall for Bethany s sister Hannah and she has a hard time seeing that one of them is a scoundrelThe nding was a nice happily ver after for all involved and the historical details about the building of the Salt Lake Temple were interesting Spires of Stone is the third book in Annette Lyon s temple series Ironically this book takes place chronologically before her other temple books Fans of House on the Hill and At the Journey s End will love the cameo appearance of Abe Franklin as a young boyIn the author notes Lyon mentions that the plot is loosely based on the Shakespeare play Much Ado About Nothing So I went to her website to see if she xpounded on it And of co This was an interesting story set against the backdrop of the construction of the Salt Lake Temple Considering the title of the book I might have been xpecting about the temple but the amount that was there was just right It has a simple plot compelling characters and a good message Disclaimer I listened to the audiobook and didn t like the narrator so that probably influenced my impression of the book Annette Lyon has made uite a name for herself in the publishing world in the years since she released her first book The winner of the 2007 Best in State Medal for Fiction Lyon has brought readers not only well written LDS romance but also introduced them to a little state history through her temple series The latest installment Spires of Stone is set in Salt Lake City in the late 1860sResearch plays an important part in a novel such as this and Lyon says I ve been fortunate to find wonderful resources that actual historians have unearthed and compiled For Spires of Stone I relied on a number of resources but the most valuable wa. Bethany Hansen wasn't sure when or if she would ver see Benjamin Adams again She also told herself that it didn't matter But when Ben and his two brothers come home after than two years of serving a mission S a thesis about the Salt Lake temple written by Wallace Alan Raynor It was written some time ago and included interviews with people who had actually worked on the temple and were still alive Fascinating and priceless information But history is not the only research she used for this particular novel Back when I was writing contemporary novels she says I thought it would be fun to do a modern day retelling of Shakespeare s Much Ado about Nothing Then I found my historical niche and felt like I had arrived home writing wise At that point I tossed out the idea of a retelling but ventually it dawned on me that there was no reason I couldn t tell the story in the 1800s Those familiar with the original will notice many similarities specially in some of the A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, early dialogue Some things are different of course like how I combined two characters from the play into one Plus mynding doesn t uite match because some characters started making decisions I hadn t xpected But the basic storyline and themes are the same Spires of Stone is the third book Annette Lyon has published which uses a Utah temple as its backdrop Yet Each Novel Is novel is stand My first historical novel House on the Hill focusing on the Logan temple had one character in the pilogue whose story doesn t wrap up in a tidy bow she says Readers insisted that I tell what happened to him next As a result my second temple book At the Journey s End the St George temple is the rest of his story although you don t have to read the first book to pick up that one and aside from the hero and his mother no one Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies else from House on the Hill appears in the book Spires of Stone begins mucharlier than ither of the first two and has a completely different cast of characters The story is unconnected to the first two books as well She adds Just for fun I put in two characters from House on the Hill in very brief cameos as a hello to those readers who might recognize them from before Fans of the historical series will njoy looking for them in this latest installmentBut the series is not over yet Lyon says I have a book coming out in May 2009 about Manti and its temple which will complete the four oldest temples in Utah She has considered writing about the contemporary novels and says she might do a handful of the newer ones But she is uick to add Historical fiction is my forte When asked why readers should pick up a copy of one of her books Lyon says First and foremost because they re fu. O the Eastern states her feelings of heartache and anger also return fiercer than The Power Of A Choice ever And so do Ben's feelings for her Good naturedly Ben's brothers attempt to reunite the twoven as they separately vie for. .

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Spires of StoneN gripping stories As a reader I d have to agree Lyon continues I love hearing that a scene made readers laugh d have to agree Lyon continues I love hearing that a scene made readers laugh cry or gave them chills or ven better kept them reading until 4 o clock in the morning If I ve ntertained you I ve done my job If you happen to learn something about what life was like in Utah back in the 1800s so much the better but that s not my goal My goal is to ntertain Perhaps it was that love of ntertainment that first drew Lyon into books in the first place an avid reader she says her favorite book as a teenager was The Blue Castle by LM Montgomery She s best known for Anne of Green Gables which I also loved Lyon says But this book just resonated with me It has great characters with depth and humanity The story had me laughing and crying and wishing it were longer It s still one of my favorites In addition to writing Annette Lyon also gives presentations about writing to local groups Her advice to budding writers is Learn all you can about the craft go to conferences and workshops read books on writing The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right enter contests for feedback and write like crazy When you re ready join a critiue group Attending a good group was the single best thing Iver did for my writing She also warns that getting a book contract is not the finish line but the beginning of an ntirely new race Somehow I thought I would feel as if I had arrived that all my writing problems would be over I thought I would feel as if I had arrived that all my writing problems would be over the self doubt continues So does writer s block New and just as daunting challenges creep in The great part of course is the success thrown into all that Which Keeps You Going keeps you going the rough patches She reminds writers acceptance and rejection are not personal decisions They re business decisions marketing decisions Will this sell Will this make our company a profit Is it a good fit with our tried and true audience When you as a writer can consciously take the personal nature out of the uation rejection doesn t sting so much and you can have a better idea of which markets to target and how to make your work fit the markets you re aiming for And Annette has found success in that market I loved reading this book This book is a great Monsieur Pain example of what happens when we jump to conclusions and we don t let the person that we think has betrayed our trustxplain what has truly happened It also makes me want to look into our family history since I married into the Lyon family I am curious if the Lyons mentioned in this book are related to my husband. Bethany's younger sister Hannah What follows is a charming historical romance complete with wonderful characters and witty dialogue that xplores the redemption and power of finding and rediscovering true love. ,