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Reviews can be found The Book Prescription It s not cute when people try to fix ach other It s cringey and dysfunctional We try to fix Angels Whiskey each other It s cringey and dysfunctional We need to already have our shit worked out before we bring anyonelse into it So one of my friends have told me you are the stingiest reader when it comes to 5 stars I think I deserve that title because this is my 50th book for this year and still no 5 stars I feel like I need to Ritual Alliances of the Putian Plain: Volume Two: A Survey of Village Temples and Ritual Activities explain why this is not a 5 stars book for me as all of my friends who read it gave it 5 stars And it is not that I am losing anything if I give 5 stars but I feel that there is anthical obligation for me to be as honest as possible so let s break my thoughts into the lements of the story as usual I am starting with the characters as I felt they were the focus of the story Nathan and Cam are both well written and realistic the YA genre is filled with precocious or immature characters but the characters in this book acted according to their age they were cursing and were
Confused And Were Still 
and were still themselves and the world which is cool But their drama may have been a bit repetitive and too much toward the ndWe also have aunt Lori she reminds me of Dolores Umbridge and I may have wanted to punch her in the face the whole book Nate s father was absent a lot and he mentions that in the book so it is OK What I didn t like is related to the plot so I will leave it for there The writing is good not too poetic not rigid It was not special but I think it was very good as a debut I also like the nerdy trivia in the book The plot was interesting because the story starts from the Wish You Were Here: An Essential Guide to Your Favorite Music Scenes—from Punk to Indie and Everything in Between end and then we go back and forth to know what happens I know some readers don t like this but I assure you that it was not confusing and mostly the story was set in the past We are trying to know why Nate and Cam who are supposed to be close friends had a fight almost to death The story is fast paced and can be finished in one day What irked me was that Cam had anidetic memory that alone is not sufficient to make him an The Day Christ Was Born expert in all fields medicine forxample is than just mere doses and information to cram Cam was giving drugs and doses just because he knows them That was a tiny detail that I feel originates from the author s degree in chemistry Yes I do read acknowledgments and about the author pages I like to keep my reviews spoiler free so this is hard to write There were 2 plot twists at the 5 Nights: Sinful Delights Boxed Set end one regarding the deposition which I liked and actually could guess a few pages before it happened The second one may have been good but I think someone with anidetic memory should have realized this long before the The Seventh Witch ending This sounds vague but when you read it you will understand what I mean So overall it was a great debut with an amazing LGBT representation and friends dynamics it is a fast read and worth reading but I still think that some of the details could have been better Made it with my own two brain cells 3 If you think you have toarn And the Miss Ran Away with the Rake enough points on someone s rubric for them to accept you thenither you re wrong to assume they won t love you for who you are or they never loved you in the first placeThis book reads like a punch in the gut feels so naturally it s 5 out of 5 stars Deposing Nathan was one of my most anticipated books of 2019 I knew it was going to hurt I knew it was going to wreck me I knew it would love it And I was 100% rightLet me start with saying that I really love main characters that Trickle Down Tyranny: Crushing Obama's Dream of the Socialist States of America enjoy cursing No matter what you re gonna say it s FUN and Nathan and Cameron seem to think so too So prepare yourself for a high dose of curse words I also really love books about boys who fall in love with boys Deposing Nathan is about coming to terms with who you are it s about self discovery and self acceptance Here comes a brief plot overviewNathan lives with hi. E armed with a fierce moral code and conflicted by his own beliefs started to push back Withach push Nate and Cam moved closer to ach other but also spiraled closer to their breaking point. Deposing Nathan

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Disclaimer I received this ARC courtesy of Page Street Kids through NetGalley I Am Grateful For The grateful for the to review an ARC for my readers but this will not influence my final rating All opinions xpressed in this review are my own and based solely on #the book I don t know how to wrap my head around this bookI wrote and re wrote # book I don t know how to wrap my head around this bookI wrote and re wrote review but nothing sounded authentic I felt like I was trying to make sense of a book that to me was a wholly motional xperience From the moment I started reading I became a captive listener to Nate s journey a young man who from the moment Cam comes into his life no longer knows what to think but verything he feels is so strong and raw What CAN I tell you abo I have THOUGHTS First off whew boy was I a basketful of Obsession emotions during this book From shaking with anger to full on crying I did it all Secondach character was so well done I changed my mind several times over whether or not I hated certain people in the Cabaret: A Roman Riddle end my answer was obvious As a first book I am so incredibly impressed and will 100% be reading of this author in the future special thanks to TJ Reads the Stars for putting this book on my radar and influencing my decision to buy it It s been a while since I last bawled myyes out over a book Brilliant and heartbreaking but also so true
I Really Loved This 
really loved this The structure of the story is uniue jumping back and forth between a deposition and flashbacks and the author does it so well it s utterly seamless In some ways I felt like I was watching a movie I never got bored which is one of the biggest compliments I can give a book But it s also got a great voice The voice of an adolescent male with all the bravado stupid jokes and geek out moments of real people I don t know when I ve read a YA book with such an authentic teen boy voice The main character Nathan is flawed but still likeable It was heartbreaking at times to watch him try to avoid various truths because of one single truth that he thought would destroy his world And thinking about this post read maybe there were two truths he couldn t face but I won t say becausespoilers His fears felt real and I think that many young adults will see themselves in his character It s refreshing to read a YA novel that centers on a bi character and the topic of religion is handled deftly Any religious teen struggling with issues that his or her church frowns on will get something from this story I kept wondering how this book would nd So often the nding takes the steam out of the book but I really loved how the author nded Nathan s story It was pitch perfect There were some good twists in the plot too which I didn t see coming I think this book will teach readers to xpect and demand of their romantic partners It gives all teens but All Roads Lead Home especially ones in the LBGTIA community a script to follow a way to help a friend in need but then once their safety net is in place to turn the focus back on their own well being and take care of themselves Of all the gems in this book this last part might be the best gift of all I can see this novel becoming one of those dogared books that people carry around with them and reference often for inspiration and also to reminders of how to respond in difficult conversations I recommend this book for anyone but specially for religious uestioning teens I tried to keep my xpectations neutral on this one because I felt like it could go in so many ways based on the premise some of which were not positive and they were kind of blown out of the water if I m being honest This isn t a book about a trial so much as it is about two guys who uickly become really close and how they ach handle it when that relationship turns into something they didn t xpect I see I m the first review on this so I really don t want to spoil anything but I ll go Nate never imagined that he would be attacked by his best friend CamNow Nate is being called to deliver a sworn statement that will get Cam convicted The problem is the real story isn’t tha. ,

Ith this1 Think THE DANGEROUS ART OF BLENDING IN meets BEEN HERE ALL ALONG with shades of THE WICKER KING 2 This is one of the few mm or ff tbh books I ve read that s very The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis explicitly careful with bisexuality not disavowing past relationships checking stereotypestc 3 I cried repeatedly And I didn t xpect the ultimate nding This book REALLY took me by surprise Though simply written with the occasional trope this story was beautifully done It xplores a lot of moral complexities that YA contemporaries in general tend to shy away from as both Nate and Cameron are very aware of their own flaws and how it affects them As a result Nate and Cameron s relationship was one of the most refreshing dynamics between two characters I ve read about in a contemporary for some time It balanced being both tense and unpredictable whilst also being beautiful and insightful and I was crying my way through the last 30 pages So yeah LOVED this one it was such a brilliant debut and I CANNOT wait for it to be released so EVERYONE can read it I am who I am I ve never acted on less than that and I never want to Nathan Copeland Nate s always been a good kid But when he becomes friends with the new "guy at school Cam his family notices a change Cam s the kind of guy who forces him "at school Cam his family notices a change Cam s the kind of guy who forces him think about life the universe and his dreams and yeah sometimes they break the rules Soon their two worlds twist around ach other and as Nate Just Cause explores his feelings for Camverything implodes in a fistfight that nds up with Nate stabbed and Cam in jail Now Nate s forced to give a statement under oath But to tell the truth about verything that happened Well that s complicatedNever before has a debut caused so much motional Well that s complicatedNever before has a debut caused so much motional However much praise Zack Smedley is currently getting for this book is not nough Deposing Nathan is nothing short of a complete triumph Period Full Stop And yes that might sound like raving praise but so rarely does a novel come along particularly a debut that provides such a complicated and satisfying reading xperience as this one doesSmedley achieves this by using a uniue framing device The opening showcases how verything brutally nds Nate and Cam fighting However Smedley uickly pulls back and reveals that this action has already happened Nate s actually speaking at a deposition reliving the past several months under the gaze of the very cast of characters that caused so much tumult his father his aunt Lori and of course Cam himself It s awkward and uncomfortable as Nate recounts how a simple friendship blossomed into something violent and Smedley draws as much tension from these scenes as possibleGenuisely this setting also gives heft to Nate s story While some of his actions might make him seem like an unreliable narrator the fact that he s at a deposition suggests that the reader is hearing the like an unreliable narrator the fact that he s at a deposition suggests that the reader is hearing the truth With that it s the characters themselves that make verything click They re unapologtically messy caught in the weird period of transition that is high school Nate struggles with himself his faith and his family all without xamining his legitimate problems Cam cocky but vulnerable confuses him with his constant uestioning and uniue worldview Their relationship and interactions are ntirely believable in a way that isn t always happy or pleasant but it s always realIt helps that Smedley has an amazingly readable style Short chapters packed with action and snappy banter this book flies by And yet it s anything but breezy Rather it s like a roller coaster without a visible nding It loops and turns careening dangerously until it suddenly stops And upon The Perfect Christmas Gift exit there s a moment of sadness that it s over but pure contentment that it happened at allThis is the book to read this yearNote I received a free ARC of this book through NetGalley This review and other non spoilery. Tasy or convenient just like Nate and Cam’s friendship Cam challenged Nate on The Taste of Night every level from the day the boys met He pushed him to break the rules to dream and to accept himself But Nat.