(Pdf) [My Heart] BY Corinna Luyken

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Ok about well the metaphorical heart It s about love and heartbreak mpathy and kindness and all the other wonderful and not empathy and kindness and all the other wonderful and not wonderful motions that come with being humanThe illustrations done in a limited colour

Palette Are Really Uite Striking 
are really uite striking help highlight the gentle sentiments of the book There s no plot really other than the story of feeling and being humanI d recommend this one for the pictures alone The text is beautiful but without the illustrations it wouldn t have the same impactuotable moment There are days it s a fence between me and the worlddays it s a whisper that can barely be heardThere are days it is brokenbut broken can mendand a heart that is closedcan still open again Corinna Luyken s Book of Mistakes was one of my favorite picture books of 2017 I just love the art and I liked the message about the importance of mistakes so I was ager to read this and it is wonderfully sweet and typically beautifully illustrated with delicately All Roads Lead Home etched black and white and colored pencils subtle wispy pastels lots of space for reflection And the writing is wonderful and wise aboutxperience and feelingsI don t really think it is a kid book really Most of the lines seem to refe. Ened up wideSome days your heart is a puddle or a fence to keep the. A heart that is closedcan still open again 3 a wonderful book About Heartsopen Hearts Closed heartsopen hearts closed broken hearts and Overall I really like Luyken work I just think in this book she used imagery that a young child wouldn t really be able to unpack If the book was billed for an older audience the imagery would be really beautiful way of conceiving of the stirring of our hearts Find the hearts in the illustrations in this story about the feelings of the heart The immensely talented Corinna Luyken who in 2017 made her picture book debut with the beautiful The Book of Mistakes and who has also recently illustrated Marcy Campbell s Adrian Simcox Does NOT Have a Horse returns in this lovely third title A poetic meditation on the heart and our choice to keep it open or closed it pairs a simple but thought provoking text with gorgeous monotype print artworkMy Heart is a book w There are days it is brokenbut broken can mendand a heart that is closedcan still open againPopular culture likes to perpetuate the narrative that our hearts are fragile But really our hearts are resilient And Corinna Luyken helps us remember how strong we are because of our hearts This is A Beautiful Little Bo. beautiful little bo. My heart is a window My heart is a slide My heart can be closedor op.


R to issues adults xperience and complex metaphors about making choices to keep
Hearts Open Or Closed Hearts 
open or closed Hearts windows or slides But and complex metaphors about making choices to keep hearts open or closed Hearts as windows or slides But I got over that adults can talk to kids about these issues after all and maybe with older kids I just relaxed and loved it both for the writing and illustration You know maybe that title makes it clear It really is a book for all ages about Luyken s own heart Lovely illustrationsI wasn t as nad of the storytext own heart Lovely illustrationsI wasn t as nad of the storytext left me a bit cold Perhaps for me it s like the A Friend is Someone Who Likes You book one that is best read at the right age andor the right time to fully appreciate itthree and a half stars A very simple book that is hefty and powerful This is a simple rhyme for all ages young to old The artwork is so delicate and amazing It uses shadows and shapes hidden all over the place with a black white and yellow palate As we were reading this the kids would point out all the hearts they could find on the page This is about knowing you have control over your heart Some days its open and some its closed it can be small and it can grow The niece really njoyed this story and she gave it 5 stars while the nephew wasn t too keen and he gave it 3 stars. World out But some days it is wide open to the love that surrounds My Heart