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Jonathan Franzen: The Comedy of Rage iAintings best appreciatedn their historic CONTEXT LIBRARY JOURNAL S REVIEWER CALLED Library Journal s reviewer called the definitive Haida Compilation The Color Photos compilation The color photos well reproduced and the historic photos are fascinatingHighly recommended for fans of Northwest Coast Indian art An mportant scholarly effort and a beautiful book. Rtworks such as masks pipes rattles and other ceremonial objects and 95 black and white photographs of other ceremonial objects and 95 black and white photographs of and rare historical mages that provide glimpses nto the past The descriptive text by George MacDonald author of the classic Haida Monumental Art provides an nformed overview of Haida art n a historical cultural and cosmological conte. This oversize coffee table book has good photos of great Haida artworks which you can get elsewhere The mportance of the book n my view s the scholarly contributions of the author a Canadian anthropologist who has made major contributions to Northwest Coast archaeology He writes well for the general read. For centuries the Haida lived on the ueen Charlotte Islands a remote archipelago off the Northwest Coast of North America Art myth and ceremony were an ntegral part of their lives and over time developed a rich distinctive and powerful style of sculpture and painting By the time the first Europeans LANDED ON SHORES OF THEIR on the shores of their Haid. .

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Haida ArtEr and he ncluded a major section of historical photos of the Haida villages and their monumental art drawn from his Haida Monumental Art Villages of the ueen Charlotte Islands He also ncludes biographies Art Villages of the ueen Charlotte Islands He also Pfaueninsel includes biographies works of major Haida artisans up to the mid 1990sThese are remarkable sculptures and large scale A art had attained a refined and noble sophistication of style to display complex myths of creation and transformation This superb volume the definitive book on Haida art presents the most treasured worksn what s considered the world's best collection at the Canadian Museum Of Civilization Museum of Civilization s richly llustrated with 90 full color photos of
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