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Do t know if this Is The Last Bookbut If the last bookbut if ends here I am satisfied Mini ReviewNerd Fantasy Part 2The high drama continues in book two of VIP College For the kiddos that may end up reading these books the only parts you should take seriously are the following Condoms are good for everyone Exploring consensual sexuality is great Don t be afraid to stand up for yourself Open communication with people you love is always a good idea While it s wonderful when everything works out dandy please remember this is a fantasy and not the real world Take the candy smile and then actually live real life Real life is messy than any tale can spin but it s pretty cool Real life can have amazingly moments like those in books I liked the way the plot dealt with defamation and slut shaming It was not as cruel or brutal as it could have been depicted but the general idea was there 1 girl 3 handsome men all in a relationship with this 1 girl None of them have an issue sharing her Someone finds out about her exploits and threatens to tell everyone unless she leaves the college I have #Read Other Athena Wright Books #other Athena Wright books and loved them I had issues connecting with the characters and feeling bad for them I kept on thinking how much better the men can do by finding someone else What kept me reading was wanting to know who the blackmailer is She didn t disappoint on that front This may not be the type of book for everyone but it is a uick read Thank you to Athena for giving me this ARC in exchange for an honest revie. Ng with the rumors Aubrey has to deal with the mysterious blackmailer who wants her to leave VIP College forever
 Will Aubrey lose the three men who have shown her such care intimacy and passion Or will she find a way to keep them all Can three strong powerful men like Luka Jaeson and Riot ever really agree to share one girl
 Conflicted is the second book in the VIP College Reverse Harem Romance serie. Ystery we had thrown in about the blackmailer I had my suspicions about who it was and I m glad we got that solved in this book I look forward to see what "these ladies come up with in the next one I didn t like the first book " ladies come up with in the next one I didn t like the first book didn t identify with the characters they were all pretty bland to me The main reason I picked up this one was that I loved the VIP lit aspect It was really believable and entertaining With that said I didn t expect to like this one and Oh boy was I wrong I don t know what did it If it was the right time if I was looking to something different or if the style in the series changed with this book But it was awesomeThis book is about Aubrey s stalker I guessed pretty easily who it was but I didn t know their motive And this is where you know the writing is good When even if you find the resolution you a This feels like a tale of two books a part of the book is full of Aubrey being filled with angst over the blackmail worried about what people think of her are the guys really willing to share and #if she should stay or go However realistic the angst is it felt a little #she should stay or go However realistic the angst is it felt a little much and lost the book a star When Aubrey makes her decision it is glorious I Adored From That adored from that onWe get a little background on the guys that make them feel a bit fleshed out but I still would have liked to see I do love that Aubrey has some strong supportive female friends as well as her males The blackmailer became very obvious long before Aubrey figured it out but the payoff was still a lot of fun Ubrey the inspiration to continue her steamy romance stories but her readers keep expecting 
Luka the regal prince Could his surprisingly wicked side be what Aubrey needs to ramp up the heat in her writing
 Although half the student body adores Aubrey’s romance stories nasty rumors have begun to spread about her sensual exploits Does someone know about her relationships with Luka Jaeson and Riot Alo. .

Conflicted That s exactly what Aubrey is feeling She loves being at VIP college She has made new friends some closer than others and is working on accomplishing her goals But while her writing has kept the VIP lit club open it has also brought about a lot of unwanted attention Stares whispers rumors When you are already the odd man out being a scholarship student having any Stares whispers rumors When you are already the odd man out being a scholarship student having any attention is hard to deal with And then there are the texts Who wants her gone so bad that they are to the point #Of Stalking Her Jaeson #stalking her Jaeson and Luka have comforted her but is it enough Should she stay and endure the hostility or go back home and accept defeatThis is the second book in the VIP college series The titles tell us exactly what to expect in the books Book one was about showing up to a college of rich and famous people and finding a way to be accepted Book two is conflicted Aubrey gets a lot thrown at her in this book Although things seem to be working in her favor in a lot of ways she has to put up with a lot of negative too The guys are all very supportive and we get to spend some one on one time with each of them We learn about them outside of the VIP college as well Aubrey has some decisions to make and they aren t to be made lightly It s not only her future to make and they aren t to be made lightly It s not only her future stake but the guys as wellI enjoy this little series I can t say that I m in love with it which is why I give it 4 stars instead of 5 It s a very well written story the characters are great We have some super hot sexy times I really liked the VIP College scholarship recipient Aubrey is at times overwhelmed and disconcerted by the royalty rockstars and billionaires she interacts with on a daily basis especially the three handsome men of the VIP Literature Club
 Riot the closed off rock star He has such a way with words in his poems Could he be hiding a softer sensitive side
 Jaeson the dominant billionaire His lessons in submission gave

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Conflicted VIP College #2