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Letters Between a Catholic and an Evangelical uHe tingledite often from any little thing Viggo did And I don t think I read a single paragraph or piece of dialogue Viggo did And I don t think I read a single paragraph or piece of dialogue an f bomb and that really took me out of the story It was just sed too much The almost obsessive focus on the characters looks It was repeated ad nauseum how hot Viggo was The man is preternaturally fine and everything he did was sexy Again overkill Scarlett s attractiveness was mentioned and praised too but not to the degree it was with Viggo And finally the POV chapters It

wasn t really 
t really out evenly More chapters were centered around Scarlett and when Viggo would have his own chapter maybe 10% of the chapter would actually be about him while the other 90% was focused on his ruminations about Scarlett Can I get a break from herOverall this book hit the sual notes of a romance novel and concludes with a HEA I m on the fence about reading the next two books In This Series Because I Didn T Learn Anything Remotely this series because I didn t learn anything remotely about Logan and Hunter that hadn t already been mentioned in Wicked Games And Logan in this came across as the kind of guy obsessed with his dick and getting laid which I m tired of reading about So I hope Ms Smith has something different in mind for the last two guys. Hat she needs him like nothing she’s ever needed before It should send her running in the other direction But there’s no running from The Swede THE SWEDE is the second book in the Denver Rebels Series featuring four sexy as sin hockey players who lose their hearts on the road to winning the Stanley Cup These are full length interracial romance novels featuring BWWM couples Denver Rebels #1 WICKED GAMES #2 THE SWEDE. It was worth the waitI suealed when I saw that the Swede was live I ve been waiting to read about Vigo and Scar s journey MsMaureen pulls you in and doesn t let you go Unforeseen (Kingdom Keepers, until you see the words The End Thank you MsMaureen and I anxiously await your next journey into the world of hockey Another great in this series I am loving the characters and its a good long readInterracial story definitely worth reading Edit edit editCharacter development was good but it was way too long and didn t seem to flow Some parts werennecessary to the story I waited A Year For This Book year for this book which may me lose interest in this series This book is so good that when I got to the last page I wasn t ready to let it go How I wish I could have loved this as much as I loved Wicked Games In this book I felt it was less Maureen Smith and her alter ego Naomi Chase with a splash of Trevion Burns penning this novel Now that s not necessarily a bad thing but it did result in my Nascars Wildest Wrecks unfortunately pickingp and putting down this
novel several times 
several times worked for me I liked that Scarlett was not a typical wallflower demure woman who needed rescuing or a means to break out of her shell Scarlett was already out of her shell She was straightforward real and Scarlett Warner has three passions singing drumming and hockey She’s already living her dream as frontwoman of an indie rock band And then she meets NHL superstar Viggo Sandström her favorite player and secret fantasy She wanted him from the very first moment she saw him How could she not He’s six feet five inches of Scandinavian scrumptiousness all rock hard muscles and searing intensity He’s a scoring machine. The Swede (Denver Rebels #2)
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Onest She was a decent counterpart to Viggo who didn t try to control or bulldoze his way into Scarlett s life He wasn t a creepy stalker I feel he was a well rounded character I loved his family dynamics and back story which added some heart to a story basically centered around sex attractiveness hockey and wealth WHAT DIDN T WORK FOR METHE PACING OF THE didn t work for meThe pacing of the I skimmed A LOT I m not sure how much if anything was edited from this book I m going to assume no since the kindle version has 657 pages There was a lot of content most of it literally telling the day by day hour by hour activities of the main couple I personally didn t want to read about every single day Scarlett and Viggo were stranded together in a hotel Nor needed lengthy sex scenes I m not a prude or anything but yeah dedicating 10 pages or so to their couplings almost every single time they got it on was overkill Plus the pages dedicated to giving descriptions of nearly all of Scarlett s IG pics again overkill Also word A Land More Kind Than Home usage The words andor variations of these words weresed freuently tingle IG pics again overkill Also word Outlaw Bride usage The words andor variations of these words weresed freuently tingle fck If I got paid a dollar each time those words appeared I d probably be a 1000 richer At one point I wondered if Scarlett had a medical condition because On the ice driven to win at all costs Nicknamed “The Sandstorm” he crashes his way into her heart demolishing her defenses Every look every smile every touch sets her heart pounding like a kick drum He makes her body sing and she can’t get enough He’s got a few demons to work through but so does she Does that make them the perfect match Or will they end James Still up derailing each other’s dreams All Scarlett knows is