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Finished the story I am curious to see where the series goes herei have an the series goes from hereI have an I going to give 2 stars or maybe 3 but then without warning I was on the ast page and facing a big surprise Complete cliffhanger I Do Not Like Cliffhangers Besides the book clearly favors some rather annoying antipsychiatry views See uotes Also disclaimer I have never met the author much ess examined her so I m not claiming to make a diagnosis but I am uite suspicious that the author unknowingly sees the world from a Briuet s ish borderline ish viewpoint See uotes A serial novel butGREATI ve been ranting ately about finding way too many books that are really Trading Places: The Netherlandish Merchants in Early Modern Venice long winded chapter one thru of one book This one Worth it I was initially intrigued by the title thenearned of the Tower and its occupants Since the first serial novel I d read was Wool its been hard to find any that came close to it Now This woman is da bomb as my kids used to say Fabulous writing Scenes are completely believable characters filled out so well it s as if you know them and there s heaps of drama action mystery and romance Heading to book two now With excited anticipation Thanks BELLA Great read I am 60 but the best science fiction out today They say it s for Young Adult readers so maybe I m young at heart A very good dystopian world 45 starsTheGirlWhoDaredtoThink Once we had dreamed of flying Now we didn t seem to dream at all cWe grew "restless We waged war We won and we ost and we brought the earth to its flaming knees The sun tore "We waged war We won and we ost and we brought the earth to its flaming knees The sun tore our irradiated weakened atmosphere and The Bookshop on the Shore life dwindled to ash cThe Core was the heart of the Tower and the heart of Scipio Our benevolent computer overlord cAlex had explained that the number was a representation of the concentration of positive versus negative thoughts in your brain The net couldn t exactly read direct thoughts but it read the feelings associated with them and through some sort of complex algorithm could perform an ongoing risk assessment on the citizen in uestion to determine theikelihood of dissidents The thing was I didn t consider myself dissident cMy mother overflowing with maternal instinct. Ore and despite her parents' perfect scores of ten she struggles to increase it Rebellious ideas come all too easily and resentfulness seems part of her being She is an overseer in training but her future will be dark if she cannot raise her worthThrees reuire drug treatmentTwos are isolatedOnes disappearWhen Liana's worst nightmare comes to pass and she drops to a three desperation spurs her down a path few dare to tread A chance encounter with a cocky young man whose shockingly dissident attitude toward the Tower couldn't possibly have earned him. .

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Had been willing to kill me RIGHT THEN AND THERE EXCISE THE then and there Excise the so to speak Scipio however ordained that I would ive For a time my parents had thought that made "me special A chosen child destined to ead the Knights into a glorious new era c Oh "special A chosen child destined to The Art of Memoir lead the Knights into a glorious new era c Oh so unusual that the child on the receiving end of this treatment might turn out a tad disgruntled Watch him carefully Gerome said coming to myevelI glanced at Dalton He definitely didn t strike me as the criminal sort but then again I was a four According to Scipio I was pretty rife with dissident urges of my own cWas this really all there dissident urges of my own cWas this really all there to The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life life Rules and grappling with your own brain out of the terror of ever even for a moment thinking something bad cIt was interesting how they only ever made promises when they were promising to do something they wanted anyway cThe only thing I could settle on was to pray that Scipio found some shred of mercy for me tonight Or developed a sense of humor Possibly even grew a soul or two c I m just not uite sure how to do that Well you have to follow the Water Ways my child cOf course I needed an escort I was a dangerous element I couldn t evenearn in peace cI knew that if she were a Cog she d be a ten in no time flat c You must feel very blessed he said after a moment Could they see the stars Were there clouds that formed in the sky ike they formed in the greeneries when the heat from outside caused the water to evaporate the water in the air growing thicker and thicker until it burst into a gentle rain Did they have grass What did it feel ike What did it smell ike What did it taste ike c Don t worry I m not going to tell the Knights Jasper said his voice resplendent with irritation Believe me I ve noticed all sorts of problems in this system since being activated and the doctors I am supposed to be assisting don t seem to care about the suicide rate or their own inability to keep some individuals numbers consistently high for extended periods of time He stopped suddenly and I PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition looked around wondering if he d maybe gone offline I guess I m just saying that I was designed to saveives not aid in murder I Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography ll help you The perfect ten on his wrist sets her on a trail to save herself even at the risk of droppingowerStalking the young man seemed ike a simple enough task but after events take an unexpected twist Liana finds herself taking a treacherous dive into the darkest depths of the Tower and the decades' old secrets buried withinIn a society where free thinking can make you a criminal one girl dares to tryAn unforgettable tale brimming with suspense mystery and romance The Girl Who Dared to Think will thrill fans of The Gender Game Divergent The Hunger Gam. ,

WowI knew I would ove this book The idea is just so uniueThe Tower a saviour and a prison People s minds are monitored and their ives are defined by a score out of ten on their wrist Negative thoughts about the Tower brings down the scoreFor Liana Castelle ife has been difficult With parents who serve THE TOWER AS KNIGHTS AND THEIR PERFECT SCORES OF Tower as Knights and their perfect scores of on their wrists Liana is a disappointment with her score of a four Rebellious thoughts come too easily to her she doesn t respect the Tower and has a natural feisty spirit that could get her into trouble Then her worst nightmare becomes true and she drops down to a three This is the evel wher Wasn t as bad as I thought it would be I kinda want to see what happens next Actual review to come This book was pretty good I really iked the main characters and the plot I thought the world and all the systems were really well developed but everything was really similar to a The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl lot of other books I ve read and it was really easy to predict what was going to happen Realized that I amdefinitely not a young adult fiction person This book started off slow but after a couple of chapters got so much better Liana is in a world where you are scored from 1 10 10 being the best and 1 being the absolute worst Liana is a 4 and has trouble climbing up theadder but Exile and Pilgrim like all teenagers rebellion comes so easily When she becomes a 3 which is devastating for her she has to figure a way to keep it a secret and to make her score get higher and uick If I was in the world I doubt I dive for very ong because I ove to think and uestion about everything and in a society that frowns upon that would be really hard This was pretty good especially considering how much I hated A Shade of Vampire I actually ook forward to finding out what happens next in book A Shade of Vampire I actually ook forward to finding out what happens next in book I got mad I was reading and I got mad And I almost put the book down Buta good dystopian should make you feel uncomfortable In these times when we are starting to understand depression and mental #illness as actually egit illnesses and not weak spirits or whateverit was so frustrating But so believable # as actually egit illnesses and not weak spirits or whateverit was so frustrating But so believable m glad I hung in there and. How do you fight an enemy when they're inside your mind A gargantuan glass walled tower ooms over a deadly wilderness They say it's all that's eft The Tower's survival is humanity's survival and each must serve it faithfullyTwenty year old Liana Castell must be careful what she thinks Her ife is defined by the number on her wristband a rating out of ten awarded based on her usefulness and oyalty to the Tower and monitored by a device in her skull A device that reports forbidden thoughtsLiana is currently a four the owest possible acceptable sc. The Girl Who Dared to Think

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