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Ize fits all and if there is one should look at the studies of the longest and healthiest living people on earth the blue zones studies Otherwise we are just taking someone s opinion as nutritional advice which many dietary and nutrition books do nowadays and can end p hurting ourselves and our bodies I believe that our bodies know best when it comes to fat carbohydrate and protein and we just need to get better at listening to our real bodily not mind needs Different bodies also differ in rates of conversion eg some women would do just fine with an omega 3 intake of only ALA if paired with low intake of omega 6 S Some People Can s some people can tolerate animal protein some people need high carbs BECAUSE THEY ARE ATHLETES OR MANY OTHER DIFFERENT LIFESTYLES they are athletes or many other different lifestyles is sure is that if you try to force your body to have a diet that it s not adapted for then you re gonna end Banana Fish, Tome 14 : up having nutritional deficiencies digestive issues or as I think he probably has an obsessive overly restrictive and toxic relationship with food Of course try out his ideas but don t take what he says as dogma orltimate advice especially when numerous other books and high ality research directly contradict his opinions Informative well written book on how to keep your brain healthy through diet exercise and meditating This author is a believer in eating all the good fats basically olive oil and veggie veggie veggie with little or no carbs Fiber thru veggies is his mantra not thru grains Has the medical info to back it p on the why it s good for your brain and how your gut plays such an important part to keeping that brain healthy Did you know that the weight of all the bacteria in your gut euals the weight of your brain Well written summary of all the information on diet and health floating around in the last few years The author s conversational style made this an especially enjoyable book His 10 Genius foods D clinicians around the world and visited the country’s best neurology departments all in the hopes of Nuestra propuesta inconclusa. Ecuador-Perú understanding his mother’s conditionNow in Genius Foods Lugavere presents a comprehensive guide to brain optimization Hencovers the stunning link between our dietary and lifestyle choices and our brain functions revealing how the foods you eat directly affect your ability to focus learn remember create analyze new ideas and maintain a balanced moodWeaving together pioneering research on dementia prevention cognitive optimization and nutritional psychiatry Lugavere distills groundbreaking science into actionab.

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Everyone should read this book period I have a few essential doubts and estions about this book and the foods he advocates for Firstly in his book Lugavere advocates for a low carb high good fat diet that is low in carbohydrates including those those from starchy plants such as sweet potato on the basis that they spike insulin even acutely or over a long period of time I have also been reading about the world s blue zones too and the research done on the longest living and healthiest people on earth and these studies have shown that they all consume an averagely high amount of carbohydrates such as sweet potato or sourdough bread although no refined grains This is very contradictory of his research and makes me wonder whether he has just cherry picked his research to prove a point why didn t he mention this I am aware that correlation doesn t mean causation but still he does refer a lot to studies done on mice and not enough to real studies of people who consume a whole foods diet with whole grains Further some evidence has suggested that whole grains actually increase insulin sensitivity which is good and this was not discussed in the book either Secondly he does strongly advocate for the se of animal products on the contrary numerous research has demonstrated that a 95% plant based diet is the most optimal for long lived health and animal products should be consumed an average of 4 times a month and in special occasions In his book Lugavere does give the impression that eating grass fed beef eggs and wild caught salmon even several times a week is okay Does he mention how over consuming protein is also very toxic for the body and mind as mentioned in another book the Diet of Longevity by Prof Longo Im not defending any one point of view just would have liked to seen this discussed Thirdly and this is in relation to my own Journey I Have Found I have found there is no one New #York Times BestsellerDiscover The #Times BestsellerDiscover the link between your brain and the food you eat and change the way your brain ages in this cutting edge practical guide to eliminating brain fog optimizing brain health and achieving peak mental performance from media personality and leading voice in health Max Lugavere After his mother was diagnosed with a mysterious form of dementia Max Lugavere put his successful media career on hold to learn everything he could about brain health and performance For the better half of a decade he consumed the most p to date scientific research talked to dozens of leading scientists an. ,
Genius FoodsOok was a great way to simplify all the science I also like how he acknowledged that there is good stress as like how he acknowledged that there is good stress as as bad stress Stress is how we grow in many casesLiving with a family member with dementia can make broccoli very palatable This book is my new go to resource to which I may refer to people when they ask What do you do So many people struggle with their weight and because I am relatively fit and lean they ask me what I do I have a with their weight and because I am relatively fit and lean they ask me what I do I have a document I put together with a list of people and reference materials with internet links including breadheadthemoviecom but now I plan to recommend reading Genius Foods This book has it all What I have been learning about and incorporating in my life is everything I have found that is protective of my brain I am interested in maintaining or even improving my cognitive abilities as well as my good health and fitness I am also seeking to optimize longevity or importantly health span Of course what is good for the brain is good for the body and this book has everything one needs like the instruction manual for maintenance of the modern human Everything I have learned by reading over a dozen books and countless blogs and research articles and by listening to hundreds of hours of podcasts has been distilled into this easy to read incredibly informative and surprisingly entertaining book The pop culture references abound Use your brain and see if you can catch them all After all Winter is coming Yes I think you will enjoy reading it even if you are not a health nerd who regularly indulges on this type of information like me I am very impressed with the breadth of the book s content Max and Dr Grewal are busting many long held but health harming myths and giving you the powerful information and practical tips and tools you need to save your brain and the rest of your body from the ravages of this modern toxic environment GeniusFoods. Le lifestyle changes He shares invaluable insights into how to improve your brain power includingthe nutrients that can boost your memory and improve mental clarity and where to find them;the foods and tactics that can energize and rejuvenate your brain no matter your age;a brain boosting fat loss method so powerful it has been called “biochemical liposuction”; andthe foods that can improve your happiness both now and for the long termWith Genius Foods Lugavere offers a cutting edge yet practical road map to eliminating brain fog and optimizing the brain’s health and performance today and decades into the futu.