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Marriage Upon Terms The Gentlemen of Christophers #2This is the second book in Kate Morrell s The Gentlemen of Christopher s series but it can also be read as a standalone novelAnother exceptionally well researched Regency novel by this author this is one of the few books set in the Robot Programming period that gets every fact right from the clothing andolitical climate to the time it would take to travel by horse between any given locationThe historical detail shines through fully immersing you in the eriod but without hitting you

Over The Head With Unnecessary 
the head with unnecessary book gives us a double love story the relationship between Deverell and Elizabeth and also between Elizabeth s best friend Belle and Deverell s best friend GilI will admit to referring the love story between the second couple their banter and the way Belle speaks to Gil and his reactions are hilarious and heartwarming and make me very happythe love story between dev and lizzy happyThe love story between Dev and Lizzy dramatic because there is an added mystery of an attempted murder to solve with life and death stakes and a long Our Fake Relationship painful history between them The ending is extremely satisfying with a hard won happy ever after for everyone involvedActionacked and romantic full of great historical detail If you love regency romance you should The Blitzkrieg Legend pick this one up 62120 Upped my rating from 1 star to 175 stars I m conflicted about giving this such a low rating but I hope my review will shed some light on the matterLet s start with what I enjoyed1 The writing I m by no means an expert on this timeeriod but there wasn t anything glaringly out of The Crown place The storytelling was engaging and I liked the witty banter between the h and her best friend 2 The friendship. Six years earlier tragedy changed the course of Robert Deverell's life Now another forces him to face up to the future and toromises he failed to keep Six years earlier Elizabeth Hamilton wasted her one season by falling hopelessly in love with Robert Deverell then her life was blighted by loss and Über Nacht poverty Now she must marry or find aost as a governess So when Mr Deverell himself offers her a marriage of convenience upon his terms she is dumbfounded But when she realises that. Between the MCs and their respective friends They were loyal to one another and were always there to lend support or a helping hand3 Gil Oh my While Harry was the Bingley of the first book of this series The Reluctant Lady Gil was the Bingley of this one He was just such a good guy sincere and steadfast and the only other one of the group of the H s friends who wasn t a rake4 There wasn t any owom dramaAnd now the rest1 This lot was boring and unoriginal It was basically about a traumatized youth turning to immoral ways to de I had to stop reading this at 46% Despite being well written and the main female leads likeable and their circumstances compelling I found the male lead Dev abhorrent and that utterly wrecked the romance for me At this oint I don t care if Dev crawls and grovels to Lizzy further down the line he cheated on her after their marriage and it is Clear That He Has Made A Sport Of Manipulating And that he has made a sport of manipulating and married women and ossibly worse attempts to use the same techniues with his wife in order to regain an upper hand His treatment of her consistently veers back to being abhorrent even whilst his internal dialogue suggests he For the many fans of Kate Morrell s first book The Reluctant Lady the waiting is over It may have taken a little while but it is definitely worth it Her second book Marriage Upon Terms is here and takes us back into the same well researched Regency world The two heroes Robert Deverell and Sir Edward Gilbert were friends of Harry and Robert Deverell and Sir Edward Gilbert were friends of Harry and and this is their story Marriage Upon Terms is beautifully written and there are no Americanisms or glaring out of Sport Social Work: Promoting the Functioning and Well-Being of College and Professional Athletes period references We are introdu. This cool stranger is no longer the tender funny man she cannot forget Lizzy has a few terms of her own Both will need to surrender ground to rediscover the love they lost But even as Lizzy finds that 'her Robert' may still be alive within the cold Mr Deverell it seems that death still stalks her husband anderhaps even herself Rich in historical detail and determined characters this Modern Art Death of a Culture powerful romance will sweep you up into a love story and an adventure that you won't want tout.
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Ced initially to the two heroines Lizzie Hamilton and Belle Thornbury likeable young ladies living life on the edge of The Lost Library: The Autobiography of a Culture penury who are throwing everything into one last chance to find husbands If they don t do so then the only route for survival is the lonely one of governess or companion or worse At this sameeriod Dev and Gil s lives have been turned upside down again in Dev s case and they are now looking to the future soberly Dev in articular needs to marry and have children since his family was decimated in a to the future soberly Dev in articular needs to marry and have children since his family was decimated in a accident six years ago leaving Him And Two Distant CousinsThis Is A and two distant cousinsThis is a but it is much than that It is an adventure with Ibn Saud: The Desert Warrior Who Created the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia possible threats to Dev s life at least Gil thinks there are And it appears that Lizzie might also be a target The story also revolves round Dev and Lizzie s relationship which had started soromisingly six years before but was shattered by Dev s family tragedy I will not go into the details of the Love Letters plot as I don t believe that reviews should be spoilers But I would definitely recommend this book to both those who loved The Reluctant Lady and to readers of this genre who have not discovered Ms Morrell yet It is also veryleasing to know that there several other Gentlemen of Christopher s who have their own stories which need telling Sigh Lovely Excellent Flipping between wanting to slap Robert hug Lizzie and knock their heads together I laughed cried romped and chewed my nails through this highly entertaining and enjoyable romanceThough their heads together I laughed cried romped and chewed my nails through this highly entertaining and enjoyable romanceThough don t often mention writing style Eat to Beat Illness preferring to comment on the story itself I m compelled to say how much I love Kate Morrell s writing Excellent. Down Author's note This seuel to The Reluctant Lady follows the stories of some of the friends introduced in that novel but also stands alone as Regency read For those familiar with The Reluctant Lady you’ll discover what happened to Dev Gil and Denny after they left for Newmarket and see Charles and Harry return to support their friends However inlaces this is a rather darker novel than the first So if you are looking for a light frothy romance this may not be the book for yo.