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R was forced into coming out during a public vent but I loved the happily Humanism: The Greek Ideal and its Survival ever after both protagonists were ultimately given This book is the anachronistic 19th century French fairytale meets Project Runway but with cross dressing and deconstruction of gender norms of my dreams I was soxcited to read this graphic novel and it did not disappoint in the slightest This is honestly my favorite graphic novel I have read all year probably in the last two years Love 2.0 (A Cates Brothers Book, even and I know it is one I would reread again and again in the future The artwork is beautiful the story is so sweet and I just lovedvery single bit of it From Start To FinishI Know start to finishI know lot of reviewers have said they re hesitant to call this a ueer story because Sebastian never specifically calls himself trans nonbinary gender fluid The Fix etc I understand the hesitation with how opennded it feels but at one point in the story Sebastian specifically says that some days he feels like a prince and some days he feels like a princess When I showed this panel to a loved one of mine who is nonbinary he immediately said that it Resonated Very Strongly With very strongly with and frankly that s good nough for me to recommend this as a must read beautiful ueer story I know not very xperience is the same but I would just like to ask my fellow cisgender reviewers to take cautions before implying that this story isn t ueer noughThat tangent aside seriously this book is gorgeous Jen Wang is ridiculously talented and I truly hope there is on the way in the veins of The Prince and the Dressmaker because this warmed my heart and gave me all of the fuzzy feelings Even if you don t like graphic novels typically but specially if you do I strongly recommend picking up a copy of this one and giving it a try if for nothing other than how much Sebastian and Frances will snuggle their way into your heartTRIGGER WARNINGS Please be aware that there is a scene of forced outing in this book which is challenged and not presented as a healthy situation for Sebastian to be in but I know could still be very hurtful to many individuals on the trans spectrum if they were unaware of it in advance Please practice self care and know that you are beautiful loved and vali. Eone’s secret weapon means being a secret Forever How long can Frances defer her dreams to protect a friend Jen Wang weaves an xuberantly romantic tale of identity young love art and family A fairy tale for any age The Prince and the Dressmaker will steal your heart.

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This is the graphic novel I had no idea I was waiting for these past twenty years of my life I have always loved stories about princes and princesses and kings and ueens and lavish dresses no wonder I couldn t put this downI don t want to speak too soon Oh hell I can already see this one winning Best Graphic Novel in December 2018 when the Goodreads Choice Awards makes its appearance once again And if that doesn t happen I will consider protesting Unless of course something better gets published as if Well look at that mama bear has come #Out To Protect Her Babies # to protect her babies Sebastian has a scandalous secret By day he is the son of the King of Belgium who must act accordingly and unfortunately find a princess to marry in order to form a fortunate alliance But by night he becomes Lady Crystallia a fashionable woman who creates trends and is the light of any ventAll thanks to Frances Sebastian S New Dressmaker Who Can Transform A Boring Sebastian s new dressmaker who can transform a boring into a magic dress Frances knows the prince s secret but she is the only one and that is how it shall remain or lse he might lose this side of him forever After all who wants a prince who wears dresses I doI wasn t that fan of Jen Wang s IN REAL LIFE a graphic novel about gaming but this is a completely different creature Everything about it is perfect and that is not something I get to say very often But it s true from my point of view I loved the characters the story the themes the drawings and The Casa Mono Cookbook even thending regardless of the fact that it s not one hundred perfect realistic Now that I think about it I m not sure I ven breathed as I read this I was in a state of full absorption Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin THIS WAS SO PRECIOUS All of the stars for it I smile very time I think about this SO GOOD Absolutely charming I just loved this It was so solid The art was beautiful I ll probably buy anything that Jen Wang ver releases The story was fun and the nding made me Happy And Emotional I and motional I like the story was a little straight forward and predictable but not in a way that frustrated me It felt like a fairy tale where you know the lesson you know the moral but you still want to hear it This was running at a four Paris at the dawn of the modern agePrince Sebastian is looking for a bride―or rather his parents are looking for one for him Sebastian is too busy hiding his secret life from veryone At night he puts on daring dresses and takes Paris by storm as the fabulous Lady Cr. Tars for me the ntire Book Because It Was Precious because it was precious supportive and the art was great but then the climax hit and I immediately bumped it up a star This book was SO great and was the perfect balance of simplistic while also hitting such important topics like being gender fluid and acceptance thereof I devoured this in less than an hour and cannot wait to buy a copy for my shelf since this was a library copy Definitely highly recommend for any reader of any age I wish this book was a series and I could get a million volumes of Sebastian and Frances s adventures This was absolutely adorableI m not xaggerating when I say books like this really do restore a little of my faith in humanity It s a really cute story but as a person who generally prefers tense and gritty over cute reads it s not too saccharine as to be unbearable This is a good graphic novel for readers who njoy the occasional fun read like Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda or My Lady JaneThe illustrations are simple and cartoonish but still good It suits the tone of the story to be honest The Prince and the Dressmaker is about Frances a Parisian dressmaker who suddenly receives an amazing opportunity to make dresses for royalty Prince Sebastian to be precise Together the pair dazzle around Paris
night with Sebastian or Lady wearing Frances s gorgeous creations But by day he must go back to being the prince and Frances must keep his secret Friendship grows between them and then something lse but when Sebastian s secret threatens an amazing opportunity for Frances things get complicated Both characters are wonderful and lovable and as readers shall soon see they are surrounded by some pretty amazing secondary char Loved loved loved The art style was colorful and cute and atmospheric which is xactly what I njoy in a graphic novel It takes place in late 19th century France which gives the story a slightly fairytale vibe The characters were lovable and helped ach other become the best versions of themselves And of course my favorite aspect was how respectfully gender identity is discussed I could go on and on about what I loved but I think you get the pointOne issue I had was that the main characte. Ystallia―the hottest fashion icon in the world capital of fashionSebastian’s secret weapon and best friend is the brilliant dressmaker Frances―one of only two people who know the truth sometimes this boy wears dresses But Frances dreams of greatness and being som. ,
The Prince and the Dressmaker

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