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Yes this book was a spotlight on a small town in Texas in the mid 1950 s Yes there were some great characters good small town in Texas in the mid 1950 s Yes there were some great characters good bad One year in the life of two friends and the girl they both loved who was rich pretty spoiled and worthless as a piece of fluff There were some adults in the town who cared nough to listen and try to helpBut the overriding theme of this novel is the hopelessness and loneliness of life Apparently the only way to Buried escape from Thalia Texas was to join the army or die Sex and booze helped momentarily butventually just made things worseI appreciated Larry McMurtry s writing but in the nd I just could not connect with these characters There was very little happiness good luck or good sense within this town It was bleak and depressing with little redemption for anyone I know I m in the minority with my rating but not a favorite for me I cannot understand how this book has received such high ratings It was only the second book I have ver been unable to finish due to pure distaste for it It s described as a coming of age story but all I picked up on was that this is a fucked up town full of fucked up people For instance Duane and Jacy The star couple of the high school Jacy s family is rich Duane is poor Jacy s parents don t like Duane blah blah blah Typical storyline for a rich girl and a poor boy Jacy is thinking of going all the way with Duane ven though they won t be married until after school Blah blah blah right Well at first I was rooting for Duane the poor kid who landed the rich girl who doesn t care that he s poor Then one night Jacy goes to a party with the rich kids Duane is pissed off and he and his friends get drunk and decide to do the most normal thing on that Friday night chase down the blind cow on someon farm and have sex with it That s right a bunch of teenage boys and one cow I m pretty sure the term cow orgy was used by the author So how can I go on rooting for Duane to have sex with Jacy when he has put his dick in a cow Forget that This ins t the only thing I read in the book that grossed me out but I won t go into the rest of itAll I can say is that I can t njoy a book if I don t identify with or at least partially like a character At least ONE character Almost all the people in this book are fucked up This isn t a painting of small town life This is a book about a car crash in the form of words If I can save at least one person from reading this book my job is done Thalia is a decaying dusty Texas town in with little to offer teenagers Sonny Duane and Jacy They are looking for love xperimenting with sex drinking booze and wanting than the town of Thalia can give them This coming of age novel set in the 1950s is populated with ccentric

town characters that hang out the poolhall the all night cafe and the picture show When the theater closes it s one reason to want to scape this dying town Larry McMurtry does add some humor as he writes a good portrayal of lonely unfulfilled people in this fading rural area The only really important thing that I came in to tell you was that life is very monotonous Things happen the same way over and over again I think it s monotonous in this part of the country than it is other places but I don t really know that it may be monotonous verywhere I m sick of it myself Everything gets old if you do it often nough Set during the arly 1950s in the small Texas town of Thalia the story revolves around Sonny an independent high school senior who plays football hangs out at the pool hall and goes to the movies at the town s only theater Sonny s best friend Duane is dating Jacy the local rich girl and Sonny harbors his own secret and guilty crush on her As their last year of school plays out Sonny is often disinterested and bored with the predictable routines of the people he s known his whole life but he begins to learn that many of them have depths he never suspectedMcMurtry does an xcellent job of immersing the reader in the kind of A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, ennui that can come with living in a small town where it seems that nothingver happens and the occasional shocking vent is smoothed over by the soothing blanket of the mundane Even the smarter characters like Jacy s mother Lois and Sam the owner of the pool hall seem to have piled up the weight of their regrets to the point where they are unable to break free of the lack of inertia that keeps them all rooted in ThaliaThis is a terrific short novel and one of my favorite McMurtry s However this reread has presented me with a dilemma I ve read the seuel Texasville before but it s been a while and I think I generally liked it I didn t realize that there are three books after that I m tempted to read them all but McMurtry has burned me before with th. Fans of this Pulitzer Prize winning author will want to read the book that started his bestselling tra.
Old bachelor who for lack of a family looks after the boys who have none to speak of This includes a mute bastard named Billy abandoned as a child in front of the movie theater but also Sonny and his best friend Duane Jackson an All Conference fullback who roughnecks with a local drilling crew and lives IN THE BOARDING HOUSE WITH SONNY WHO MAKES A the boarding house with Sonny who makes a driving a butane truck for Fartley Butane and PropaneSonny and Duane share a 41 Chevy pickup between them and rotate when Sonny can use the cab to court a smug sopho or Duane needs it to neck with his girlfriend Jacy Farrow whose father got rich in the oil patch and is regarded as the prettiest girl in town Duane dreams of the day he and Jacy will be married and can perform conjugal activities together unaware that his girl views him as a distraction from boredom and a tool against her mother Lois the fiercest woman in town Lois idea of a suitable boy is Lester Marlow a citified geek who succeeds in luring Jacy away from a dance at the American Legion Hall to a pool party in Wichita Falls where the rich kids attend naked Jacy and Lester had not been gone from the dance ten minutes before word got around that they were going to a swimming party where veryone would be naked The reason word got around so fast was that Lester told several of the younger kids about it just before he left He told them he and Jacy were going to swim naked just like Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies everybodylse It was almost past belief but when the kids saw him actually drive away with Jacy they instantly believed it and began to talk about it Nothing wilder had ver been heard of in Thalia it was ven wilder than actually making out because that was customarily done in the dark and nothing much could be seenIn no time there were groups of The Power Of A Choice excited boys standing around speculating about the look of Jacy s breasts Theyven had a hot argument over whether or not blond girls really HAD BLOND HAIR UNDERNEATH THEIR PANTIES SOME OF THE blond hair underneath their panties Some of the illiterate kids thought that all women had black hair in that particular place but the better read youths convinced them otherwise by reference to the panty dropping scene in I the Jury a book the local drugstore could never keep in stockWhile Duane xperiences the ups and downs of dating a local celebrity Sonny finds himself without a girl to court The only other woman in Thalia he lusts in any way after is Genevieve a punchy waitress pulling down all night shifts at the diner while her roughneck husband recuperates from an injury That changes when Coach Popper offers to get Sonny out of his afternoon classes if he ll drive the coach s wife Ruth to a doctor s appointment in Olney As delicate as a mouse and almost as rarely seen Ruth finds companionship she desperately needs in Sonny while the boys finds something he desperately needs alone with Ruth Meanwhile Jacy begins sneaking away from Duane to cavort with the senior nudists in Wichita Falls very chance she gets She determines to make their host Bobby Sheen fall in love with her and comes close one late night until Bobby discovers Jacy is a virgin Determined to give her backward and country image a makeover Jacy determines to lose her virginity to Duane on the senior trip to San Francisco The only kink in her strategy is Duane who might not agree to the breakup so asily Jacy considers becoming friendly with Sonny and using him to make Duane jealous When she learns about Sonny and Ruth Popper Jacy determines to put that romance on iceDuane is so sick of Thalia he proposes to Sonny that they take off With donations from Genevieve and Sam the Lion the boys drive the furthest they ve ver been away from home to Matamoros but their adventure south of the border brings sorrow than it does The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right excitement Following the senior trip Jacy activates her battle plan against both Duane and Sonny but she too discovers that rather than feelmpowered by sex she seems lonelier than Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling ever view spoilerSam the Lion dies from a massive stroke at the poolhall hide spoiler An American idyll infused with sex and adolescent as well as much adult longing I adoredvery single page of this fast moving microsociety under a lens type story which depicts the sexual and schoolboy Monsieur Pain escapades of two friends in a small Texas town This is the last time things will be like this therefore the adjective Last in the title It isxuisite very fun to get through Anecdotal power at its height Larry McMurtry should ve won the Pulitzer Prize for this one perhaps so than for his behemoth Lonesome Dove gasp This is what s great about America not a Rockwell portrait not a ride down the Mississippi with Huck This is on the cusp of modernity at the stirrings of current globalization The Story of the Death of The Small American Tow. Novels set in a sleepy Texas town tells of teenagers taking the final steps from childhood to adulthoo.

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The Last Picture ShowDare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts. engaged by both Sonny and Duane and their friends I guess things were downhill from the Lonesome Dove world where this was rare and frowned upon I have no idea whether this Well this ain t no Lonesome Dove Yes it s penned by the same author and it s set in Texas but that s basically where the similarities begin andnd The grand Patrick the Wolf Boy, Volume 1 expansive romanticism in LD is nowhere to be found here Neither is the hope for a better life or struggle against punishing weather systems The onlylement that the characters here are fighting against is lonelinessIt s so bleak it s so dead the life in this small Texan town It s so mpty It s so limited Monotonous Rinse and repeatFunnily nough I loved that Or rather it broke my heart but it resonated a deep truth for me I imagine John Updike probably loved this book Glitter Bomb (A Scrapbooking Mystery, especially the bedroom scenes between Ruth and Herman Popper Or any scene featuring the incredibly jaded promiscuous Lois drinking from her flaskEveryone in this book is reaching for temporary relief from heartache and invisibility through sex There s a TON of sex in this book some with prostitutes much of it teenage some of it middle age And some of it teenage AND middle ageIt s a near perfect book I think this would have completely had me like completely had it not been for that scene If you ve read it you know what I m talking about If you haven t well let s call it the bovine rape scene in which a gaggle of teenagers wrestle down a blind heifer and fuck her So sorry I spoiled it for you And McMurtry spoiled the book a bit for me too by including this lovely bit of bestiality I m not thatasy to shock and I don t think I m naive but I had a really tough time believing a whole bunch of boys would think this is a great idea And two of them being main characters well it made me care a lot less about their fates or feelings knowing this is their idea of fun and not just once this wasn t their first rodeo folks Do I sympathize with people who sodomize animals with their friends Hm not particularly In fact I didn t care a lot about the teenagers here In addition to the moo love the pretty 16 year old Jacey was shallower than a toddler s wading pool Instead my heart went out to the older characters the mothers the wives who had barely managed to get to their 40s without committing suicide Their despair is real Their need to connect Il morto di Maigret even if temporarily is tremendously poignant Their disappointment so far reaching vasterven than the desert landscape traversed by the cowboys of Lonesome Dove The moment when The Last Picture Show became one of my favorite books occurs on page 75 Larry McMurtry describes an orange bulb glowing over the back seat of a school bus and the amorous activities of the two seniors sitting underneath it but as he does through much of his sometimes poignant sometimes flagrant ultimately magnificent coming of age novel published in 1966 the state of being a teenager in the northern plains of Texas of the arly 1950s is what McMurtry is writing about In any other place or time the orange bulb would be inconseuential but McMurtry shows me why it is so much Like the bulb he partially illuminates an ntire worldThe novel focuses on Sonny Crawford a soft spoken high school senior in the town of Thalia where you ll find one street Main with any businesses on it Three of them the pool hall the diner and the picture show are owned by Sam the Lion a stoic. Dition a tradition repsonsible for the sale of over 9 million books This most memorable of McMurtry's. ,