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Elefant By Martin SuterK is very Swiss and especially very Zurich as I understand from my GR friend Warwick who lives there Homelessness is apparently not visible as it is in UK cities With the range of centres and soup itchens available to Schoch and his comrades Through The Day It S Perhaps Evident Why It S the day it s perhaps evident why It s level of service that suggests Swiss cities may be among the easier places in the world to be street homeless better at any rate than contemporary Britain especially as this provision is combined with a basic benefit rate of 986 CHF per month for a homeless person euivalent at current exchange rates to slightly than 10 weeks worth of UK Jobseeker s Allowance although Suter doesn t give details of the criteriaHomelessness alongside genetic engineering and elephant behaviour are subjects on which Suter has done his research including with people who have first hand nowledge as the acknowledgements explain It s a shame that a few clangers mostly but not all on other topics remain in this edition It doesn t tally with a vet s scientific nowledge that his biggest fear about genetic engineering would be infectious diseases that targeted specific human racial groups Did that really get past the geneticists who read the manuscript Or was that included later or despite them How are all these vets moving into exotics practice from other specialties with such ease Is it less of a big deal in some countries than in the UK Did no one at all try to correct a character s saying that not eating meat helped save the ozone layer Rather that reduce carbon emissions or climate change Someone with opinions on animals as strong as hers these days seems likely to be vegan not only vegetarian but that would have meant that Suter wouldn t have had the opportunity to write about so many traditional Swiss dishes containing cheese Why does an intelligent Burmese man who s been living in Switzerland for about 20 years still have such poor English The answer does seem too likely to be stereotyping And why would he name an elephant in Hindi when he talks to the animals in Burmese For me these points didn t impinge too much on the narrative as a whole Elefant is decent light comfort reading and freuently made me smile and I don t in any case expect popular fiction to be flawless It s an unexpected surprise if it doesn t have any errors stereotypes or plot holes I eep wavering between rounding down to 3 stars which wouldn t reflect how much I enjoyed stretches of the book on a scale with my other ratings and 4 stars which I feel a bit guilty about because of the stereotyping of Kaung and the way the wheels of the plot are oiled by the goodies turning out to have connections and lots of money Although the latter especially from a UKUS perspective also just reflects hard facts of life in which private charity is becoming increasingly important as state provision declines having the authorities sort everything out as happens in plotlines of some Nordic works seems ever distant and utopian The novel also left me impressed with the versatility of translator Jamie Bulloch the other of his translations I ve read was the tense German modern classic The Mussel Feast which has a markedly different style It was great reading a translation into British English as so many UK publishers commission or reprint American ones these days Elefant won t appeal to everyone on my Goodreads friends list it hasn t got a lot to offer readers who only go for the a lot to offer readers who only go for the literary or experimental and others may think its political underpinnings leave something to be desired But although whimsical it thankfully isn t as cheesy as the current UK cover s tagline suggests and if you like the Jonasson type of caper novel for an occasional break or just because it may be worth a look I received a free review copy from Netgalley and the publisher Fourth Estate an imprint of HarperCollins UK. Es ihm entwendet Denn der burmesische Elefantenflüsterer Kaung der die Geburt des Tiers begleitet hat  ist der Meinung etwas so Besonderes müsse versteckt und beschützt werde. ,

Er to see the events of the novel as potentially occurring anywhere but loss of setting is in any case a small price to pay WHEN OFFERED SUCH RICHES IN EXCHANGE offered such riches in exchange poor little tiny pink elephant This book was given to me for my birthday by my friend Heidi She loved the book and nows how much I love elephants so she thought it would be the perfect book for me and it was Why does a homeless man have a tiny pink elephant that glows in the dark How is this elephant possible Where did she come from What is he going to do with her What is going to happen to her Where can I get oneSince Dumbo comes out this month you might as well make it a month of elephants and read this book 35This was such an intriguing read I thought it was really well done well researched and just overall extremely interesting 35 A light read narrated in a tone similar to The Hundred Year Old Man and A Man Called Ove The first protagonist on the scene Schoch a middle aged alcoholic homeless on the streets of Zurich is from the same a middle aged alcoholic homeless on the streets of Zurich is from the same stable of characters who in their real life incarnations might not be so likeable but are made sympathetic and sometimes endearingly comic by that children s book for adults authorial voice As is typical with novels like these Elefant takes the reader on a caper through various locations situations and occupations many people have hardly ever thought about although here several of them have to do with elephants andor genetic engineering I don t think I ve read such detail about the collection of semen from domesticated animals for artificial insemination purposes since James Herriot books but here the tone isn t laugh out loud awkwardness now it s decades later and a different species A matter of fact clinical tone subtly communicates a sense of it and other artificial reproduction procedures as demeaning and tragic for the animals Seriousness is generally offset soon enough though by likeable or picaresue characters or the outright endearing I ve had to watch videos of baby elephants to try and see some of the cutest behaviours described I particularly like this one And there are bumbling chases and stakeouts that wouldn t be out of place in a 1970s British farce Perhaps the cosiest most escapist aspect of the novel is in the first two thirds where several chapters evoke the joy of living alone in a big comfortable house with a sociable pet and reading a lot These are scenes to revel in and to curl up in A nice detail was that we don t get lovely descriptions of snow scenes in winter I wondered where they were in December chapters as I d been looking forward to them but using that old friend of the Eng Lit student pathetic fallacy unnatural out of season blizzards and the longed for Christmas card scenery arrive in late May There are underlying values in the book which to some probably seem so normal as not to be noticeable especially to Continental Western Europeans in late middle age and older The author is 70 and Elefant was first published last year Some of these will and some won t go down well with others Refugees are basically good and should be helped especially if they are nice people and share the values of your country the just post Second World War generation taking this as of a given than many younger centrists and conservatives genetic engineering feels wrong and unnatural on a gut level and could have worrying repercussions there s something satisfying about formerly well off people who fell on hard times getting restored to their rightful station and China is supplanting America as a certain ind of antagonist a big unethical corporate threat that s increasingly over here also makes a work saleable to Americans Very EU values especially if considering the EU as neoliberal although it s actually a Swiss German novel The prevalence of wealth in the culture especially later in the boo. Lafplatz hat Wie das seltsame Geschöpf entstanden ist und woher es ommt weiß nur einer der Genforscher Roux Er möchte daraus eine weltweite Sensation machen Allerdings wurde.

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Schoch lives a very basic life between the streets of Zurich and a small cave where he shelters He passes his days by drinking and conversing with other homeless people When he sees a tiny glowing pink elephant in his cave he naturally assumes that the alcohol has something to do with it but the elephant doesn t go away Schoch decides that he needs to protect the little creature and vows to take care of it but someone is looking for the elephant someone who has invested a lot of time and money into creating something that will grant them worldwide notoriety Someone who will stop at nothing to get The Elephant BackI Reuested This On Netgalley elephant backI reuested this on Netgalley it sounded unlike anything I ve ever read and it was but in a good way It was such a lovely and worthwhile reading experience I loved the different parts of the story and how they came together From Schoch the homeless man Kaung the elephant whisperer and hateful Roux the man determined to use genetic engineering to gain infamy it was a beautiful bookI d recommend it if you re looking for an engaging different read Thank you to the publisher for granting me approval to read an early English copy Fiction set in ZURICH a pacy and exciting readSchoch down and out alcoholic and living on the streets of Zurich wakes one morning to see a small pink elephant hiding out at the back of his shelter Understandably he thinks he is hallucinating and resolves to consider it no further but when he returns later the little creature is still there and is clearly in need of his help Schoch subseuently discovers that the small elephant is a product of genetic engineering and that the evil scientists who created her are hell bent on recapturing her and using her to make themselves rich Schoch with the help of his friend Valerie nurture Sabu and do everything they can to protect her from exploitationElefant s plot sounds like a fairy tale or perhaps child fiction but the language of the novel makes it clear that this is written for an adult audience and a uite delightful and different novel it is full of warmth and absolute celebration of all the best in human nature It is chock full of the most endearing portrayals Schoch himself the vet Reber and Valerie who has dedicated her life to compensating for the cruelties inflicted on the animal ingdom by her father there is a child like her father There is a child like in the clear divide between the good guys and the bad in Elefant but if anything that just adds to the satisfaction of the readSuter is undoubtedly intent on conveying a very clear moral message in the novel that the potential dangers of genetic engineering in the hands of unscrupulous scientists far far outweighs any possible benefits but because he delivers it through the medium of this essentially heartening novel it doesn t feel as though you re being educated There is a very touching scene where Sabu begins behaving rather strangely When Schoch ueries this he is told that Sabu is just demanding respect as is her right just as it is her right to be cared for and protected As we read about and come to care for Sabu as every right minded character in the novel does we are clearly being gently encouraged to reflect on the way we treat other human beings particularly in today s worldLest this all sounds too serious stuff Elefant is also a really pacey and exciting read as Schoch et al go to immense lengths to outwit the evil forces of Roux and Tseng The story moves back and forward in time starting with Schoch finding Sabu and his developing relationship with her and shifting back in time to tell us the story of the small elephant s creation This juxtaposition serves to further emphasize the cruelty and selfishness of the scientists perspectiveElefant is set almost entirely in and around Zurich but there is little sense of place in the novel perhaps intentionally as Suter clearly wants the read. Ein Wesen das die Menschen verzaubert ein leiner rosaroter Elefant der in der Dunkelheit leuchtet Plötzlich ist er da in der Höhle des Obdach­losen Schoch der dort seinen Sch. ,

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