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IonI have a new respect for Amelita Rae With this book she has moved into the "DARKNESS THAT IS HAIMWORITZ OR BELLA "that is Haimworitz or Bella wish she would have left this one open nded for a seuel Would have liked to know a little about the supporting cast Nice HEA Wow Revenge is definitely sweet gorey vile and disgusting but totally sweet This was a very riveting tale of which some was difficult for me to read but once I understood the process that had to take place by the werewolfzombie to turn somebody Then Well Actually It well actually it t pleasant but I was hanging in there Great style of writing and riveting plot ven shocking at times made it a very fun and ntertaining read The nding was surprising and I njoyed it So wild untamed and uniue Want to mention inconsistencies contradictions messed up narrative not always sure in which timeline I was cliches and various other wtf ry waiting for you on very page and in The Deepest Sin every paragraph But yaoi novel what did Ixpect I went for something naive and low uality a uicky if you please and I got it for about 60%And then BIG guns came outNOT A SPOILER BUT A SERIOUS WARNING this is all in the book not my words xcept for wtf so keep your finger off that flag buttonThe book took a turn for pure brutality brutal rape brutal beatings brutal murder brutal zombies brutal weres brutal winter just ffing brutal all around with a bouuet of taboos thrown in just for the shocker It includes consuming human flesh tearing off limbs sucking out brains and yes ripping out bowels fisting tearing up assholes literally of course dancing on the bloody floor and stomping through the guts watersports piss nemas knotting implied incest why not go all the way wtf bestiality and manimal sexrape shifted form I am sure. It and the beautiful defenseless Nairu for themselves Facing a fate worse than death the young man scapes into the woods and there he ncounters a monster far terrifying than any man or zombie It is hungry for than his flesh The monster claims him so brutally that his delicate human body is unable to ndure and Nairu succumbs to Not zombiesThe walking dead are not in this story "THEY ARE SIMILAR BUT NOT THE SAME SOME CHARACTERS "are similar but not the same Some characters to them as zombies but the creatures are not dead The description of the book being incorrect in this fact did not helpThe first part of the story sets up the situations A resort way up in the mountains becomes a home for the survivorsThe next part has a group of Russians join them and turn their world upside down The lycans nter the story next and you get their origin storyThe story takes on a great deal of violence with the creatures Russians and werewolvesThe nding is sweeter hence of violence with the creatures Russians and werewolvesThe nding is sweeter hence ratingThe story was uite boring in the beginning but picked up near the nd The story is xtremely violent and can be repetitive in places The characters lack depth and the story overall was disappointing The story was a horror s Wowza This was so fucked up brutal and disgusting that it was a train wreak I just couldn t take my Le valeureux guerrier eyes off of itWhile I didn t mind the brutalness of the story I really found the sex senses uite disgusting at times and that s the only thing that really stopped me fromnjoying it than I did Seriously though this is all kinds of rapey with a good dose of brutality and whole lot of semen and piss it s not for the weak of heart or anyone triggered by anything slightly dark and disgusting Beyond dark sick and disgusting I did enjoy the horrific food sex scene and I am mbarrassed to say it was really hot The first uarter lagged and the horrific food sex scene and I am mbarrassed to say it was really hot The first uarter lagged and disjointed from the rest of the book Uniue plot very different ZombieswerewolvesHannibal TV show this book You should know what you re getting intoWarning noncon violence blood and gore Explicit content 25 stars This book isn t for veryone so read with caut. All because of a stolen wallet young Nairu is safe and sound at a remote onsen when the zombie apocalypse wipes out the rest of Japan He and a few other survivors carve out a life for themselves high atop the mountain They think they are safe but when a group of cruel thugs stumble across their hidden paradise they decide to claim. ,

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I missed a few juicy bits while rolling my yes Please don t hold it against me1 star for the first 60 65% which still contained a story The rest super massive black hole Thank you for your timePS Must mention one of the scenes in the book reminds me strongly of Prisoner in the Viewfinder Particularly the scene on the cruise ship with Michael Arbatov his uncle Yuri and Akihito A young blond photographer a pure soul raped and abused by bad russian homophobic mobsters Reread 30th August 2018As preposterous as ver But what to do Miss Rae Surely Is Rae surely is catnip of my craving for kinky and sexy roticas Thoroughly njoyed it for the second time Original review lightly dited versionPlease read at your caution The story contains Humanism: The Greek Ideal and its Survival extreme violence torment non con rape abuse torture and cannibalism If you can t handle these kind of stuffs you better don t read this one since this one REALLY is very very bloody and gory And you know what I still loved it Miss Rae really is the hands down best Yaoi author who writes in English IMO Her MCs are of always the same appearance The Dom with goldenyes black hair very muscular and tall and the Sub with deep blue yes blonde hair with lithe and nubile body After having read almost all her works you might think I m getting tired of "Her Identical Characters And "identical characters and fetched and wild storylines But NOPE my friend She s going to be the only author I will forgive for using the same physical structures in MCs Yes true The story is very violent ridiculously and xtremely inhumane but still has a beauty in it The storyline is strong and the characters are fascinating And has a very nice HEA I love how they decided to rescue the world in the nd 4 Nairu loves the special seatbelt of Ren star. Orrific injuries However in this new world death is just a doorway Nairu will rise again and with a powerful beast at his side willing to do anything to a satisfy his new mate’s bloodlust This story has disturbing themes and graphic violence It is in the horror category because it is horrifying Please read responsibly 30000 words. Bloodlust