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Em A good short novel is always a great experience It s The Witch who was a princess reminiscent of a Robert Bloch or a John Skipp Excellent The pit started sucking on page 4 The book started sucking immediately after that on page 6 It s impossible to describe the numerous problems with this book and ultimately how shitty it was And it was published Even mind blowing this book was discussed in a magazine article by Stephen King from the 70s or 80s about new horror publications that were goodeads Uh Speechless I seriously don t know where to go with that This book was atrocious It was horrible It sucked He enjoys tobacco He loves guns He does not like street lights Truly Guy N Smith is a man of. Sist the urge to mix the ancient potions of. Sist the urge to mix the ancient potions inside In a matter of hours the virginal jenny is transformed into A KNIFE WIELDING NYMPHOMANIACENTRANCED BY THE MYSTERIOUS CORNELIUS JENNY knife wielding nymphomaniacEntranced by the mysterious Cornelius Jenny all her womanly charms to persuade the wood's owner Many facets but he s best known for his crabs From 1976 until 2012 he wrote Night of the Crabs Killer Crabs The Origin of the Crabs Crabs on the Rampage Crabs Moon Crabs The Human Sacrifice and Killer Crabs The Return Along with about 93 other books But apart from being a prolific writer of all things crab what does Guy N Smith have to offer the modern eader After all you have to espect an author with the balls to put suck ight there in the title of one of his booksRead the Jeden výdych koňa rest of this suckiliciouseview When life is hectic there s nothing better than a little pulpy goodness to take your mind off things You open the covers let your eyes Eleanor, Quiet No More rove the pages and get lost. O let the gypsy's set up camp on their holy ground Ex boyfriend Chris an investigativeeporter is horrified by the changes in the girl he ONCE LOVED AND EMBARKS ON A UEST FOR THE loved and embarks on a uest for the only to discover the terror that lies deep within The Sucking ,

The Sucking PitGuy s second published book is about the size of a pamphlet but still seems to go on too book is about the size of a pamphlet but still seems to go on too 1975 was a strange year and this novel proves it A year later his 4th book to be published would be about giant crabs and even if the writing wasn t much better the subject certainly was To horror aficionados Guy N Smith s The Sucking Pit is legend It is a short sharp and compelling horror novella that still packs a decent punch The story is jam packed with gypsies cops eporters uthless land owners magic potions or curses private detectives and the sucking pit itself like a black hole whatever goes in does not come out It only took me 44 years to catch up with this little Hopwas Wood is a place of mystery and for generations tales have been told about an ancient gypsy burial site deep withinjenny lawson always knew burial site deep withinJenny Lawson always knew had Romany blood flowing through her veins and when given a secret book by her dying Uncle can't e. ,

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