Speak of the Devil [E–pub READ]

Evan (O'Connor Brothers Vol. 5) hThis was bothard to read and On Hitler's Mountain Overcoming the Legacy of a Nazi Childhood PS hard to put down The concept is simple A mix of curiosity jealousy and mental illness All motivation is pretty much left up to the reader to figure out This worked great as a short story A uick stab twist of the knife and you re finishedWarning Extremely graphic Hallucinatory random and violent Characters display that odd passivity you sometimes see in Gilbert s work facial expressions are distant or blank gestures are kind of boneless Sometimes this works really well forim Luba is a great example of an inscrutable but fascinating Gilbert character whose next move I am always waiting to see but in book the problem I am always waiting to see but in this the problem depicting mindless violence see but in this book the problem with depicting mindless violence that it s mindless No depth not much story just the idiot face of the psychopath So maybe the book is genius But it feels like Natural Born Killers without the charisma or the soundtrack Amazing dementia from Beto about the neighborhood peeping tom who jumps rooftops in a monster mask only it s not the town nerd but the beautiful teenage champion gymnast from the local A cristalli liquidi (Italian Edition) high school She forms a thrill killer trinity wither emo boyfriend and I've Got a Home in Glory Land: A Lost Tale of the Underground Railroad her stepmother and it just gets sicker and sicker This one will blow your mind A laugh out loud funny parody of skeevy 1980 s slasher flicks and a smart and unsettling look at transgression desire voyeurism and manipulation The mass murderer is the most likable character One of Beto s best drawn best structured comics Speak of the Devil starts off as a fantastic graphic novel The artwork and storyline at the beginning of the book are both mysterious and evocative In fact the first five pages or so are perhaps some of the strongest in the entire novel When it s revealed who the town There's a peeping tom prowling the neighborhood Eyewitness reports vary but one thing is agreed upone wears a devil maskThis is the story of Val Castillo a promising gymnast with a strange obby She is secretly the neighborhood peeping to. Speak of the DevilStoryline is tight and controlled and is art is really topnotch to match the story As I said no one will like this much And not everything s crystal clear but Val #is a pretty interesting character It s entertaining But then I usually like most things Beto #a pretty interesting character It s entertaining But then I usually like most things Beto Part teen exploitation slasher yarn part igh school drama part psychological orror and part ultra dark comedy Speak Of The Devil goes through as many tonal twists and inversions as one of its protagonist s gym routines Neither for the sueamish or the serious tonal twists and inversions as one of its protagonist s gym routines Neither for the sueamish or the serious you wanted to

characterise this as 
this as and nasty there aren t too many good counter arguments What the book does ave is atmosphere particularly in the first two issues before the action starts ramping up simply but sharply drawn characters and inevitably with a Gilbert Hernandez comic a whole bunch of beautiful unfussy panels that stick with you from the Trust Me, I'm Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator horrible to the mysterious to the just plain enjoyable to look at the way a single shot of a gymnast in mid turn can conjure a world of athleticism and effort for instance H I think it s interesting that I completely agree with Ursula s one star review below but I m giving the book four I like the art but the story is very weak It starts out with lots of promise but soon becomes a mess No believable motivations are explored for the main trio of characters and some explanation for their unbelievable behaviors is desperately neededA waste of a good premise Doesn t go the way I thought it would at all I was really surprised when this book took a VERY sharp turn aboutalfway through You just don t see it coming There was also a part of the story that literally Understanding the Black Economy and Black Money in India had me saying Jesus It s a Gilbert book so you know the artwork is beautiful. Volved Like Val spying oner own father and stepmother in their bedroom This snowballs into a journey darker than even the most cynical would care to endure Collects the six issue miniseries Ranked as one of The Comics Journal's Best of 20.

SUMMARY Speak of the Devil

Eeping tom is it seems that Beto Hernandez is making an important statement about gender identity Unfortunately what starts off as feminist commentary uickly about gender identity Unfortunately what starts off as feminist commentary uickly into gratuitous violence and gore Granted Gilbert Beto Hernandez one Desperate (Bad Baker Boys, half of the Los Bros Hernandez usually is the preferred artistwriter among many of the Brothers fans That said this novel offers nothing of substance after part five The characterization of Linda Valentina s stepmom is frankly the most redeeming aspect of the novel Though not the main character Linda s desires and motivations are credible and substantiated makinger the the most interesting and sympathetic character Despite Biocentrismo. L'universo, la coscienza. La nuova teoria del tutto her nymphomaniacal ways Linda seemsuman and umane especially juxtaposed with Val s robotically mindless persona If you are oping to How Drawings Work have gruesome nightmares read this book right before sleeping It guarantees toaunt you in the vilest book right before sleeping It guarantees to aunt you in the vilest way How does such a gory
story conclude val 
conclude Val fate is karmic and predictable The final two panels are somewhat existential Is the peeping tom doomed to a life of meaningless misanthropy or can one woman rewrite the very story we just read Hernandez is such a good storyteller in a variety of genres Some work better than others And most reviews trash this one because it is so extreme and ridiculous This one circa 2008 is orror a slash fest involving a gymnast Val who is also the town s peeping Tom in a devil s mask Almost no one outside of Whisper Loudly horror fans will like this bloody mess but it is a good page turner with lots of noir Tarantino feel to it It s basically ALL twists and turns and genre cliches as it spins out of control in a kind of ridiculous way But I liked it anyway Beto s dialogue is just so good andis. M At first she is alone in this but when a male friend discovers I've Been Thinking . . .: Reflections, Prayers, and Meditations for a Meaningful Life her doingse joins Dragon Ball Z Cycle 2 T03 her into a dark journey of spying and making discoveries about their neighbors that mayave been better left alone Especially secrets that threaten all in.

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