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I am truly hating But if you think you can handle this book s gros basically renesmeejacob non paranormalhave kind of rethought some of s gros basically renesmeejacob non paranormalhave kind of rethought some of thoughts post readreview so have deleted my review leaving rating I don t want him to be any sort of uncle to me or be my dad s best friend I want him to be MINE DEEP BREATH Since this is a taboo romance I want to I start this review by answering all of the uestions I had myself prior to reading it Age to I start this review by answering all of the uestions I had myself prior to reading it Age YES 15 years Blood relatives NO Underage sex NO YEARLY KEEP READING I have to applaud Carian Cole for creating a uniue unconventional and delicate situation and shaping it into such a beautiful friends to lovers romance Once you strip all the technicalities away you are left with two characters whose friendship developed into love Kenzi the heroine is born into a family of famous teen musicians They have to be away from her uite often and so they have their best friend Toren help babysit and essentially raise her They are all 15 at the time by the way Does this look like a normal situation No So why expect a normal result So you can probably see where this is going right *Kenzi grows up and once she turns 18 the relationship between her and Toren starts *grows up and once she turns 18 the relationship between her and Toren starts The torment was handled very well here These two understand perfectly well how they will be crucified in their immediate social circles and yet the pull between them is so strong that the collision is inevitable How will Kenzi s father react to his best friend being with his little girl I loved both of the characters to bits Kenzi is a sweet and brave girl who follows her heart to get what she wants Toren is a gentle soul who is all man with some savageness to him I loved how he saw Kenzi and how fiercely he loved her I m staring down at cleavage for days surrounded by thin teasing black lace that I want to chew through to get to her In the scheme of things these two grew up together The transformation from caretaker to friend to lover was very well done He is her first love and she is his too On a side note I would like to add that the hero in this book spends his free time rescuing stray animals Carian Cole s books feature pets and she donates to PET RESCUE from her proceeds So not only would you be getting an awesome story to enjoy but also a satisfaction of helping an animal in need Highly recommended to those who love tabooforbidden love stories friends to lovers tropes and super romantic yet highly erotic reads with tons of anticipation and sexual tension I might have been itching no oke This was a buddy read with my friend AmyLouAldaMay There was no bitching and moaning needed in this one but there s always next time And we can't deny we were meant to be together The heart wants what the heart wants and it doesn't care about age or how we met My father cares though And he's the one person neither one of us can stand to hurt We're all being torn apart and I don't know how to make everyone see that the wrongs are actually right Torn can be read as a single boo. .

R blood relation in this book This is *NOT an MC Club story This is NOT erotica This is a slow burn romance This book is *an MC Club story This is NOT erotica This is a slow burn romance This book is for readers 18 years and older I want you to be my first I want you to be my last I want you to be all the in betweens I want you Just you Only you WOW handsdown This is one of the sweetiest but also the sexiest book I ever read I really really loved TorKenzi s story I know from outside it looks disturbing this kind of stories but author really did a great ob to show me that beautiful connection between TorKenzi Toren is 15 years older than Kenzi and they re know each other from the day she was born but they have an amazing chemistry and that age difference really didn t bother me at all Because I felt their love too And I m glad that they didn t make out with every 10 minutes like a bunnies so that s another reason for me to love this story What can I say I loved every minute of this story Kenzi knows what she wants who she loves and so was Toren too And in that case the heart always gets what it wants 3Ps If you re okay with this age difference I highly recommend this book Trust me that big tattooed guy will make you surprise with his kindness and he will make you swoon image error DNF 36% The line between Tor and I is somewhat uniue because it criss crosses between family and friend and ust now it blurred into something I can t uite describe This was pitched to me as a romance where a young woman falls in love with her father s best friend And like I was looking for something taboo and smutty so I was ready for it But I didn t know something taboo and smutty so I was ready for it But I didn t know 1 The girl was going to be seventeen which I get is legal in some states but it still skeezes me the fuck out And 2 that the dad s best friend was going to be a very big figure in her life from the day of her birth Like he was legitimately there the day she was born and given the title of godfather And this book is told with constant flashbacks which I was also unaware of which shows the girl literally growing up and these pivotal moments in her life where her dad s best friend is there acting as a parental figure And friends life is too short for me to ignore this grooming ass behavior Again I m totally here for a forbidden romance with an age gap but grooming No never Like I understand that this is supposed to be taboo and I get that but it was ust too much for me and honestly made me a little sick to my stomach to a little sick to my stomach to which is really saying something Whenever I saw a flashback coming I ust had such a gross and visceral reaction I hated it I truly hated it Like I hated it than I have words for And I love myself and I refuse to push myself through something. Him and I love him I always have He loves me tooTor's one of the good guys Loving Devoted A strong moral compass One kiss between us rocked him clear off his axis Now we can't forget how that kiss felt and what it changed Nothing will ever be the same between us I know he's struggling with his feelings but I'm determined I'm not a little girl any. Storm won me right away Vandal had me on My Knees Lukas Gave Me knees Lukas gave me and feelings and Talon took my heart and breath away So as you can easily tell I have high hopes every time I open a book written by Carian Cole because 1she is one of my favorite authors in this whole wide world and 2 I always end up in love with her stories no matter whatSo how about Torn you ask I ll let you know immediately Tor and Kenzi are winners like the ones before them Since the very first Book I Read By Carian Cole I I read by Carian Cole I her writing was ust right for me what I didn t know back then was that she possesses a uniue talent in storytelling empathyIt s not easy to write a story like Torn so powerful hinting on taboo filled with suppressed feelings pain loneliness love and hope It s also not easy as a reader to read and enjoyed said story mostly because at some points you will feel *weird about the history between the two main charactersTor is a *about the history between the two main charactersTor is a that will stick with you for a long time due to his beautiful and sorrowful soul He is bigeverywhere wink wink tattooed an ex musician turned mechanic who discarded his dream without a second thought in order to take care of his family and let s not forget an animal savior with a heart of gold Kenzi is beyond her years that s true but still an eighteen year old girl who has dreams and is entirely too much in love with Tor her favorite person in the world who is always by her side and won t let her down no matter what She is creative sweet and has a huge heart full of love to offer and she won t take no for an answer feisty and romantic like her parents All in all this beautiful romance is so interesting and uniue I ve never read such a story before and I m impressed with the way everything was handled I was mesmerized by their pure love and every little drama filled moment and all the characters not ust the main couple It was an absolutely incredible storyline adorned with so many passionate scenes and some crazy feelings I fell in love right awayTHOUGHTS ABOUT THE BOOK Big drama right away With the whole family I don t like Sydni Kenzi hoards Tor s things Super adorable She is so down to earth Wow the thing with her mom is creepy Ty sounds very interesting I love how much he cares about animals It s so beautiful Tor is very unsure of himself and that s so cute He is such a caring and giving person And excruciatingly romantic The Jug story AWWW Her first word was Tor I loved how he dreamt of meeting her in an alternative reality Lukas knows everything The tattooAWWWWW The epilogue was epic I can t wait for Asher s story Author s Note Please note there is NO underage sex in this book There is NO incest When I was five years old I told Toren Grace I was going to marry him when I grew up When I turned eighteen I made it clear I still felt the same The problem He's fifteen years older than me and he's my father's best friend Toren Grace My father's best friend My pseudo uncle He's always been my rock The one I should never ever want But I do want.


Torn All Torn Up #1