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Ting to be a published author eventually I can only imagine how painful that would feel Of course this is not the story Colfer is telling none of that is mentioned in the text The lack of understanding of Mo s pursuit to me is the greatest indication that Stranger Than Fanfiction is not written for people involved in fanfiction but for people who are outside it to look in at us at a depiction of us that I find hurtful and damaging To be clear I m not saying fanfiction fandom is some utopia or even something vaguely esembling a cohesive community There are many diverse groups involved and often big issues and sometimes terrible internet fights But I don t think any of that takes away from the fact that good or nuanced epresentation of this subculture matters And having said all of this I understand why the depiction might be like this Chris Colfer is an actor he s had fanfiction written about his characters and about him as well This isn t to say he doesn t like fandom in general I ve seen multiple interviews promoting the book saying exactly the opposite but just that it might be harder to eally understand fanfiction fandom in particular from the inside with this background Still I did come away from Stranger Than Fanfiction with a valuable new understanding Something I Fat: An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient, with Recipes read a lot about in critiues of books that featureepresentation of different subcultures who is it written for People inside the community or outside This has always seemed like an incredibly important uestion to me but I ve never felt the effects of the difference in intended audience so viscerally as when I ead the first part of this book Stranger Than Fanfiction is not written for people in fanfiction fandom As one of those people I can tell you it makes a big difference And because this book is a bestseller lots of people are eading it and learning or elearning these assumptions about us That makes a eal difference to a lot of people Of course I m one of them but I m in my mid twenties The two or three page section of this book I ve been uoting from would have absolutely wrecked me as a teenager When I brought Stranger Than Fanfiction back to the local bookstore I bought it from something I ve never done it was with the intention of just giving it back to them if they wouldn t accept the Darkness Light return because I didn t want to give it to anyone I knew toead I didn t want them to think those things about me The bookstore employee I spoke with let me eturn it but did tell me she had eally enjoyed the book and was sorry I hadn t finished it The ending was apparently eally good There is a lot I could say about this E L James comparison but it eally doesn t fit here For an interesting take on this from the perspective of the fandom she came from check out Fic Why Fanfiction Is Taking Over the World by Anne Jamison I don t know if Chris Colfer has spoken about fanfiction fandom in interviews just fandom generally I have seen positive eviews for the book from other people involved in fandom but not necessarily fanfiction fandom Bonus miscellaneous critiues including spoilers 1 Depiction of fandom Wiz Kids has two male main characters and one main female character and the main ship is between one of the male characters and the female characters There is a 90% chance if this of the male characters and the female characters There is a 90% chance if this a eal show the main ship would be between the two male characters There is no mention made of any malemale shipping at the convention where shippers are talked

about also in 
also in sort of odd way but I m not going to get into that This isn t a critiue about not including diversity but a critiue about ealism in depiction of how fandom actually works Statistically there will be slash malemale shipping 2 A weird sort of NOT UITE UEERBAITING THE MAIN CHARACTER uite ueerbaiting the main character Stranger Than Fanfiction Cash Carter near the beginning of the novel talks about a secret he has that will get him out of the contract for his show Because Chris Colfer is openly gay because Cash Carter has a CC name like Chris Colfer like another one of Colfer s characters too that he actually played in Struck by Lightning the implication is that this is his sexuality This is not how people talk about ueer characters in this day and age especially in fandom which is what the book is about At the end it s evealed that the character s secret is view spoilerthat he s dying hide spoiler Chris Colfer did it again surprised me in the most pleasant ways possible with this unexpectedly hilarious but at the same time very touching story about four friends each battles a social challenge and how their common hero in the person of their favorite actor virtually changed their lives forever when seemingly on a whim he joins them on their epic nerdy Not Handsome Enough road trip which of course detoured to several un nerdy adventures I think I now have a new favorite author in Mr Colfer because his writing is consistently funny and thoughtful at the same time up until the Author s Note actually His metaphors keep me cracking up and his popeferences are super on point I love how there is complete diversity among the characters and how well ounded each of them are as the story is told in each of their perspective but using the Third Person Omniscient You definitely get to know each of them including their inner thoughts and emotions The unraveling of events is surprising I had my hunches and I had a eally strong instinct one of these characters was going to die but I was very wrong about the whys The conclusion on the one hand is the best like the last bite of your favorite dessert kind of familiar but still awesome This book was in the BLK Book PoolI chose it because I liked the title cover because I haven t ead much YA this year Although I had heard of the TV programme Glee I ve never watched it so I hadn t heard of Chris ColferI liked the book It was written in the flat style so typical of a lot of mod I checked this out from the library for something I could listen to while I work Except now I m wrapped in a blanket and crying so there s that. 's been keeping What they come to learn about the life of the mysterious person they thought they knew will teach them about the power of empathy and the unbreakable bond of true friendsh.

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Cene is Beer Law: What Brewers Need to Know really a genre convention in even long plot driven works Often than one sex scene The issue with Stranger Than Fanfiction here is that when the character Joey makes this critiue all Mo does is tell him he doesn t have toead her story just comment on it so people will find it Then her friends tell her to take a cold shower and that her ship the two characters she wants to get together sends subtle degrading messages to women Whether Mo s ship sends degrading messages to women or not there is nothing subtle about the way Mo s friends degrade her for writing fanfic in this section Mo doesn t tell her friends that fanfiction is about so much than sex and she doesn t defend her fanfiction being all about sex and how that s important either Fanfiction is statistically a largely female pursuit and this is often theorized to be part of the GIS and Fr�uleins: The German-American Encounter in 1950s West Germany reason there is such a stigma around it Just look at how people talked about Fifty Shades of Grey mommy porn etc There is no defense of female sexuality here no discussion of how fanfiction communities are derided for things like this In Stranger Than Fanfiction a novel about fandom theeader The Confederate Privateers really is meant to look at fanfiction as being strange I m not actually writing about Peachfuzzle I m just using them to gain an audience she said As soon as I get a book deal I ll change the names and locations so I don t get sued and boom I ll have my own franchise Laugh at me all you want I m sure people laughed at E L James too but look where writing fanfiction got her Here we have assumption two about fanfiction that people are only writing it to publish their own original work with an automatic fanbase And you know what This is definitely true for some writers But for every writer who is writing fanfic expressly for the purpose of building their own fanbase with this purpose from the very beginning there are many writers who are writing it because they love the show or book or movie theye using as source material because they love the characters Because they want better for the characters Because they want to see what would happen to them in a totally alternate universe Because they want to explore sexuality or world building or myriad other things in ways the original material never could or would So it s fine if it makes the most sense for Mo the character that she wants to write fanfic to publish her own original work But my critiue of this is that out of all of the many many Big Bad Detective Agency reasons people write fanfic this story the story Stranger Than Fanfiction is choosing to tell is the same story the media always tells The same story everybody already assumes about people who write fanfiction if they ve heard of people writing fanfiction in the first place Because why on earth would people be doing something if it wasn t to make money Mo isn teally a sympathetic character Even if wanting to be a published author is understandable to the audience this is going for the narration doesn t The Placer really get into Mo s POV to explain herelationship to fanfiction other than that her friends don t understand her work fanfiction is like the fricking Hunger Games only the cunning survive This is the third assumption about fanfiction and if you do a bit of googling definitely seems like the way E L James made her millions Again there are definitely people like this out there But this narrative says nothing about the wonderful community spirit so present in the fandoms I ve encountered Who it s written for When someone suggests Mo herself write the comments for her friends to post on her work and she agrees The other three were curious and fearful about the words Mo would put in their mouths but they were always happy to support one another even in the unsettling Otto Freundlich: Cosmic Communism realm of fanfiction This is it the point where I stoppedeading The The Tattooist of Auschwitz (The Tattooist of Auschwitz, rest of the page talks about how much Wiz Kids the show means to the characters as people which feels very fannish but it seally hard to pay attention to that after such a thorough attack however unintentional it might have been Mo s friends are happy to support her in a hobby they think is gross and unsettling A hobby they basically tell her to her face is gross and unsettling This is a kind of friendship that makes me deeply uncomfortable So in this novel one character values fanfiction only as a tool to advance her career as an author the other three think this is Profiles in Leadership: Historians on the Elusive Quality of Greatness really weird even though theye involved in fandom as well Possibly the most unrealistic part of this for me the part that was the most painful to ead is illustrated here Mo swivelled her head and olled her eyes so her frustration was evident It didn t matter how many times she explained herself her friends never understood her work There are a lot of technical things wrong with Chris Colfer s portrayal of fanfiction fandoms in Stranger Than Fanfiction but why I m actually writing this Other People's Property: A Shadow History of Hip-Hop in White America review why I didn t finish the book is that I found it painful toead It hurt so much to ead about a character who wrote fanfiction and kept putting her work out there for her friends to look at and groan at Not because I identified with Mo but because it hurt to think of having friends groan at something so important to me I don t write much fanfiction though I have the utmost admiration for people who do it well but eading it soothes my soul I ve had a lot of internalized guilt and shame about this since I was a of internalized guilt and shame about this since I was a I struggle to talk about it with new people hesitate over naming the fandoms I m involved in am careful about where I have conversations about it I ve only ecently started I have conversations about it I ve only ecently started out to some close friends about my involvement in fanfiction fandoms and though I know my experience is not everyone s for me it feels just as nerve wracking as coming out as ueer did maybe because I live in a liberal place where being ueer isn t a huge deal To think about Mo constantly being shut down for her fanfiction constantly having it treated as if it s weird by her friends even with the convenient justification that she s wri. M up on it Chased by paparazzi and hounded by eporters this unlikely crew takes off on a journey of a lifetime but along the way they discover that the star they love has deep secrets he. Stranger Than FanfictionBoy oh boy did I hate ead this whole book We eceived a box of galleys and this was sitting in there And it continued to sit there for a while and I got it in my head that someone on the staff needed to ead it I thought to myself well his kids books are Schätze Aus Dem Musée Picasso, Paris really popular and I ve heard good things so why don t I give this one a try I made a huge mistakeThis book is the perfect example of why I am hating on YAight now Reading through I felt like Colfer thought to himself I am a young gay celebrity I must write a book for teenagers in the LGBT community What characters will they Letters to Rollins relate to Oh yeah stereotypes I know all about those because I was on Glee Each time he introduced a character I felt like he was checking off a stereotypical character from a list he had created It was infuriating This book could have been important It could have helped teens see themselves in characters Instead it turned them into flat characters I found myself yelling WHY STOP I HATE THIS so many times but just couldn t stopeading Part of the Britain, Europe And The Third World reason was that each time I was about to uit Colfer would have a great one liner I would think well if he can do this then maybe he can save this book I was wrongThe end was supposed to be a huge shocking twist but I saw it coming from very early on I cannot explain how disappointed I was I guess I am mostly disappointed in myself for expecting something Why I couldn t finish this book a fanfiction fan s perspective This is a not uiteeview I have struggled to write for weeks now and in the interest of full disclosure it s not a full Scotland Yard review because I could only make it to page 30 of the book in uestion That said after many years critiuing fiction and having my own critiued I think when someone doesn t finish something it s useful to know why I didn t finish Stranger Than Fanfiction because it made me feel terrible and because by page 30 I had figured out it wasn t written for people like me in the first place Fannish people Or specifically people involved in transformative fanfiction fandoms In that vein thiseview is not written for Chris Colfer or to hurt him professionally in any way it s written to warn other fanfiction fandom people about the type of narrative about us the book features and to explain to anyone not involved in this type of fandom what s wrong with the portrayal here and why it matters The Jargon Excuse me but it s been three days since I posted chapter four of my Wiz Kids fanfiction novel and none of you jerks have commented on it yet Mo said Topher Joey and Sam looked into their camera very guiltily I bought Stranger Than Fanfiction because of the title and because it sounded like fanfiction itself oad trip fanfic is definitely a genre and so are one character is a celebrity AUs or alternate universes To ead a fanfic type premise written by someone who had actually seen the Hollywood side of things sounded fantastic Funnily enough I have a much higher standard for fanfiction than I do for traditionally published novels in terms of being socially aware not because this is the ule just because these are the circles in which I travel Not being up to these high standards is probably part of why this novel tripped I travel Not being up to these high standards is probably part of why this novel tripped up though I don t think that s an excuse The uote above marks the start of the section that made me stop eading which is what I m mainly going to focus on here Fanfiction novel Right away I was taken out of the story After fifteen years in fandom it s a term I ve never heard before and after some extensive googling I could only find one instance of it Personally I say fic or sometimes fanfic but this varies by the fan and by the context Fic I would use informally around people in the know and I might use fanfic or fanfiction with people who have peripheral knowledge of the form But fanfiction novel was completely foreign An argument can be made that use of the term which doesn t appear anywhere or appears in very few places in actual fandom was for the benefit of the many Grand Teton Explorers Guide readers who might not know what fanfic is of course The novel part here is certainly descriptive inegards to the length or story structure This doesn t UFO Crash at Roswell: The Genesis of a Modern Myth really hold up though because there are someeally easy ways of explaining what this is for people who aren t in the know using terms that are in common usage by people who Are In The Know in the know example Excuse me but it s been three days since I posted chapter four of my Wiz Kids fic and none of you jerks have commented on it yet Mo said Topher Joey and Sam looked into their cameras very guiltily Mo had been writing novel length fanfiction about the Wiz Kids characters since they all got into the show This is just one way of doing it of course but novel length fanfiction is just as descriptive as fanfiction novel and is actually in very common usage by people involved in fandom What using incorrect fanfiction jargon Peig: The Autobiography of Peig Sayers of the Great Blasket Island really does in this novel is positioneaders who are familiar with fanfiction as outsiders Getting the language Löwen wecken right is a key part ofepresenting any group and it s one way in which Stranger Than Fanfiction fails at accurately depicting fanfiction fandoms Commonly held assumptions And I m not going anywhere near fanfiction Joey said unapologetically It terrifies me especially yours The last story you wrote scarred me for life I didn t know there were so many adjectives to describe Tobey Ramous s life I didn t know there were so many adjectives to describe Tobey Ramous s This is the most colourful of the excuses the other characters made as to why they weren t Fathers and Sons: Roads Classics reading Mo s fic and it leads into the first assumption Stranger Than Fanfiction makes about fanfiction it s all about sex On the one hand it seally not For the most part fanfiction is a eally character driven genre This is a place where you ll find a beautifully written 20000 word character study of Draco Malfoy set during the events of the seventh Harry Potter or over 1600 works tagged Bucky Barnes needs a hug On the other hand a lot of fanfiction is about sex There is a lot of PWP porn without plot or plot what plot and at least one sex Cash Carter is the young world famous lead actor of the hit television Wiz Kids When four fans jokingly invite him on a cross country oad trip they are shocked that he actually takes the.

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