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I Ask the Impossible: Poems

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Really enjoyed the poetry and I usually don t care that much for poetryGreat books I Das Vermächtnis des Rings: Neue fantastische Geschichten J. R. R. Tolkien zu Ehren read this in one day during my daily commute from one end of Chicago to the other Loved this collection of poetry which in some partsead like short stories Really hoping for another Ana Castillo poetry collection to be published in the future I Die Stadt der Tiere: Ein Tierkrimi really wanted to like this collection because the first poem in this compilation is one of my favorites But it just wasn t there for me Perhaps the blurb on the back of the book that describes her poetry asev. An Anchor Books OriginalCherished For Her Books OriginalCherished for her fiction and exuberant essays the Author Hailed By Julia Alvarez hailed by Julia Alvarez una storyteller de primera and by Barbara Kingsolver in The Los Angeles Times as impossible to Gendering the Trans-Pacific World resisteturns to her first lovepoetryto eveal an unwavering commitment to social justice and a fervent embrace of the sensual worldWith the poems in I As. Ealing an unwavering commitment to Social Justice Should Have Tipped justice should have tipped off I just don t like to mix my politics with poetry In much poetry I seek that phrase line or verse that is memorable multi layered and ever evealing I did not find this in this volume excepting perhaps the "title phrase and its
#Poem On Love But What #
on love But what did find were penetrating observations about patriarchy colonialism and "
phrase and its poem on love But what I did find were penetrating observations about patriarchy colonialism and modernity Plus a few shared memories about Chicago San Francisco and the Southwest Castillo sees and feels for all of us and presents these. K the Impossible Castillo celebrates the strength that is a womanburied deep in her heart Whether memorializing Minor Marriage in Early Islamic Law real life heroines who haveisked their lives for humanity spinning a lighthearted tale for her young son or penning odes to mortals gods goddesses Castillos poems are elouent and Plato and the Power of Images rich with insight She shares over twelve years of poetic inspiration from her. Simultaneously personal and universal insights in everyday discourse instead of with unnecessary artifice Simmering with passion and politics Ana Castillo writes from a heart bursting with love for her country and her people I thoroughly enjoyed this collection and am toead of her work Admitting that she thoroughly enjoyed this collection and am eager to of her work Admitting that she unschooled in writing but writes from her passion for exploring ace sexuality and gender in her writing her words pull at You Shake You And shake you and you all at once If you love Neruda AllendeLorca et al you ll love Ana Castillo. Days as a writer who once wrote poems in a basement with no heat through the tenderness of motherhood and bitterness of loss to the strength of love itself which can make the impossible a simple act Radiant with keen perception wit and urgency sometimes erotic often funny this inspiring collection sounds the unmistakable voice of a woman on fire and worthy than stone. .

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