(Journey to Ixtlan The Lessons of Don Juan) [E–pub] ä Carlos Castañeda

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Journey to Ixtlan The Lessons of Don Juan

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Hm This is a tough one for meA friend of mine someone I ve always admired ecently The Service of the State: The IAS Reconsidered recommended this book along with several others I wrote them all down and immediately went to look for them at my local libraryUpon arriving I discovered that not only had I forgotten the list of books I had no idea how to navigate the nonfiction section For a minute or so I wandered aimlessly with nothing but the name Carlos in my head I started back towards the doorway but pausedeluctant to leave I looked up at the shelf and there it was I told my friend and he said It s that kind of book You ll see And Then He Reminded Me Of The then he eminded me of the Decimal SystemYes it is that kind of book And I can see why my friend ecommended it to me ButButNo disrespect to my friend or the will of the universe but I can t do hunterwarrior mysticism I just can t I also efuse to call this nonfictionSorry John Well almost 10 years has it been now since I ead this bookThere have been odd discussions about the truthfulness of of Castanedas books about Don Juan and the experiences Castaneda describesIn my opinion I don t care wether the stories are bogus or trueCastaneda describes his journey as an average guy through different spiritual the stories are bogus or trueCastaneda describes his journey as an average guy through different spiritual and experiences as he is taught by Don Juan about the shamanistic view of lifeI was 16 when I ead the book and I loved the way Don Juan perceives the world as so very alive and kind of magicalThe book can be a good passageway to ealize that the world is than our Fat Lives rationalistic eyes are used to conceiveOh yesclearly the book doesn t want to give any answers butather it stimulates our imagination on how we perceive the worldEver wondered if the Wind itself could be an animated thing Số phận chú bé đánh trống roaming around the worldinteracting and playing with those who percieve him Ok I m a boomer and I went through my own period ofeading and living with Carlos Castaneda his teacher Don Juan and their world of indigenous Mexican shamanism This and its follow up book Tales of Power changed my life when I ead them in my mid 20s they helped me forge a new identity as an adult as a warrior with an awareness of personal power and taught me lessons for a lifetime that are still with me If you are open to the
"Teachings In These Books They "
in these books they truly be powerful and life changing and living far away from home as I was in my mid 20s in Finland I was captivated by Don Juan s teachings since as a youth I had traveled a lot with my family in Mexico and the American Southwest so I could easily visualize from Finland the landscapes and culture they were part of Anyway this book goes into my all time favorites list because of how its teachings so shaped who I became as an adult Powerful stuff This is the third volume of the trilogy including The Teachings of Don Juan and A Separate Reality I ead all three one after the other while working at the Chicago Womens Athletic Club during the summer between college and seminaryAlthough it appears to be the case that Castaneda the author fabricated some of the material appearing in his accounts including. In Journey to Ixtlan Carlos Castaneda introduces eaders to this new approach for the first time and explores as he comes to experience it himself his own final voyage into the teachings of don Juan sharing with us what it is like to truly “stop the wo. .
That of his doctoral dissertation which begins the series it also appears to be the case that he knows a good deal about altered states of consciousness While the books may misrepresent the Yaui Nation and so be bad anthropology they emain important and worth eadingI ve classed this volume as psychology one could also legitimately class them as eligion or as fiction because so much of its content has to do with what we conventionally call altered states and elegate to psychologists What is interesting about Castaneda however is that for him it is
"Not So Much A Drug "
so much a drug state of mind creating hallucinations as an entry into other worlds In other words the other worlds are eal indeed they are truer in the sense of being meaningful than the uotidian outines of our normal LivesPhenomenologically This Is Certainly The Case To this is certainly the case to whether they experience non ordinary ealities through the use of drugs spiritual exercise or because such things happen to them either occasionally or Access to English. Test pack 4 regularly Years of campfire tales about extraordinary experiences have led me to begin to intentionally ask people about such things and I ve found itemarkable how ordinary non ordinary states are This aises uestions about the typical approach of psychologists and philosophers to such matters and as egards the kind of society which would put its members in such a Procrustean bed that they d be disposed to discount their lived experience in order to fit inI myself have experienced other worlds on a number of occasions Of course like everyone I inhabit them nightly and Hoffnung Mensch remember them under theubric of dreaming Beyond that however I ve had a couple of auditions hearing voices which weren t coming from anyone another in the oom would have heard a ather Unpleasant Hallucinatory Episode And At hallucinatory episode and at two induced breakthroughs to domains adically different than this one I m typing in all of which felt ealer than eal Beyond that the usual psychedelic experience and I ve had scores at least suggests these other worlds worlds like those described by Castaneda although one is not entirely thrust into them and out of this one Forty years on what are we to think of Carlos Castaneda The Don Juan series of which Journey to Ixtlan is the central volume were initially acclaimed as a breakthrough in anthropological field esearch Castaneda as the The Witch who was a princess researcher placed himself at the center of his book writing it from the point of view of his owneactions ather than laying out an ethnography Journey to Ixtlan became his UCLA doctoral dissertation and was the most noted book of the series because in it Carlos turns away from psychedelic plants and follows Don Juan as his apprentice He plays the ole of the naive sometimes dense and blundering student which makes the book seem artless and laces it with subtle humor By the end the apprentice begins to get an idea of what don Juan means by power and how one can become a warrior in the Yaui sense The book takes an almost hypnotic hold on the eader just as don Juan does on Carlos Carlos canno. Rld” and perceive eality on his own termsOriginally drawn to Yaui Indian spiritual leader don Juan Matus for his knowledge of mind altering plants bestselling author Carlos Castaneda immersed himself in the sorcerer’s magical world entirely Ten year. ,

Religion Of A Scientist: Selections From Gustav Theodor Fechner Th. G. V. Hippel's S�mmtliche Werke, Vol. 11 (Classic Reprint) Gameplan Workbook
T break away from don Juan no matter how irrational even crazy he seems and neither can we As the book progresses we become changed in much the way Carlos does It s almost impossible not to be infused with his sense of awe and wonder at what don Juan is teaching him and the sorcerer he is changing into Journey to Ixtlan feels so eal and we get so involved with Carlos struggle to learn a separate eality that we become in some sense believers in his alternative universe We become part of it The don Juan books were What It Takes: Fighting for My Life and My Love of the Game runaway best sellers in the 70 s They were new wave new age anthropology and an often dry academic discipline was given new life by this careful almost childlike transcription of field notes The only problem with all this is that the books turned out to be fraudulent Don Juan was either made up by Castaneda or he was based on aeal person whom Castaneda used as a springboard for fictional tales Either way this was not anthropology It was the fictional journey of a sorcerer s apprentice As Castaneda wrote books they became fantastic until even his most ardent supporters had to agree he d left the world of anthropology for some sort of science fiction or fantasy In his
"Later Years Carlos Castaneda Became "
years Carlos Castaneda became leader of his own cult something of a Jim Jones figure a man who apparently induced several women to kill themselves just after Carlos himself died So Castaneda and don Juan were discredited and the man who had sold a total of something like 28 million books faded away He is not much Luftwaffe Fighters 1945 (Topcolors) read any though all his booksemain in print Yet he is scorned by the very academics who once lionized him as evitalizing their professionIt s hard to set all this aside while eading Journey to Ixtlan Yet the book s faux naif style succeeds in making it just as eal as it was before Castaneda s trickery was discovered In a sense Castaneda is a throwback to the 18 th century when there was a convention of presenting fiction as though it were factual travel writing think of Swift and Defoe Castaneda s constant interaction with don Juan along with his fretting about how this could not be eal has the effect of making it seem Wonderful Memories of It's a Wonderful Life real even when one knows it is not It is aseal as the greatest fiction and it doesn t lose its hold on the not It is as Green Eyed Envy real as the greatest fiction and it doesn t lose its hold on the even when you know he made most of it up by piecing together all kinds of occult texts in the UCLA library But it differs from most occult masterpieces in that Castaneda allows theeader to feel the process of initiation and the doubts and anxieties it generates in a moment by moment way You feel you don t need to attach yourself to a guru because Carlos does it for you Whatever genre Journey to Ixtlan fits into or if it fits into none at all it s a life changing The A-List Diet Fitness Plan read Now that all the controversy is over and the people who pursue that sort of thing have gone on to other interests it s possible to sit back andead the don Juan books purely for the enjoyment of their ideas their unexpected lyricism their emotional wallop Taken just as it is Journey to Ixtlan is a The Amethyst Road read of manyewards. S after his first encounter with the shaman Castaneda examines his field notes and comes to understand what don Juan knew all along that these plants are merely a means to understanding the alternative ealities that one cannot fully embrace on one’s ,