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A Certain AgeFalling in love with a younger man while you are still married and then having a younger woman come along wasn t the best thing to happen to Mrs Theresa MarshallA CERTAIN AGE began with an excerpt from a murder trial then moved to alternating chapters and told of the life of high society and how they adapted social Times of Bede protocol to whatever they wantedWe follow Mrs Marshall Mr Marshall Captain Rofrano and Miss Fortescue in the scandalous antics they were all involved in Decisions had to be made and Sophie Fortescue had the most difficult decision even though her father was the one that would be making the decision about who she was to marryMs Williams againerfectly The Catechism of the Council of Trent portrays the timeeriod and how women in wealthy families really didn t have a choice about choosing their spouse After the marriage City for Sale: Ed Koch and the Betrayal of New York proposal was made an investigation into the Fortescue family adds another layer to the book The Fortescues are not who they say they are and a house that Mr Rofrano grew up in wasart of their secretOnce the secret was revealed and Sophie Fortescue was outspoken the book heated up with an ending that was oh so good with an unexpected twist I enjoyed the characters but Mrs Marshall and Mr Fortescue were my least favorites

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Fortescue was controlling and Mrs Marshall was too sneaky for meA CERTAIN AGE was beautifully written as all of Ms Williams books even though it took me a while to get connected but it was still enjoyableThe book s cover is stunning and the book is The Runaway Prophet Jonah Study Guide 1998 patterned after an opera titled Der Rosenkavalie ENJOY if you read A CERTAIN AGE 45 I am always fascinated by well written books that takelace during the 1920 s It was an exceptional time between two wars rohibition the old guard and the new struggling to find a "Way To Share The "to share the space Beatriz Williams book exemplifies those times and struggles and in a way that is so real it is almost ainful at times There was a oint where I almost couldn t bear the fact that some eople in this story would not get what they wanted that they would be forever marked or even destroyed in the very intimate battles of the war Well this is a cool little number from Ms Beatriz Williams a snazzy author I just rediscovered I ve read One Hundred Summers The bestselling author of A Hundred Summers brings the Roaring Twenties brilliantly to life in this enchanting and compulsively readable tale of intrigue romance and scandal in New York Society brimming with lush atmosphere striking characters and irresistible charmAs the freedom of the Jazz Age transforms New York City the iridescent Mrs Theresa Marshall of Fifth Avenue and Southampton Long Island has done the unthinkable she’s fallen in love with her young aramour Captain Octavian Rofrano a handsome aviator and hero of the Great War An intense and deeply honorable man Octavian is devoted to the beautiful socialite of a certain age and wants to marry her While ti. Ut this novel about the 1920 s jazz age and everything we hoped went with it held my attention so much better Wealthy 5th Avenue socialites their affairs Long Island summer homes horse racing etc They were doing it all well before we were all born "and they did it with such casual accomplishment "they did it with such casual accomplishment if it were their birthright It s so amusing that every generation thinks they discovered sex alcohol Learner Strategies in Language Learning parties etc No wonder myarents just smiled at the sixties and seventies The same old just in a different way less clothes and longer hair But now it was their children out there Fast forward to Dangerously Placed present day and the millennials are having their way with the world Our kidsAnyway this book is marvelous witty sexy sneaky and mysterious Bonus is the journalist of that era Helen Rowland whose uotes introduce each chapter I want a book about her If you know anything about me by now it is that I have drank of the Beatriz Williams Kool Aid Williams has a magical way of transporting you to the defining times of our nation s history by creating characters that deftly tell a story that not only encompasses the culture of that era but also subtly reveals what it meant to be a woman at thatoint in history A Certain Age takes us to the roaring 1920s Manhattan The times they are a changin Women are becoming bolder clothes are becoming scantier jazz is being born and booze is supposedly becoming scarcer It is a city on the verge of cultural change At least among the 5th Avenue eliteMrs Theresa Marshall is the ueen of the elite Appearances are everything and she maintains them with her husband even while falling uite desperately in love or at least in infatuation with the much younger war hero Octavian Rofrano But she unwittingly changes the entire trajectory of her entire happiness when she sends her lover to serve as the cavalier for her brother Ox to Just Destiny present Ox sroposal to the almost scandalously young and certainly scandalously wealthy Miss Sophie Fortescue Family secrets Unsolved murders Discreet affairs Steamy romanaces Women challenging the role into which society has igeonholed them All "Leading Up To The Murder " up to the murder of the century A Certain Age is told from the alternating erspectives of Theresa and Sophie Th. Mes are changing and she does adore the Boy divorce for a woman of Theresa’s wealth and social standing is out of the uestion and there is no need; she has an understanding with Sylvo her generous and well respected hilanderer husbandBut their relationship subtly shifts when her bachelor brother Ox decides to tie the knot with the sweet younger daughter of a newly wealthy inventor Engaging a longstanding family tradition Theresa enlists the Boy to act as her brother’s cavalier resenting the family’s diamond rose ring to Ox’s intended Miss Sophie Fortescue and to check into the background of the little known Fortescue family When Octavian meets Sophie he fal.

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E former being a woman of a certain age jaded by life eyes open to the realities of social standing and the associated expectations The latter a doe eyed and sheltered young woman who still bows to the Expectations Of Her Father And Lacks The of her father and lacks the experience to uestion if she wants If she deserves Without a doubt Theresa was my Help Me, Jacques Cousteau preferredoint of view She had a self confidence edged with just a touch of insecurity and she had no delusions of what was expected of her in society Stand by her husband keep her lover discrete She was smart than a little manipulative and completely unapologetic I adored her Sophie s naivet wore a bit thin at times for me but she ended up being the one who cast off the mantel of 1920s woman and stepped into the future These two women were two sides of the same coin one who despite her best efforts could not break free of the mold and the other who seemed born to leave it behind The one aspect that fell short of Ms Williams s other books was the entwined mystery There is a trial that is alluded to in flash forward news columns and Sophie has a mysterious childhood and recluse father but I was not drawn into that storyline It was interesting and I realized we were being led toward the resolution but I was way interested in reading about Theresa and Octavian The general outlines of the mystery were not shrouded in obscurity and the big twist was not as shocking as I know Ms Williams is capable of Intriguing at bestFinally we see some of familiar faces and names as are woven throughout Ms Williams s other books the Schuylers articularly Julie the van der Wahls At this I "would love a friendfamily tree to see how all of these "love a friendfamily tree to see how of these iece together to tell an epic story of the SchuylersOverall another solid novel by Beatriz Williams full of glitz glamour and romance Thank you to Edelweiss for The Book of Mordred providing an advanced copy of A Certain Age in exchange for my honest review 35 Stars Entertaining but not as riveting as the other books by Beatriz Williams that I ve read I didn t really connect with the characters I would have enjoyed it if the main story had been about the murder mystery but overall I liked A Certain Age and Beatriz Williams continues be a favorite author of mine. Ls under the spell of theretty ingénue even as he uncovers a shocking family secret As the love triangle of Theresa Octavian and Sophie rogresses it transforms into a saga of divided loyalties dangerous revelations and surprising twists that will lead to a shocking transgression and eventually force Theresa to make a bittersweet choiceFull of the glamour wit and delicious twists that are the hallmarks of Beatriz Williams’ fiction and alternating between Sophie’s spirited voice and Theresa’s vibrant timbre A Certain Age is a beguiling reinterpretation of Richard Strauss’s comic opera Der Rosenkavalier set against the sweeping decadence of Gatsby’s New Yo.