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Ry does make his appearance it is not to rescue Fae she already Has That Well In that well in He only shows up to assist her and to provide a safe haven for her to plot her next moves This takes us into the mid section of the novel and here we have of the protagonists backstory revealed along with that of her love interest There are some scenes here which will make you smile with joy how these two come together and spar off each other both verbally and physically are just wonderful to read That being said these are not your typical noble moralistically principled characters Each of them carries their own set of flaws and bear Each of them carries their set of flaws and bear in which decisions they ve made carry the weight of both ignobility and moral ambiguity that they each must deal with It is these issues that they struggle with that make them so much than the sum of what if they d been written differently would be rather trope ish characters That they both come to realize these choices and how they have affected them and how they are currently impacting their lives and burgeoning relationship is one of the strengths that drives the story forward At the end the compromises that each makes and the ultimate choices on where to go from here that they come to terms with make for a very compelling story and one that sticks with youIf there is any complaint that I would have it is what I mentioned above near the start of the review at the beginning of the novel the backstories of the main characters and the situations they have been through to get them to the starting point of the novel are not as fleshed out as I would have liked This does not diminish the novel in any way but is simply a conceit of the reader wishing for based upon having been spoiled by authors such as Jacueline Carey George RR Martin and the like While recognizing that the author may have ept some of this to a minimum so as to advance the story at a brisker pace there were things alluded to and events sketched in that cried for detail IMHO In some cases we the reader were given just a brief overview of what had transpired outside the confines of the novel only for the plot to uickly move along to other things These gaps in background Dare for More knowledge are thus left to the reader to fill in which was a minor frustration in certain instances This is a very slight criticism in the overall scope of the novel and does not truly diminish the work in any meaningful way Again it is a conceit of a reader spoiled by other authors who spend greater time in their wordsmithing focusing on those details than is evident in hereA strong protagonist willful feisty but also willing to compromise when it suits a partner who neither tries to overpower the protagonist and yet still maintains an air of dominance it all comes together in a story in which their circumstances support and help along the blossoming romance that thrives between these two Neither perfect as individuals and yet perfect for each other This is the joy that you ll find in this novelA second book follows this one Tara and hopefully there will be future ones which will continue the stories of these characters For now enjoy Fae and the wonderful world that Ms Bene has created This is an amazing piece of work by this author a lot different than what I m used to if I m honest but not in a bad way An exciting and engaging story which for me was difficult to put down work and life became massive inconveniences during the reading of this bookKiernan is a strong powerful warrior who has such an incredible softer side to him that made it easy to fall in love with him He s the perfect blend of farmer and warrior yet theilling instinct in him is just a heartbeat away and his battle for control between his true self and his Laochran self is hardFae or Neala has to be one of my favourite warrior females She has the strength to match Kiernan an inner steel which considering everything she goes through just in the book not to mention the previous two thousand years of her existence as a daughter of Eltera is admirable Yet she is feisty she is defiant and she will stand proud in the face of death I adore female characters like herThe storyline is excellent and has dark undertones nowhere near as dark as I d expected to be honest but it works so so well I am giving it a solid 5 and would recommend it to anyone who likes to read something a little bit otherworldlyI am so excited for the next book in the serie. Glass and he can’t stop watching her Her bravery fascinates him inspires him Her suffering is what he deserves Yet some part of him craves craves something good But is there anything that can be done when gods have used you as pawns in their own war Can good things come out of evil Publisher's note Fae is the first book in the Daughters of Eltera series It contains dark themes slavery violence damaged heroes and gods and goddesses If those things don't interest you please seek another bo. .
Fae Daughters of Eltera #1Oh my What to say about this incredible book This world that Ms Bene has created this magical world full of real goodness and heroes and real this magical world full of real goodness and heroes and real and villains Fae is immortal and magical but her human ualities are completely relatable Doomed to interminable slavery Sold over and over to cruel masters She clings to the little power she has disobedience Her immortality eeps her distanced from others and yet she often risks herself to protect those vulnerable This story is as much about Fae s journey and growth as it is about the immortal man who

her and how their lives Cole and his story is also fascinating Ms Bene is a mastermind at character building as well as story telling and these two dovetail brilliantly in this book I could not stop reading staying up well through the night IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT Fae is a very uniue and original PNR storyI haven t come across this type of story beforeFae is an awesome characterShe s tough and brave She is extremely loyal and protectiveHer will and inner strength is strong as steelHer fierceness is shining for all to see But her vulnerability is hers aloneKiernan is fighting his inner demons and a conscience full of guilt He past weighs on his mind dailyI think the thing that eeps him grounded is his obsession with FaeWho is one of his charges he is supposed to monitorWhen circumstances bring them togethereverything is about to change for themThrilling story aboutamong other thingstrying to find redemption and if they are strong enough finding forgivenessThe plot is filled with suspensecruelty and hopeIt was a new storyline for me Never read a PNR book like this one beforeIt was really good Filled with many different characters Of which there are good and evilIf you like PNR you should really read Fae I received a copy from the author for an honest review I have been slowly getting and into paranormal type romance novels and this was the 5th i think book i have read that falls into that genre It is also the first book i have read by this author and let me just say it will definitely not be the last This book pulls you in with the very first sentence Fae is this beautiful strong willed woman who feels this need to protect those around her Some of the scenes when she chooses to view spoiler help the other slaves nowing she will get punished hide spoiler This is the first book I ve read by Jennifer Bene and I loved itI wasn t sure what I was expecting when I started this book and I had a little bit of trouble getting into it but after the first few chapters I was hooked This book follows Fae the daughter of a goddess who is forced into a lifetime of slavery While it is hard to read about her captivity and the other women who suffer with her Fae is resilient and refuses to give up fighting When fate steps in and Fae has a chance to escape she finds herself with the most unlikely of heroes Kiernan has spent the last 2000 years watching Fae struggle through her imprisonment While he is helpless to save her he finds himself drawn to her strength and determination Although Kiernan is bound to a god who demands war and bloodshed he finds himself drifting from that way of life and looking for a different path Could these two lost and damaged souls be the savior the other is looking for I absolutely fell in love with Fae and Kiernan and the bond that they formed with one another I cannot wait to read the next book in this series I would highly recommend this book to PNR fans Simply amazingI absolutely love Jennifer Bene but I hesitated reading this one since I m not really a fan of paranormal I was really missing out on this amazing story and should have read it a long time agoIntroduced world wasn t too over the top and characters were god should have read it a long time agoIntroduced world wasn t too over the top and characters were god to make them immortal warriors but othervise like humansAlthough I thought the book was slow at first I actually appreciated such detailed world buildingFae was simply an amazing character so feisty brave and strong And still protective of others weaker than herself even after enduring 2000 years of slavery I absolutely loved the connection between her and Kiernan and they were truly a perfect match Kiernan was not what I expected but I instantly fell in love with him I was moved by his tragic past and was so glad he found happiness he deserved Ms Bene did an amazing job with these two characters and I can t wait to read about other daughters of Eltera ACE for ASIN B015SCVAR6Chosen Cursed Enslaved Fae just wants to live day to day She doesn’t want to think about a future filled with another two thousand years of servitude She doesn’t want to think about her past or the way she failed the goddess she swore to serve forever And she really doesn’t want to think about the men and women that suffer around her every day while she can’t protect them – no matter how hard she tries She’s definitely not ready when her entire world is Ow what an unexpected surprise it was to read this book It took me back to my late teens and early twenties when I devoured every Anne McCaffrey Mercedes Lackey It took me back to my late teens and early twenties when I devoured every Anne McCaffrey Mercedes Lackey May and David Eddings book I could get my hands on though it had a much modern feel to itThis book combined everything I want in a good read It had characters who engaged me and that I subseuently cared about It was well written entertaining and with a pace that held my attention without loosing me Best of all it had magic immortal beings gods and goddesses tooFae was a warrior through and through but one who always stood up for the underdog Enslaved And Immortal She Has and immortal she has almost immune to her own suffering but can not stand the hurt dealt out to others She is a feisty strong and caring female and is the sort of heroine I love to read aboutI was pleasantly surprised by Kiernan He wasn t the dark broody alpha male I expected Instead he was gentle and reserved a man who had lost so much and been held in thrall against his will A man willing to give everything for the woman he loves The world building scene setting and character development is excellent I felt like I was there seeing what they saw feeling what they felt The book paddled at the edges of darkness with some very terrible experiences being implied rather than experiencedGiven that Kiernan and Fae were together virtually 247 the pace of their relationship and the growing bond between them felt as though it developed at a natural rate and was believable Whilst we got some intimate scenes they felt organic to the plot and were neither too freuent nor too gratuitous The moment I finished this book I wanted to dive straight into book 2 It was that captivating and thrilling a read My only disappointment is that there are only the 2 books so far I might have to stalk the author and pester her for books in this series I loved this steamy dark sci fi read Fae has been cursed and enslaved and just trying to live day to day Kiernan is cursed and corrupted but he nows he wants Fae Can they find a way to be together This is a fast paced read that really takes you to another world The characters are amazing with lots of depth and the story hooks you from beginning to end Fae is one of Eltera s group of Faeiohn women whom the goddess had chosen to fight the dark and bring peace to the land Kiernan followed Eltera s enemy When Kiernan and his brothers defeat Fae and her sisters all the Faeoighn are cursed to be slaves for the r Fae is the first novel in the Daughters of Eltera series and thus sets the stage for both books I picked this book as the second novel of author Jennifer Bene to read having read Taken By the Enemy first I was uickly caught up in the story and this series still is one of my favorites of her writings that I have read so far It may not be some of her most popular work but I recommend it highly if you are interested in a paranormal fantasy story set in a contemporary time frameThe protagonist in Fae is a strong independent woman something that the author excels at portraying in her novels The circumstances that Fae finds herself in at the beginning of the novel are horrific and are broadly sketched in see critiue below to draw the reader into the world she lives in Often female protagonists set up in situations as described in this story are portrayed as helpless waiting to be rescued by the hero That is not the case here Fae realizes the atrociousness of the situation she and her companions are in but she does not allow herself to be victimized by it but conspires whenever and wherever possible to make things better always A Gypsy Promise keeping in mind an end game strategy that she eventually hopes to be able to enact She s not waiting to be rescued by someone else she s waiting for her opportunity to get out of the situation she finds herself in Not only that but she is determined to make sure the others that she is trapped with will be rescued along with her despite the fact that some have fallen into despair and have accepted their fate as unavoidable There are moments and scenes during this portion of the book that reveal Fae s grit and determination in the face of a seemingly overwhelming situation that are so very well written and make you drawn to her so powerfully She is a fighter a warrior in ways than one as revealed and you are hard pressed not to be engaged by her When her counterpart also the love interest in the sto. Urned upside down and the one person she would never choose to spend a minute with shows up After millennia of suffering is it even possible to trust someone To let herself believe that good still exists Damned Cursed Corrupted Kiernan doesn’tnow what he wants After centuries of bloodshed and war and Imprisoned with the Alien Rohilian Warrior killing – he’s waking up and if the things he dreams in his sleep were only nightmares that would be one thing but they’re all real The only light in his darkness is a girl inside