(E–pub Download) [Kings Property Shifter Fight League #2]

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Cretary he also absconded with all the moneyas in every single cent Oh my What s a girl to do Well she could start by offering him a repayment schedule a girl to do Well she could start by offering him a repayment schedule Zara and Logan were able to come pun intended to a mutually agreeable arrangement with her body used as the currency to pay the installments and satisfy the debt Oh my

"sounds like a "
like a satisfying deal for both Zara and the handsome hot lion shifter cage fighter But there s ust one little problem She never wants the debt to be paid in full Alpha Lion Shifter and reigning King of the Ring always get what belongs to him And now that he s had a taste of beautiful sexy Zara Hunter he wants much much He has no intention of ever letting her go His little kitten is cat than she realizes If she isn t an alpha lioness under the human disguise she insists on projecting then he d eat his freakin hat And now she belongs to him every single luscious inch of her She s his propertyshe ust doesn t know it yet but she will Lawd have mercy Beautiful club owner s daughter trying to save her club check Handsome hunky no nonsense alpha lion shifter and reigning champion of the Shifter Fight League check Heated attraction raw passion and dreamy sex check Fabulous entertainment and an awesome read Keep them coming MinaWOW that was ggggggggggoooooooddddddddddddddddddddddd and sexxxxxy Zara is now Logan aka King s property as he mentioned What I want when I want kitten Remember that But Zara has failed to take note to the subtle changes in Logan because this alpha shifter can t take his mind off of the shifter who can t shift He is possessive controlling and very very *DOMINANT TO ZARA AND SHE LOVES *to Zara and she loves His little kitten is giving him and reasons to take pause Yes Zara is turning Logan the king of the ungle into a cat on a hot tin roof lol5 hottttt and sexxxxxy stars. E'll take her and keep her any way he can Fair Warning This is a raunchy little shortie that contains one hot as hell werelion using any excuse to get his hands on the sexy curvy woman he wants It does not end in a HEA at the moment but does have hot changing room sex and in a lim. .

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Kings Property Shifter Fight League #2EnjoyableI m having a great Time So Far I Love so far I love of these characters for sure I can t wait to read the next book I already have it Another chapter in Logan and Zara s story Full review to come once series is completed Intense Owned by the lion to survive her way through the ring Zara alpha lioness is paying her father s debt to Logan uick read with a cliffhanger I am so eager to get my hands on the next I enjoyed the character Zara She is sexy uick witted and fierce I am not sure she is a good match for #LOGAN HE SEEMS A BIT ARROGANT WHERE ZARA NEEDS #he seems a bit arrogant where Zara needs soft touch at times Logan s and Zara s story continues with a second book Logan proves he is also the king of ring and dominates the rest of the fighters There are two hot scenes in the book one in the changing room and one in the limo where Logan proves that he owns Zara It seems that everybody knows now that these two are in a relationship but nobody knows the details This realisation pisses off Niko the werebear her secret admireAlex my newly wed favourite boy passes by to say hi at the VIP private party after the ring fight night Nice Give us of Alex pleaseGenerally I had a very nice break with this short story which I finished fairly fast and now I am looking forward to what s coming next Finally action YAYThis book picks up where the last one left off It is about 40 pages I think Too shortRather interested to see what Logan does when he realizes he was too rough too angry Wondering how much before she gets angry and tries to walk away 2nd Chapter ooooo babyI read this when it was still in Kindle Unlimited mode I think this will come up unconfirmed personContinuing the story of Logan Zara is Hot Sexy The king is something else Well we know who he is ahem how he performs The story is getting interesting Keep reading ALL HAIL THE KING Title King Her debt means the King owns her body her heart is a different matter Or is it In order to pay off her debt Zara shares cagefighter Logan Reese's bedor rather a wall in the locker rooms or the back seat of the alpha werelion's limo since actual beds don't feature large in their ar. PropertySeries Shifter Fight LeagueDesignation Book Two of Serial NOT a Standalone Cliffhanger AheadAuthor Mina CarterMy Rating Five Purrr fectly Sinful StarsAll Hail the King Mina Carter knocked it out of the park AGAIN with King s Property the second release in her riveting new Shifter Fight League serial And yes I said serial so that means multiple installments and cliffhangers ahead but never fear serial And yes I said serial so that means multiple installments and cliffhangers ahead but never fear she never leaves her readers hanging for long I ve been a diehard Mina Carter fan for years and never tire of reading her always imaginative storylines and highly addictive prose I know before I read the first page I m guaranteed a mind blowing read Carter never fails to deliver a well crafted fast paced delightfully entertaining story filled to the brim with heated attraction fiery passion steamy sex dreamy romance and swoon brim with heated attraction fiery passion steamy sex dreamy romance and swoon characters And King s Property is no exception I ve never found another author who could pack so much wickedly delicious goodness into one sexy short I loved it So sit back buckle up and get ready for another wild rideZara Hunter may not be a lion shifter like her brother Kylan but of the two she was way dangerous especially when she s mad and she s pretty darn angry Maybe it was a good thing the shifter gene had skipped right over her Dear old dad owner of the The Scarlet Moon Fight Club has left the buildingas in run off with his main sueeze who Oeuvres de Ennius Quirinus Visconti, Vol. 3 just happened to be his secretary and left Zara and Kylan holding the bagan empty bag Now they have no way to pay the protection money owed to Logan Reese lion shifter and reigning champion of the Shifter Fight League whoust happens to be King of the Ring Oh no Unfortunately it looks like it s up to her to find a way to suare her father s debt How the heck is she supposed to do that when daddy dearest left with a lot than The Mobius Twist, Alien Abduction and Judgement of the Human Race just his se. Rangement She tells herself it'sust business that she's not his property not really It's The Love of a King just a short term arrangement She doesn't want Honest She's his End of story King of the Ring Logan Reese knows two things The curvy little female is cat than she appears and she's all his