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Other Side of the River by Janice L Dick a reviewAs a Mennonite child rowing up in Saskatchewan Canada and attending a country Mennonite Church I heard many stories about Mennonites experiences in Russia One ancestor of a local Mennonite family was thrown into a well because Communist officials considered him too wealthy A Mennonite relative of mine was imprisoned for preaching the Las Maravillosas Obras de Dios: Historias B�blicas Para La Familia gospel Another a woman was threatened with rape by Russian soldiers but distracted them from their evil intentions by singing and playing heruitarWith stories like these lurking in my mind I m always interested in novels about the Russian Mennonite experience One is The Blue Mountains of China by Rudy Wiebe Another is The Russl nder also titled Katya by Sandra Birdsell Janice L Dick S New Novel Other Side Dick s new novel Other Side the River stacks up well in comparison with these In some respects Dick s story is The Russl nder on steroidsA This is the second edition of my previously published historical novel of the same title now independently published Tansy Thistle Press with a شرح جامع مثنوى معنوى great new coverThe year is 1926 The Russian Revolution is past and therip of communism tightens around the Mennonite people in Western Siberia Luise Letkemann and Daniel Martens have plans for their future but escalating oppression from Stalin s regime threatens to destroy everything they live for and believe in Is there freedom on the other side of the Amur River and what will that freedom costThis is a story of struggle and hope in the midst of difficult situations A wonderful beginning to an exciting series There were so many tragic and frightful happenings in the lives of Daniel and Luise that I almost wondered what The New Song: For the Sunday School, Societies of Christian Endeavor, and Other Religious Exercises (Classic Reprint) good could possible come out of them Then there were the surprises and tremendous experiences that were so obvious a God thing I couldn t put the book down and am already starting into book number 2 I recommend this book to everyone I read this book on Kindle I am not a reader of books via ebook but this book captivated my attention The storyline is excellent Characters are real I loved learningeography and history Other Side of the River immerses readers in the world of Russian Mennonites a persecuted people wherever they try to settle in the Soviet regime of 1926Despite the Riding Hard growing turmoil in their village Luise Letkemann is eager to marry her beloved Daniel Martens Her family wants to move somewhere safer to Canada or at least farther east towards China But will anywhere be safe from vindictive officials out to break her people s hopeAs the story opens Luise is determined to remain optimistic and to see the bright side in everything but sorrow brings change Elderly Tante Manya has some of the best lines wisdom wise in the story Here s my favouriteManya The purpose of prayer is not toet what we want Luise but to lay hold of God Himself He seeks always to reveal Himself to us Once we begin to see Him as He is "we can relinuish our tight hold on our will and trust Him for His Do you understandLuise Sometimes " can relinuish our tight hold on our will and trust Him for His Do you understandLuise Sometimes don t The year is 1926 The Russian Revolution of 1917 and the ensuing Civil Wars of 1918 1920 have left unhealed scars on the face of South Russia and the Great War has traumatized the entire world Famine has spread through a country suffering drought and economic chaos Against the backdrop of a Russian nation in transition from Tsarist autocracy to communism the Mennonite people who are settled in villages and colonies in western Siberia hope to remain unnoticed The Siberian Mennonites wish for nothing than relative freedom to live out their faith in peace even if food is scarce Luise Letkemann yearns for freedom security and marriage to her lifelong love Daniel Martens She has heard of the war famine and disease that have befallen her people in South Russia during the revolutions wars and famines She is also aware of the mass emigration of thousands of Mennonites from South Russia now known as Ukraine to the Americas But until recently her people have lived without significant overnmental intrusion in Siberia However the Stalinist regime’s interference in daily life is escalating and even the village of Alexandrovka feels the increasing oppression toward the Siberian Mennonites The communist administrati. Other Side of the River In Search of Freedom #1

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Aftspeople demanding ever tax and confiscating machinery and livestock many villagers decide it s time to leave While some are allowed To Emigrate To America Luise emigrate to America Luise chronically ill stepmother fails to pass her medical exam So the family ends up planning to join others on a long train ride east There is farmland and they have official permits to settle near the border of China on the banks of the Amur RiverMeanwhile a winter of hard work up north for Daniel separates the lovers He returns shortly before her family is set to leave and Luise makes peace with the fact that she will be apart from her family when she and Daniel settle as newlyweds in the farmhouse Daniel has been building Of course that doesn t work out uite as planned either in Janice L Dick s Mennonite historical Other Side of the River It s a story through which we experience the day to day life of these God fearing peace loving and industrious people during a time in Russian history when expressions of faith were not allowed personal initiative was history when expressions of faith were not allowed personal initiative was on and even speaking German could be cause for arrestLovable and hated characters populate the pages with Luise s reat aunt Tante Manya taking the prize as my favourite Senior Major Leonard Dubrowsky and Ivan Mironenko tied for the ones I most disliked and feared The way Dick portrays the everyday circumstances struggles and rowth of main characters is realistic and kept me right there experiencing their challenges with them The period and setting are depicted in satisfying detail I loved all the homey touches the roasted zwieback and other home baking the Germanisms like Nah jah and Luise s and Daniel s close knit intergenerational families The story though lengthy had enough twists and turns that it rarely sagged The only time it felt a bit draggy was very near the end but then it picked up again to the harrowing finish All in all I really enjoyed this book both the day to day life of its characters and the big story aspect of it for I too am descended from them a Mennonite not from those that stayed in Russia but from forbears that emigrated to North America before Communism and the era of the Soviet Union Witnessing the faith of these people through testing was an inspiration This book left me with a reat appreciation of the fire proved faith of my ancestors Apparently Dick is working on a seuel according to this Blog Talk Radio interview I hope so I ll definitely pick it up when it comes outRead Chapter One of Other Side of the River I enjoyed writing this work of fiction creating characters that blossomed into real people in a setting I came to know as I researched and wrote The final scene is based on an actual event that rabbed me when I first read about it and eventually I knew I had to craft a story around it It never fails to amaze me that people from around it It never fails to amaze me that people from ages are just people like you and I They live and love and learn they rejoice and suffer and fear They believe or reject But they are real and they bring to life the times in which they lived. Ust decide whether or not to accompany her family to the eastern edge of Soviet Russia How long will Daniel be one Would he want her to stay or o Will their new home allow them to escape the clutches of the Soviet system Dilemmas build Opportunities demand decisions Over time and vast distances across the face of Soviet Russia Luise and Daniel struggle to survive separation threats to love and faith the harsh climate and what has become a sinister personal vendetta by Dubrowsky Along the way Daniel wonders why Dubrowsky has chosen to stalk him yet some dark force propels the Senior major on an unwavering course This is a story of love and faith of loss and freedom Will Luise and Daniel be reunited Will their faith survive the test When the Soviet regime follows them to the eastern edge of the country to the village of Shumanovka where they have settled the Letkemann family begin to look across the river to China Perhaps there is freedom on the other side of the river But what will be the cost of freedom On 16 December 1930 the village of Shumanovka packed into horse drawn sleds and crossed the frozen Amur River in search of freedom in China 217 people 60 wagons The temperature plummeted to 50 Fahrenhe. .
Nderstand anything Tante Kindle Location 3725In some ways this was a heavy book because of the people s struggles but some ways this was a heavy book "BECAUSE OF THE PEOPLE S STRUGGLES " of the people s struggles way they dig deeper into faith and find the resources they need to carry on in the face of oppression is an example and an encouragement to readers today in whatever stresses we find ourselvesIt s not oppression is an example and an encouragement to readers today in whatever stresses we find ourselvesIt s not traumatic read These are resilient people and although some break the community bond is strong and supportive Luise her entle father Abram her acidic stepmother Anna Luise s step brother and step sister Tante Manya and Daniel are all real characters with individual struggles weaknesses and strengthsOther Side of the River originally released as a ebook series This review is of the complete series in one volume If you re looking online be sure to et the full novel and not just a piece that leaves you wanting Sadly ca does not yet offer the print version although the US and UK s doJanice L Dick is a Canadian author of Mennonite heritage Her Storm series Calm Before the Storm Eye of the Storm and Out of the Storm also traces the lives of Russian Mennonites I hope we ll see another novel to follow Other Side of the River You can find Janice and about her books at her website janicedickcomReview copy from my personal library The older I et the I appreciate history and while The Other Side of the River is fiction it is based on fact Facts that drew and repulsed me inspired and horrified Because the story behind this story actually happened the struggles of Luise and her beloved Daniel broke my heart even as their faith and love inspired mine Author Janice Dick s descriptions put me right into each scene I felt the cold saw the forests and plains and experienced the fearMy husband s background is Mennonite and we recently learned that some came from Russia making this tale very personal Well written and haunting in its realism The Other Side of the River earns five stars Highly recommended An amazing storyThis story kept me captive to the end My husband s family made a similar escape from the Ukraine in 1929 so I was familiar with their many hardships The author Janice Dick made it all come alive for me with her Cheyenne: A Sweet Historical Romance graphic descriptions You must read this amazing story Life was very difficult for the Mennonites in Soviet Russia during the 1920s The day after Daniel and Luise are married his father is killed and Daniel is arrested and taken to a work camp in Northern Siberia There he is treated brutally and Luise is left wondering whether he is dead or alive When they are finally reunited the Mennonites work out a scheme to escape into China Luise Letkemann and Daniel Martens have been sweethearts for almost as long as they can remember Luise expects they will marry soon But the spring of 1926 is not a time lifeoes along according to expectation for the lovers or anyone else in the Mennonite village of Alexandrovka part of the Slovgorod Colony in Western SiberiaAs the Soviet officials begin to increasingly interfere in the life of the enterprising farmers and cr. On threatens to destroy everything Luise lives for and believes in Meanwhile the people of Alexandrovka and the surrounding region have begun to discuss evacuation The momentum of emigration to the west is slowing health ualifications are stringent and Luise’s stepmother is unwell If the Letkemann family does not pass the emigration standards they must learn how to survive in the midst of change and oppression Daniel Martens thought he would be content with his lovely Luise and a degree of compromise with the state but he soon realizes there is no middle The Battle of Maldon and Other Old English Poems ground with thisovernment Compromise would involve shunning his religion his work ethic and the core beliefs on which he bases his life He still hopes to continue to farm with his father in Alexandrovka with Luise at his side but it will be a challenge in many respects Unfortunately Daniel is as outspoken as his father who has defied the administration of the local administration office by purchasing a new Fordson tractor His actions lead Daniel into a direct confrontation with Soviet official Senior major Leonid Dubrowsky of the secret police the dreaded GPU The encounter results in far reaching conseuences When Luise and Daniel are separated she ,

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