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I found the author s writing uite poor and the story simpler than I was expecting The tales told by the Muladona were as another reviewer mentioned here often interesting than the story itself Towards the end of the book though I found it overall to be improving and thus my rating is 4 and not 3 stars Love it This book is fascinating so well written The individual tales within the main story are superb specially Sand Castle Brilliant Terrifying profound and beautifully written Eric Stener Carlson is a great story teller His erudition is evident from the many interesting references to literature and folklore His humanity is evident on every page Horror novels don t usually move me to tears This one did Highly recommended 25 starsThere are some intriguing ideas in this unusual horror novel set in early 20th century Texas during the first World War and the worldwide outbreak of Spanish flu but the execution is so amateurish the dialogue so laboured and sometimes laughable that it s hard to get beyond the words on the page to see and feel what the author is trying to convey The first half of the book is considerably better than the second and some of the Muladona s early stories are exceptionally well told in an old fashioned "Style That Fits The fits the character the narrative beautifully and is strongly reminiscent of actual horror fiction of the era the book is set in Had Carlson kept to that style while expanding the slightly claustrophobic story outward this might have been a fine book but as characters arrive and the first person narrator is forced to engage in dialogue the whole thing falls apart and the end result is melodramatic and risible rather than horrific in effect The last chapter before the epilogue is one of the most eye rollingly bad things I ve ever read I do have to wonder where the editor was here why didn t anyone rein Carlson in Why didn t they say Hey you had a good thing going before but this is ust a bit much Ma. 1918 The dying days of World War I the Spanish flu devastates the small town of Incarnation Texas The sheriff closes the church and uarantines the dying in the schoolhouse The townsfolk huddle alone in their houses to avoid infection Each new day brings fresh corpsesBut something worse than the flu is coming Verge Strömberg son of the domineering town pastor is a sickly boy wh.

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MuladonaAnd subtlety to truly haunt you I would definitely buy any new book Mr Stener Carlson publishes I ve read this in the hardcover format from Yorkshire s extraordinary independent publishing house Tartarus It s a story that belongs among sturdy well designed covers Intense labyrinthine and frightening story with a real soul to it I ve red it 5 times cause I m working to adapt it as a concept
with my band and each has made me discover new links between all the seven tales and the main story This is great art if you like horror stories with real depth Highly recommanded like a 45 or so I hate star ratings Based in part on an old Catalan legend this novel is set in 1918 as the Spanish Influenza is raging across the United States The action takes place in the very small town of Incarnation Texas where a young boy has been left alone for various reasons and finds himself facing a legend come to life He has seven nights to guess the real name of this horrific creature the muladona if he fails the creature promises to drag him to down to hell For seven nights the muladona visits and tells our young hero stories which contain seeds of information that the boy must somehow fit together to make the right guess As time begin to winds down well let s ust say my stomach was in knots wondering if he d make it Eric Stener Carlson dazzled me with his The St Perpetuus Club of Buenos Aires and now he s won me with this book as well Muladona is original fresh and above all it is a thinking person s horror novel which I genuinely appreciate It s not some slapdash book that s been thrown together au contraire it is very nicely constructed well thought out and intelligently written Don t miss this one mine is the hardcover copy but there is an e "Book Available As Well "available as well highly recommended for readers who enjoy the work of excellent writers and for people who like their horror novels on the cerebral side This is a good one folks re this book here. Eets the monster’s supernatural tales tear his soul apart Verge’s search for the demonic creature’s true identity leads him through the dark history of Incarnation from the murder of the Indians by the Spanish settlers to the disappearance of his mother In the end Verge will have to confront the Muladona alone to rescue the memory of his mother and to save his immortal so. .
Ybe you could tone that ultraviolet prose down to a nice lavender or something Why don t editors do things any Interesting labyrinthine tale that suffer from a clumsy "IMMATURE FIRST PERSON NARRATIVE PERSPECTIVE AND "first person narrative perspective and unsuccessful attempt at dialect The entire novel is a framing story with seven tales that may or may not be real I found the first person perspective the clumsy plotting at times and the dialect distracting Certainly Beelzebub can come up with something clever or profound than Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades It s this sort of thing that distracted me from being enchanted by the complex structure of the overall taleFirst person is always dodgy when you are dealing with someone who you want to come across as average but not exceptional The problem with the narrator writing in retrospect in what attempts to be dialect is also distracting The dialect does not come off as real enough or necessary enough to keep the reader from wondering why it is there at all This probably won t be a problem for as many people as it was for me It always came off as strained to me Like somebody trying to guess at a Texan s dialectWhat dragged at times finally got going about 23 of the way through The embedded tales were sometimes interesting than the novel itself and the mostly seamless intertwining of story within story was the most effective and engaging part of the whole for me So to continue beating a dead horse close but no cigar See my review here 3755 for this one I bought this on the strength of the author s superb debut novel The St Perpetuus Club of Buenos Aires which is an excellent superbly constructed and very gripping read too This story is steeped in traditional lore and dreams it glistens with atmospheric detail and it certainly didn t disappoint It s not visceral horror thank god but a slow suspenseful very unsettling strange tale It s not light entertainment but a work of literary genius a story that has the scope. O lives in a world of books His mother disappeared when he was seven his older brother ran away Now his father leaves him to tend a church in another county That’s when the Muladona begins to visit him Every night the Muladona a doomed soul transformed into the Devil’s mule visits Verge and forces him to listen to a horrific tale Each night as Verge huddles under his bed sh. .

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