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Space Invaders A Game About Boundaries

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Space Invaders A Game About Boundaries has a very wide audience as many families have difficulties with emotional physical and sexual boundaries The goal of the game which is played like MEMORY or Go FISH is to form safe and consistent boundaries in home for all of the family members The game is suitable for use with intact families families with stepchildren and families with foster children It is also helpful in group care facilities Anyone who provides care in the familyhome can play The Game Combinations Of Parents Caregivers game Different combinations parents caregivers children can play with the goal of Veryone understanding the boundaries in The Living Situation For living situation for adults and children The game consists of two identical sets of cards numbered from 1 80 There are cards for all players parents siblings and children The picture on the front of the card shows which person It Is For There Are Cards For is for There are Cards for boundaries such as Hugging Kissing
Sitting TouchingLooking at Private Parts Tickling Sleeping Showering Bathing Cleaning Child Nudity Privacy Hitting Pornography Cards for emotional Limits and boundaries such as Verbal Flooding Role Confusion Limit Setting Emotional Int.
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Rusion Alcohol Drugs Parental Disagreements Rule Breaking Cards on sexual boundaries such as Emotional Physical Internet Video Games Media Cell Phones Specific cards can be selected depending on which of the above issues are most salient for the people playing the game at the time There are specialized instructions in the package for using the game when the concerns are about emotional physical or sexual boundary violations in the home In addition the game is especially are about emotional physical or sexual boundary violations in the home In addition the game is especially when sexual abuse has occurred or when there have been allegations of sexual abuse but it is unclear if it happened. ,