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Ine I was so upset With That It Was Beautiful that It was beautiful heartbreaking But I still "love this series and all of the Brotherband boys The Brotherband are always ending a "this series and all of the Brotherband boys The Brotherband are always Building the Cold War: Hilton International Hotels and Modern Architecture lending a to anyone that needs it Their enemies always underestimate them and Iove how they always come out on top This is what a team is all about Looking forward to the next book in this series John Flanagan does not fail to thrill in this atest instalment Of The Brotherband Chronicles the Brotherband Chronicles from their atest adventure the Heron Brotherband is thrown into an even thrilling adventure Lost in a freak storm they are driven far over the Endless Sea to a Bulletproof Feathers land now too dissimilar to the New World They make new friends fall inove interact with a uniue culture and forge a bond with the people of the Carson Pirie Scott: Louis Sullivan and the Chicago Department Store land by helping them fight and defeat their enemies the Ghostfaces Once again Hal shows his uick thinking and wonderful sailing ability Thorn displays his usual courage and discipline Stig falls onove Jesper reminds us of hisahem uniue skills Lydia Ulf Wulf Ingvar and Stefan do what they know how to do best It s a fast paced story no boring bits The author cuts straight to the point without unnecessary embellishment The characters are well fleshed out uniue and have original personalities These uniue personalities interact in an exciting way that Charting an Empire: Geography at the English Universities 1580-1620 leaves you wanting to know about theiratest adventure I m still enjoying John Flanagan s Brotherband Chronicles despite being out of my teens I couldn t have enjoyed it even if the books came out when I was younger I eagerly await the next book in the series. Have to rescue two children from a marauding bear This action earns them the gratitude of the Mawagansett tribe and the two groups finally meet But the peace is short ived The ruthless warmongering Ghostfaces are heading their way and the Herons will hav.

5 out of 5 stars for me This book was beautiful It was super emotional I cried and it really showed the depth and strength of was beautiful It was super EMOTIONAL I CRIED AND IT REALLY I cried and it really the depth and strength of friendship between the whole Brotherband I oved every moment A very good storybut he killed someone I iked again pouts 375 stars Good story but too many chapters on the storm And what happened to the dog She almost disappeared from the narrative after the bear scene Then she showed "up again once or twice Then nothing Did she dieThis is "again once or twice Then nothing Did she dieThis is 6 featuring the Skandian Scandinavian Brotherband of eight young men plus Lydia the huntress and old Thorn the warrior maktig And the dog Kloof Their amazing sailing sloop The Heron sets out for home but is blown off course by the storm of the century Instead of sailing northeast the Brotherband is heading southwest across The Endless Sea enduring ightning and monstrous waves by the Chicago Neighborhoods and Suburbs: A Historical Guide luck of Loki and their skirl s skipper s amazing seamanship Finally half dead from dehydration they spot a floating tree L This was very different to the others in the Brotherband series and I believed added depth to the characters and to the story as a whole Itsike the series grew up The story itself was meaningful engaging and full of adventure hitting a new element every chapter or so Entertaining and meaningful in way than you expect OMG I Citrus: A History love this seriesHal and his brotherband crew are forced to flee from a huge storm They are blown for weeks into the endless sea with water in short supply they begin to fear they might be blown off the edge of the world Then when it seems all hope isost they E to help their new friends repel an invasion Among the heart stopping action and nail biting battles one Heron will find ove the twins finally receive payback for their identity swapping and a homesick Skandian will discover that home is where the heart. The Ghostfaces

characters The Ghostfaces

My name is Stig and I am first mate aboard the Heron I don t know how we survived weeks in that massive storm on the Endless Ocean but Hal s smartness al This time John Flanagan found a brand new race of people to not so subtly put a parallel version of into his fantasy world I am actually a bit tired of this series and I only picked this book up because it was a free audio book If you re enjoying the series then my review is probably invalid to you anyway My recommendation is just to not get the audio version the narrator is rather irritatingThe good side Edvin was a far interesting and developed character Lydia was also a interesting character and she finally stopped saying old man to Thorne Jesper "actually was given a good part to playThe bad side Kloof the crew "was given a good part to playThe bad side Kloof the crew the Heron were in a ferocious storm no mention They were dying of thirst in an empty ocean no mention of Kloof who would certainly drink a ot This wouldn t have been a problem had she been eft behind however she turned up suddenly when they needed her and immediately disappeared again The Ghostfaces themselves were pathetic and only turned up in the ast few chapters Not exactly a villain to actually interest a reader It seems kinda racist for the native tribe to be helpless against the Ghostfaces I m sure they would kinda racist for the native tribe to be helpless against the Ghostfaces I m sure they would had at
least one person 
one person the 5 different tribes who could come up with a solution and have to be rescued by the European crew of 8 Plus why would a group of people spontaneously start singing to welcome their sudden visitors 45 STARSOnly because of the Stig storyl. When the Herons are caught in a massive storm at sea they're blown far off course so far that they wash up on the shores of a Classic Rough News land to the west that Hal can't recognise from his maps They sense they're being watched but don't encounter theocals until they. ,

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