[E–pub New] (Knight Kyle and the Magic Silver Lance) By Oliver Pötzsch

Racters All teach lessons but really don t move the story forward It makes this a difficult sell for read alouds although I do feel different ages will find the presentation engaging and fun I d put feel many ages will find the presentation engaging and fun I d put one as a fun children s Kindle offering not much than that I do hope there are offerings of books intended for children and students teachers too on the Kindle First service Knight Kyle lives in a castle He is a fun loving night and has several friends that help him when he needs it The father of Knight Kyle had a magic silver lance which has been lost Whoever has this lance will be invincible Knight Kyle is still looking for it will be invincible Knight Kyle is still looking for it he find itThe author s stories start with a short description and illustration of each character in the book As you read the book you will see illustrations This book is enjoyable and perfect for children I found it fun myself while reading his adventures with his friends I received access to this book through the Kindle First program which gives Prime users a chance to look at one soon to be released book free each month and other Kindle users for a low price This was a fun children s chapter book It wasn t particularly deep but it had some fun stories and bright cheerful art I loved it I will be reading it to my grandson on Thanksgiving Day 2016 He is five years oldThe story makes a mind ponder on how great the imagination can be The illustrations are fabulous Thanks for the great read. Ance who is as brave as a dragon Dragobert who really is a dragon Elf Aurin whose harp playing unfortunately puts Kyle to sleep and Prince Nepomuk who protects his friends and his wardrobe at all timesAlmost every day they find themselves in a new amazing adventure.

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Knight Kyle and the Magic Silver LanceKnight Kyle and the Magic Silver Lance is a DECENT STORY I LIKED THE PICTURES IN THE BOOK story I liked the pictures in the book However I think the formatting or editing could have been a little better though because there were some words in each section that were spaced too far out and a few too far in Also there is two of a same paragraph at the end of one section in the story Either "some or all of this may have to do with the "or all of this may have to do with the of the book The indle version of it only lets you read it in a vertical format and not also in horizontal format so I think the verticle formatting of this particular book might offset all of this particular book might offset all pages a little bit My son and I read this together and he really liked it For that reason alone I m giving this 4 stars For me it was of a 3 star story It was a good children s story original storylines interesting characters but a children s story none the less It was a little tough to read because of a lot of run on sentences but my son liked it enough to look forward to reading a chapter every night I won a copy of this book through Goodreads Giveaways This book contains a bunch of short children s stories that are fun and cute for any age This would be a great book to read with your ids one or two stories a night Each story teaches a lesson describing the bad behavior and the conseuences for that behavior Fun and interesting characters characters throughout The boys and I listened to this on audio and it was uite engaging The. Welcome to Knight Kyle’s worldBeyond the great forest and towering Dragon Mountain lies Fairyland a land of elves and trolls dragons and giants magicians and fairies And in one corner Fairyland East lives Knight KyleKyle’s great grandfather once possessed a sil. Y laughed uite a bit and the stories were interesting enough to hold my attention I recieved an ebook copy of this book from the goodreads giveaways uite awhile back I found it on my reader while cleaning up my files Glad I did This is is a childrens chapter book as such I found it delightful Each chapter is a different seemingly disconnected story with a life lesson to be Found Within Each Chapter Friendship Caring For Nature Starting Over within each chapter Friendship caring for nature starting over perseverance are just a few The characters were amusing The adventures they went on were fun with silly moments The illustration were awesome Bright colorful Well Done I Got This done I got this the Orality in Igbo (African) Literature kindle first program like many others I thought the illustration level was excellent for a book on the Kindle One of the first I ve gotten on that platform with any embellishment at all Nice My 9 year old read it in about an hour and gave it the five star rating I haven t yet read it myself I suspect it might be for younger readers but she did really enjoy it I put this on my Kindle as part of the monthly subscription for Prime subscribers I thought it different to have a young chapter book adventure and have been plodding along through it off and on I love the beginning of this and the presentation on the Kindle The illustrations are lively and humorous The introduction to each of the characters was very funny There are numerous stories separate that tie in with this land and cast of cha. Ver lance that according to legend gave its owner invincible power The lance is now missing and Kyle is always looking for it but so are his worst enemies the robber Rasputin and the evil magician BalduinLuckily Kyle has the help of his friends including Lady Const.