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Ris hides out from the Media Circus And Tries To circus and tries to to terms with how she can or can t help others That s really about it While I admired the way the book refused to be dramatic at times I was frustrated Again I didn #t read the first book but it seemed to me that if the first book described a miracle #read the first book but it seemed to me that if the first book described a miracle seemed almost to refute that miracles exist Or perhaps to argue that miracles are not really religious events but mundane and earthly onesI ll be curious to see what other readers think especially those who have read the first book Even though this book wasn t entirely what I expected I did enjoy itRead of my reviews on YA Romantics or follow me on Bloglovin I received a free advance copy of this book to review I hugely admire Ms Detweiler as an author for coming up with and tackling difficult plots That s partly the reason I was such a huge fan of her first book Immaculate about a teenage irl who is a virgin and pregnantTranscendent had another heavy plot it begins with the bombing of Disney World and news reports about terrorists called the Judges killing so many innocent people I can only imagine how hard it must have been to write about children being killed in bombings and it reatly affected me as a reader especially with all of the terrorist attacks happening in the world right now It s a scary real thing and I thought the author captured the weight of this topic well Because our fairy tale ended that day Our castles were covered in blood It s true that Detweiler came up with a strong uniue plot but then it seemed like she didn strong uniue plot but then it seemed like she didn know what to do with it The story follows seventeen year old Iris as she wonders What kind of sick people would bomb Disney World Iris feels uilty because the bombings didn t touch her or her family and she wants to help those who are suffering When her mother tells her a secret about herself her world is turned upside downIris runs away from home and tries to come to terms with this new information that has changed her whole view of herself Unlike Detweiler s first book this one didn t have a driven plot Iris wandered around Brooklyn for most of the book running into people who were deeply affected by the bombings The sentimentalities were nice but after a while I started wondering when the pace would pick up By the end I didn t even know what point the author was trying to makeAfter the prologue about Disney World being bombed nothing much happened for the rest of the book The plot was very much driven by emotion but sadly the emotion wasn t enough to carry the entire story Combine the dull plot with an unnecessary instalove romance and you Back to the Breast: Natural Motherhood and Breastfeeding in America get a mediocre young adult bookIt s too bad this remarkable idea was suandered on an overly angsty main character and a plot that seemed to beoing in circles I would highly recommend Detweiler s powerful exciting first book Immaculate but skip this one. Some kind of saint or savior She’s no longer sure whom she can trust except for Zane a homeless boy who long ago abandoned any kind of hopeWhen no one knows her but everyone wants a piece of her who is Iris Spero now And how can she one teenage irl possibly heal a broken worl. As one of the main contributors to why I disliked Iris so much but it definitely wasn t the only reason This might just be me but I find it really annoying when characters in books act like people that they ve just met are their best friends This was how Iris acted with pretty much every person she met in the first 200 pages At some point I just couldn t handle her every person she met in the first 200 pages At some point I just couldn t handle her a random woman that she met on the street like she was her randmother or treating this uy she kind of knows from school like he on the street like she was her randmother or treating this Black and White Strangers: Race and American Literary Realism guy she kind of knows from school like he her best friend when they run into each other It justot ridiculous The premise of this book was interesting a Boggs: A Comedy of Values girl finds out that she was born to save the world after Disney World is bombed but the execution was a little bizarre It s possible that this would have been explained better had I continued reading but I found the entire bombing of Disney World to be completely implausible Overall I just couldet past the little things that irritated me about this book I received a free eARC in exchange for my honest review I remember reading about Immaculate this author s debut book As soon as I began reading Transcendent I wondered if it might be a seuel to that book which was about a high school student who finds herself pregnant by immaculate conceptionYes it is Transcendent follows Iris that immaculately conceived baby Iris has Blood Runs Green: The Murder That Transfixed Gilded Age Chicago grown up in a seemingly normal Brooklyn family with two parents and a younger brother But after a terrible tragedy strikes Iris is shocked to learn about the strange circumstances surrounding her birthI wish I d read Immaculate first but I certainly felt that Transcendent does aood job of filling the reader in on the events of that book And though I liked Transcendent overall it s a book of subtlety and less plot than I was expecting I went in thinking that this would be a dystopian or post apocalyptic story but it was something uite different The story opens with a bombing in Disney World that kills tens of thousands That s a pretty dramatic event but I soon realized that the book wasn t really Berlioz and the Romantic Century going to be about that Those events are described only briefly and are of an inciting event the reason Irisets outed as the Miracle BabyAfter that there s a media frenzy and Iris #And Her Family Are Besieged #her family are besieged people who have all kinds of expectations of her They think she might be a holy figure the sign of some sort of Second Coming I did like the way the book dealt with the whole pressure of expectations thing which is something all of us can relate to even a if we aren t religious and b don t have the expectations of the entire world on usI think the thing that surprised me most about the book was that for a story about a national tragedy and a possible religious second coming the plot and tone of the book was measured Even summarizing the plot isn t a spoiler because there are no dramatic events or shocking twists Secret about Iris’s birth throwing her entire identity into uestionSuddenly the press is confronting Iris with the wild notion that she might be the miracle the world now so desperately needs Families all across the rieving nation are pinning their hopes on her as if she is. TranscendentI want to preface this review with two things First I received this book in exchange for a fair review through Penguin s First To Read program Second I did not finish this book I couldn tit just wasn t very ood But it s my policy to read than half of a book before I review it so take that for what it s worth To be perfectly blunt I didn t like this book In the most damning of faint praise I thought the premise had promise but the execution fell very very short Some premise had promise but the execution fell very very short Some call out the marketing blurb for "Being Misleading And To Be Fair It Is It Positions "misleading and to be fair it is It positions #book as magical realism and outside of some virgin birth stuff it has #as magical realism and outside of some virgin birth stuff it has in the way of either But the blurb has to pull the wool over readers eyes if you told me Transcendent would be a long meandering narrative about a Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F): Canadian Art: Volume I (A-F) girl born of a virgin there s no way I d pick it up It s just not interesting And that s the problem here at its core this book just isn t interestingThere s a litany of issues permeating this book in everything from plot conceptualization to characterization There are so many in my opinion that they re not actually worthetting into here What I would like to call out is the editorial work which totally fails both the writer and the novel The pacing issues the shallow character development the deus ex machina that starts the story killing 10000 people in DisneyWorld HOW DO YOU EVEN SMUGGLE THAT MUCH EXPLOSIVE MATTER INTO THE PARK The fact that this bothered me in a story about VIRGIN BIRTH should say worlds about executionthose are all issues that should have been caught and addressed during the editing process So while the author is at fault for some of these things she was failed by her editorial team So I don t think the blame for every misstep in this book should fall suarely on the author s shoulders here Were I Penguin I d be making some changes to the team responsible for TranscendentI will say this not every YA novel needs to be John Green nor do they need to be dystopian coming of age novels I appreciate this book s willingness to move in a different direction But unfortunately it just doesn t work This book wants to be a thoughtful exploration of what faith belief and hope mean in a world punctuated by tragedy and fear What it turns out to be is a largely directionless 200 pages too long slog I tried so hard to read this but I just can t keep Building the Cold War: Hilton International Hotels and Modern Architecture going I had so many issues with this book that I m not sure I can summarize them all The first and hardest toet around is the writing style The writing was so heavy handed and overdone it was hard to et through one page without rolling my eyes and the dialogue was even ridiculous As a person very close in age to the main character of this book I feel comfortable saying that no teenager talks like Iris does I have never met a single teenager that talks in such stilted and ridiculous sentences The dialogue What would you do if the world was crumbling to piecesand everyone believed you were the only person who could put it back togetherTerrorists have just bombed Disney World A thousand miles away a stranger shows up on Iris Spero’s stoop in Brooklyn He brings with him a shocking.

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