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Every bit as noir as Hammett or Chandler Every bit as existential as Camus The Treasure of Sierra Madre is a great book often overlooked today but still has a bit of a cult following It s a must read for lovers of crime novels of both the mystery detective version and westerns I m very fond of the movie it inspired so expected to enjoy this book I did not In my opinion the book is actually inferior to the film version The writing is very uneven some of it is downright atrocious I m not saying the book is without merit but I approached it with expectations that were too high The story as it unfolds here is much darker than it was in the movie The backdrop is Mexico whose native population has been exploited for hundreds of years by the Catholic church only to fall now in the 1920 s under the sway of foreign oil companies who exploit the environment and the locals with eual abandon Life is cheap greed is rampant The three men who form an uneasy alliance in order to make their fortunes in the Sierra Madre never let down their guard long enough to establish anything approaching real friendship They have long become accustomed to believing that every man s gain comes at the expense of another s loss Of the three only the #Old Man Has Any #man has any He is as eager to make his fortune as the others but he also insists that the only real business of a man is to live and be happy He respects the native peoples and the land He shocks his partners by insisting that before making off with their treasure they must restore the mountain to the way it was when they found it They grudgingly agree and the time they spend at this task marks the closest they come to experiencing the oys of comradeship This is a terribly depressing story It s a bleak look at how industrialization and materialism have eroded the natural world as well as the hearts of men The author of this book B Traven is a mystery man but his novels. Die beiden Amerikaner Fred C Dobbs und Bob Curtin sind mittellos an der mexikanischen Ostküste gestrandet Mit ihre. .
Are some of the best moral adventure tales that I have ever read Treasure of the Sierra Madre is his best known novel probably due to the film version directed by John Huston and starring Humphrey Bogart In it three Americans down on their luck version directed by John Huston and starring Humphrey Bogart In it three Americans down on their luck for gold in the mexican sierra madre #for gold in the Mexican Sierra Madre genuinely exciting adventure tale it is also a psychological novel that takes us through the disintegration of one of the three Dobbs as the gold they find corrupts his soul The results provide for suspense and Traven s fine delineation of character makes the story both believable and interesting Traven also explores the contrast of cultures with the white man s culture operating on the principle of greed while the Indians adhere to a myterious principle which they call happiness The difference between cultures is epitomized by the difficulty that Howard the oldest member of the trio has in explaining that for white men business is happiness The men in the novel are particular individuals but they are recognizable as universal types The tone of the novel is serious but not without humor with an ironic style Traven develops a well rounded plot The novel presents a powerful fable that is reminiscent of Chaucer s Pardoner s Tale in its lesson of Radix malorum est Cupiditas greed is the root of all evil But most of all it is a story of outsiders anarchic in its spirit exciting in the adventure in spite of the tragic vision it portrays I enjoyed both reading the novel and viewing the film adaptation I highly recommend them The movie has been one of favorites for many years but I never read the book Until now that is I have to say that it s a very readable book Traven excels at conveying what life would have been like in Mexico back in the Twenties He s very strong at atmosphere and the section of the novel when the men are working the gold mine is excellent The book held my interest and kept me turning the pages How. N letzten Peseten kaufen sie sich eine Goldgräberausrüstung und machen sich mit dem alten Howard auf in die Sierr. Der Schatz der Sierra MadreEver it does have it s faults Much of the dialogue and there is a significant amount of dialogue is contrived Perhaps clunky would be the better descriptor However if the mysterious Mr Traven was actually a German then English would not have been his first language No matter how

Skilled The Translator Converting One 
the translator converting one to another always results in some artificiality and The Treasure of the Sierra Madre is #Not Exempt From This Phenomenon Another Issue With The Novel #exempt from this phenomenon Another issue with the novel Traven s anti clerical and anti capitalist attitudes tend to crash in at times Not that I necessarily disagree but I don t need to be hit in the face with a board and there are times it is laid on pretty heavy However despite those two main uibbles and a couple minor ones that I m not going to go #INTO AT THIS TIME THE OVERALL BOOK IS VERY #at this time the overall book is very It s an engrossing read and worth the time to dig into it Brilliant radical underrated economically written in every sense of the word I m a big fan of the movie and I enjoyed the book even which is something I m not necessarily always prone to do Powerfully captures the madness and paranoia inherent in the lust for riches particularly when this takes place amid some hardscrabble vagabonds who don t really have much of a choice in the matter And the still mysterious origins of the author exiled German anarchist Mexican scribbler Moonlighting union man only adds another fun layer of enigma evidently he s the inspiration for Archimboldi in Bolano s 2666 to what is a very accessible readable finely honed tale of bad men in hard times under a pitiless climate Anyone who is willing to work and is serious about it will certainly find a Carnivore job Only you must not go to the man who tells you this for he has noob to offer and doesn t know anyone who knows of a vacancy This is exactly the reason why he gives you such generous advice out of brotherly love and to demonstrate how little he knows the world. A Madre um dort Glück und Gold zu finden ›Der Schatz der Sierra Madre‹ wurde 1947 mit Humphrey Bogart verfilmt.