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I have loved reading books since I was a little girl In my early twenties I read A Woman of Substance by Barbara Taylor Bradford and that s what set off my addiction to stories about women who are strong English mansions wealth success and overcoming tragedy Most likely that is why Lucinda Riley s books seem to feed my addiction In audible format the narration was well done though #I had to increase the play speed to 125 as the narrator spoke a wee bit too slow for my #had to increase the play speed to 125 as the narrator spoke a wee bit too slow for my tasteAs for the story Greta definitely paid the conseuences of her lies For a while her character irritated me by her selfish ways of raising CheskaCheska I don t write spoiler reviews so all I will say is that she is some piece of work I felt sorry for her because of her mother s suffocating way of rearing herDavid What a guy Wait a saint LJ My kind of woman Strong Smart GenerousI enjoyed listening to this story from start to It s set in England there s a mansion strong and clever women great guy wealth and enduring hardships and tragedies How on earth has this book got a 4 rating Absolute drivel It s written like a story kids write in school for English Language Greta decided to go for a lovely walk in the woods in the crisp winter snow When she got back she lit the fire and made herself a cup of tea Blah blah blah I only continued to read it because I hate not finishing a book Definitely not one I d recommend Like a late night soap operaor the worst spanish telenovelaGreed Jealousy Spite Evil deranged females Men who are bastards men who are too good to be true And the plot So shallow so empty Unemotional dialogue Very disappointed I simply DON T WANT to read any other books by the authorKate Morton is invincible 2 stars barely I generally enjoy Lucinda Riley s books and this one was no exception It is a re write of an earlier book she had written under the name of Lucinda Edmonds In her author s note she explains she intended to ust freshen it up a bit but ended up changing the story drastically adding whole chapters changing the fate of a character etc She did a great ob at creating what I would call a computing psychotic Luckily the story has a decent resolution for most characters There are a couple of casualties along the way but that is to be expectedMy heart goes out to LJ Even thoug. Thirty years have passed since Greta left Marchmont Hall a grand and beautiful house nestled in the hills of rural Monmouthshire But when she returns to the Hall for Christmas at the invitation of her old friend David Marchmont she has no recollection of her past association with it the result

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The Angel TreeLips forwards and backwards in time mainly following the fortunes of Greta and her daughter Cheska The peripheral characters who flit into and out of the story are strong and
and add a real sense continuity The story is long coming it at over 600 pages but as #always the story draws you in from the #the story draws you in from the The characters become as familiar as friends some you learn to like whilst others become deeply unlikable but as always the strength of the story lies with the telling The fine attention to detail the authenticity of the setting and the gloriously good story telling all combine to make this into another commendable novel from this talented authorI hadn t read the book when it was first published so was I was perfectly happy to read The Angel Tree with no preconceptions of what had gone before I m sure however that those readers who read the novel when it was entitled Not uite An Angel will find much to enjoy in this reissued version When I was thinking about reading this book while I wasn t during the day I didn t really feel excitement ust thinking about going back to the storyBut every time I was reading it I completely enjoyed it and was really into the storySo much happenes in this book and there are so many characters in some way all related to each otherJust too many to explain what happens But while it feels way all related to each otherJust too many to explain what happens But while it feels predictable it never doesThe story is set in the eighties in England but with the story going back te the late fourties and fiftiesI ILLERAMMA Kathalu just flew through this story and really enjoyed it I wasn t expecting to enjoy this book as much as I did it was uite a nice surprise The story had so many different layers and it was like unwrapping presents as I was reading I was really invested in these characters by the end I cared about them and what happened to them My only minor complaint is that it was a bit long and would have been much easier to read if it wasust trimmed down a bit Multi generational dual timeline family saga which started out full of promise but after nearly 700 pages left me thinking what was the point of all that Lucinda Riley can be hit and miss with me I ve read seven and have rated them anywhere from DNF to 5 stars I ll always read her books as you never know when the next 5 star er will turn up disappointing this time though. 's mind and soon ignites a uest to rediscover her lost memories With David's help she begins to piece together the fragments of not only her own story but that of her daughter Cheska who was the tragic victim of circumstances beyond her control And most definitely not the angel she appeared to H she s a fictional character I really felt for her and #all she went I ve even kept thinking about her after #she went through I ve even kept thinking about her after the bookIt was particularly fun to read this book now as I happen to be in London and am busily touring through places mentioned in the story I look forward to my next Lucinda Riley book I think I have a couple of her standalone books I haven t read yet not to mention diving into her Seven Sisters series 2 starsThis was my second book by Lucinda Riley but unfortunately my feelings during reading were similar to when I read The Orchid House I love books set in two or timelines and family mysteries but this story ust didn t work for meThe beginning was good and engaging but soon I began to feel very underwhelmed The story was predictable to me and I found it hard to connect to the characters but instead found them annoying Having read other books with similar formula I feel like this one lacked depth I m still willing to give Lucinda Riley s books a chance and I hope that the Seven Sisters series will appeal to me For bookish goodies check out my Tumblr Instagram and Twitter Such a compelling storyline I couldn t put it down at times Even though we as the reader knew a few things ahead of time there were a bunch of twists that surprised me This is an interesting book to review because some readers may have already read this when it was first published in 1995 under the authors previous pen name of Lucinda Edmonds Since it would appear that the time is right for a reissue the story has been redone keeping some elements of the original but with some sections reworked thus breathing new life into a story which is as fresh and characterful now as it was in its original formatThe story begins as Greta returns to Marchmont Hall in Monmouthshire Wales after an absence of thirty years Greta s memory of her life at Marchmont was irretrievably damaged when she was involved in a dreadful accident which altered her memory thus making her recollection of her previous life hazy and filled with shadowsMuch has happened to Greta during this time her life and that of her family has been very eventful not without tragedy and always with an element of misfortune What then follows is a cleverly and intricately constructed family saga which spans several years and which F a tragic accident that has blanked out than two decades of her life Then during a walk through the wintry landscape she stumbles across a grave in the woods and the weathered inscription on the headstone tells her that a little boy is buried here The poignant discovery strikes a chord in Greta.