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Ollows the hero as he tries to determine the TRUTHTHE STORY IS WELL WRITTEN AND MOVES AT A story is well written and moves at a pace I wanted to keep reading to find out what the big secret held from the hero is and I wasn t disappointed with the ending Although I found some of the details slightly nrealistic this is an interesting variant on the sual stories within the post apocalyptic genre and I would recommend it for that reason Ok this book took a sudden and horrific shift in direction Many post apocalyptic sci fi novels I ve read from this era have ended with a message Ountry on earth a man and woman are running for their man and woman are running for their Their enemy the government of the United Stat. .
The Sun Grows Cold

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F hope so I wasn t Prepared For How Bleak The for how bleak the was Is ignorance truly bliss Is an nsatisfying fantasy better than the horror of what s left of the world I m surprised it s never been adapted for film Guy wakes p from an amnesia treatment and tries to find out who he is in a post apocalyptic world I bought the paperback at Goodwill and struggled to get all the way through it but was relieved when I finally finished so I could go on to something enjoyable It s just good enough to keep you reading but not good enough #To Enjoy Not Recommended. Es Which #enjoy Not recommended. Es which become a monstruously powerful agency for the control of every human body and every human mi. 1ST PANTHER EDITION This story is SET IN THE UNITED STATES IN in the United States in near future following a major national disaster The tale begins with few details known to the reader as we follow a patient in a psychiatric hospital and to a lesser extent the medical staff The patient makes
an nusually ick 
unusually ick from the mysterious treatment to which he is exposed and becomes and obsessed with finding out what exactly is going on I won t give any details as it may spoil the various revelations throughout the book but I can say that the majority of the book The time The near future The place America Across the devastated landscape of what once was the richest ,

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