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ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review Tessa Bailey once again proves to her readers that she can delive 2 too hard for me to handle stars ARC provided per publisher via NetGalleyAny time I can snatch up a Tessa Bailey book I am always ready to one click I was pretty fired up at getting the start of a new series by her as she always delivers the heat Perhaps it was me but I admittedly struggled a bit with this bookThis is a story of finding one s self It is a ourney of a family of 4 siblings with the focus on Rita Clarkson I found the Clarkson s to be uite intriguing albeit somewhat hard to get to know The whole clan of two sisters and two brothers were very odd and vague in description I know there are some deep layers within each of them but their characters came of superficial All four have uniue lives and paths and they are not close as they should be At the passing of their somewhat famous chef they live their lives not inclusive to one another After Rita has her mother s 5 star restaurant in flames a new path must be taken Here comes the family road trip to fulfill a dead mother s wish for them to ump into the icy Atlantic OceanI was completely prepared for a dramatic but fun filled trip across the country to NYC with the Clarkson s and maybe some of that signature Tessa Bailey sex along the way But the very start of the trip the hot mess of a break down set up the precedence for trouble Broken down on the side of the road and BOOMenter a strange but sweet southwestern Jasper and his MC ridin good Samaritan ways Tossing Rita onto the back of his bike and into the small town of Hurley were the story would beginI knew insta lust and attraction would be forefront as that is what I have come to expect with Bailey but honestly Rita and Jasper were a bit odd to me Rita was unaware of who or what she wanted to be and in the heat of wanting to ust forget she wanted to lose herself in Jasper Too bad for her Jasper was on a mission to be something himself His life of the party past and liuor induced sex roles left him with a poor reputation He wants than a good lay describing him Together they bring the sexy into the story with heated talk and foreplay The problem though is the whole dynamic and sense of MORE and urgency that occurs in Baghdad: City of Peace, City of Blood just 72 hoursI really struggled with Jasper and Rita s connection and maybe that is stemming from the fact that I really didn t get their characters either Everything about themust seemed to scratch the surface I cannot even say I have a clear description of Rita and Jasper in my mind Other than their moments of intimacy or like orgasm mania there was very little reason for them to be I suppose you could look at it like Jasper was starting over with his new restaurant and it was a good thing that a chef broke down near his town She needed to get back into the kitchen and he needed than Imagine That! just sex so this was a win win However I still felt like Rita was passing thrushe was a hard nut to crack As for the sibling involvement there is so much to them that is missing and would have made it all realI wish I could really explain it better but in the end I willust chalk it up to me not connecting with any character and not really feeling the story The writing is good as Bailey is solid but I wanted to fall in hard love with this as I did with her previous books Many will fall hard for the uirky Clarkson s but at the end of the day Rita Clarkson and her love Jasperwell they still remain uite obscure to me 4 Hot Stars After their mother an acclaimed Michelin star chef dies the four Clarkson siblings that despite loving each other are not that close decide to fulfil their mother last wish and go on a road trip together This first book in this series following the siblings love life starts with the story of Rita the only daughter who followed her mother steps and is now a chef as well expect that she is one on the verge of a breakdown When their car breaks in a town in the middle of nowhere New Mexico she meets Jasper that for some reason feels instantly drawn to her feeling that se reciprocates Bearing a common passion for food things uickly heat up between them They know their time is short after all Rita is Elena's Conquest just waiting for their car to be fixed They know they are both playing with fire and when you do it you re bound to be burned If you don t know it by now Tessa Bailey is an auto buy author for me If I like the plot I never hesitate before buying one of her books because I know I will not regret This one wasust another prove of that I know that some people will have some trouble connecting with Rita the heroine definitely not with Jasper because he s swoon worthy but b 45 starsBoth Rita and Jasper were amazing characters I really enjoyed reading about their cute romance Usually I can t figure out how you can love someone so uickly but this book shows me it s possible Finding the right path to happinessIt s Mother s Day here in Australia and I managed to sueeze in a little reading in before hubby s alarm went off to get the boys up to come in for the celebrations For a romantic Mum like me it was the perfect start to the day finishing off Too Hot To Handle This little gem is WHY I am a romance reader Some might complain that it was insta love and crazy for a couple to feel so deeply after three days of knowing each other I say it was magic and sweet and I believe that gut instinct can set you on a path that can bring you to happiness See to me it s a path and a pathway can go on and on and on So the insta love might be really insta lust but who s to say that it can t one day be love Shouldn t we all take a gamble if it feels right doesn t put you in danger and you have loved ones who will back you care for you and save you if things go wrong Too Hot To Handle is the start of a pathway for Rita and Jasper and geez it looks promising to be a yellow brick road to happinessRita s life has caught fire and is crumbling before her eyes On national TV the cooking show she was on sees her bow out of the competition when her perfect souffl sags into ruin What happens straight after is the start of her world falling to pieces Rita returns home and goes straight back to work at Wayfareuntil it burns down Wayfare is a famous restaurant that was started by Rita s Mum Miriam Miriam had her own TV show back in the day and started the restaurant after the show finished Rita was supposed to be Miriam s prot g and when Miriam passed Rita tried to live Up To Her Mother S Expectations Rita Finds An Old to her mother s expectations Rita finds an old written by her mother Inside are instructions for her kids to come together and travel to New York for New Year s Day and Sister of My Heart jump into the icy water of the Atlantic It s a crazy idea to get all four of the Clarkson s together and not have them kill each other They don t really hate each other theyust struggle to communicate They decide to attempt it but within two days of the car trip their vehicle breaks downin the desertin the middle of nowhereJasper is on the way to Grandma s house when he comes across 4 cranky bears Not really He was on the way to his Grandmother s house for lunch when he sees a vehicle off to the side of the road and four people all standing around looking very unhappy He doesn t know why but one of them makes his stomach flutter and his heart rate uicken Once he determines they re not lunatics escaped from the asylum he takes the and his heart rate uicken Once he determines they re not lunatics escaped from the asylum he takes the who makes his heartbeat uicken back to town to get the mechanic With a little sweet talking he manages to find out her name is Rita and why she and her two brothers and one sister were there The he gets to know Rita the he likes her Jasper knows they are only stopping through until the car gets fixed but for some reason he thinks he needs a little time with Ritaso he makes it happenJasper has. When rescue looks like a whole lot of trouble The road trip was definitely a bad idea Having already flambéed her culinary career beyond recognition Rita Clarkson is now stranded in God Knows Where New Mexico with a busted ass car and her

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Too Hot to HandleMmend King Alfred's Version of St. Augustine's Soliloquies just about any of Tessa Bailey s books if you re a fan of steaaaamy romance novels Every time I read one there is a new story new characters new steamy scenes This novel is perfect if you like road trips charming men and a strong sense of family in a romance novel And steamy romance of courseRating35 stars rounded up to 4 stars Like I ve said not my favorite Tessa Bailey book but that doesn t mean it was bad or anything I wasn t disappointed I can t wait to read Too Wild to Tame let s see what Aaron s story is all about Too Hot to Handle gave us the perfect introduction to the talented Tessa Bailey new series Romancing the ClarksonsWith this first installment we get a insight into the life of this problematic family the Clarksons and we see that they have a long road ahead of them in order to find peace and who knows maybe some love and passion to spice things up And who better to start with than the super controlled super strict Rita the oldest of the Clarkson girlsAfter a chain of bad events Rita decides to take the task left by her deceased mother the main reason for thei Currently on sale Part Embarrassing YouTube video 1 Part Broke down car3 Parts Estranged siblingsThe perfect recipe for disaster also known as Rita s life After burning down the restaurant her late mother worked so hard to achieve Rita needs a break So when she finds her mother s last wishes written in aournal she knows now is the perfect time to fulfill them Even if it means a road trip with her brothers and sisters who can t seem to get along when all together Then her life gets even complicated when they break down in the middle of nowhere and the siblings are left stranded Enter Jasper Rita s rescuer who offers to take her on the back of his motorcycle to find a mechanic But he finds her fascinating and he doesn t want to let her go and never see her again so he only has a few days to convince her he isn t Rescuing Gus just the towns bad boy I really enjoyed this one and the plot was very intriguing for me I loved that on top of getting the main characters stories we also got to know the other Clarkson siblings They didn t take over the story in any way but they added that extra intrigue and kept it all interesting I already know I will definitely be reading of this series soon so I can learn about the other siblings Rita and Jasper were amazing characters with their crazy sexual tension I liked them together and their romance was sweet The story is in the insta love variety but honestly I didn t even realize until I stopped to think of the timeline The connection between Rita and Jasper wasust so believable and captivating that it didn t bother me that it took place in a small amount of time Overall a definite recommend from me I can t wait to catch up with these siblings again and getting of this authors work Copy kindly provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review 35 Buried Treasure StarsThe last year of Rita Clarkson s life has been a rough one On top of her mother s death there was the infamous knifing incident brought on by a fallen souffl and witnessed by millions via both television and YouTube Then the fire that burned her aforementioned mother s restaurant to the ground the same night Rita took over head chef duty Top that with a strained to non existent relationship with her three siblings and you have the recipe for a craptacular yearSo what do you do when life hands you a shit situation If yo 25 Stars This is what s going to pass for conversation tonight Small talk will be my tongue flicking against your clit until you cry out my name like a swear word My headboard slapping the wall is going to be our heart to heart And that gorgeous body riding my dick is going to be our nighttime prayers You with me Rita Ladies guard your ovaries because the ueen of Dirty Talk is back at it with her brand new series featuring the four Clarkson siblings and their Class of 92: Out of Our League journey to a HEAThe Clarkson siblings have been almost estranged for many years They love each other but their camaraderie has been strained at the very least When Rita reads her mother sournal upon her passing and finds out that her last wish was for all four
Siblings To Travel To NY 
to travel to NY Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story jump into the ocean as she did many years ago with the Coney Island Polar Bear Club she s not exactly sold on the idea Then a fire burns down her mother s award winning restaurant and with insurmountable guilt over it causes her to re evaluate it And while her siblings begrudgingly agree to accompany her the road trip is not smooth sailing Having their suburban break down in the middle of New Mexico is certainly not something they need to help their bickering even A random good samaritan pulling over his motorcycle to help them wasn t in their plan either And neither was the instantaneous connection between him and Rita What is this about for you What do you want from meEVERYTHING This acuintance with Rita was no longer some test of his worth It was something bigger He could feel it Time I need time with you Rita Jasper Ellis used to be the town s bad boy But he s looking for from his life now than simply the owner of the local watering hole and bad boy rep It takesust a glance at the brown eyed beauty on the side of the road for him to know he wants than How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead just a good time with her But Rita is only passing through so it s up to him to convince her that their connection deserves thanust a few hours spent between the sheetsIf you re looking for Tessa s signature dirty talk you ll certainly find that herein spades Welcome to show and tell You re going to slide those sexy legs apart and show me where I ll have the privilege of putting this hungry cock And I ll tell you tons read them wider Jasper delivers on that promise and What I unfortunately found lacking here for me was a connection with the characters As much as I wanted to love the two of them together their instant connection ust didn t work for me There was definitely plenty of sexual tension and push and pull between them but I wanted I ust didn t buy it I suppose For some reason they ust fell flat for me Perhaps it was because the entirety of their relationship in the book spans only three days and I m ust too cynical of a reader for that Perhaps because at times it wasn t only their relationship that fell flat for me but the characters themselves as well I ust didn t connect with them or their romance The sex was hot as always but I wanted emotion I also found myself thinking that some of the dirty talk was a bit too much at times as well Personally it does nothing for me when I read the hero referring to the heroine s clit as sweetheart and having an actual conversation with her But then again since I didn t have much of a connection with the story I did nitpick uite a bitThe pacing of the story was slow yet never boring but ultimately my lack of connecting did force me to skim certain parts Don t get me wrong it was still entertaining but I supposed I simply wanted from itI did love the relationship between all the siblings was still entertaining but I supposed I simply wanted from itI did love the relationship between all the siblings getting a deeper peek at that with this story It was enough to hook me to want to read the next three booksIf you re a fan of this author I definitely recommend the book No reader is the same and this may ust be a winner for you As much as I wish I could rate this a bit higher it Fallen Angel: The Passion of Fausto Coppi just didn t hit me as much as I wished it would This is one of those times where I really wish that GR had half stars because while it wasn t uite a 3 stars it wasn t exactly a 2 either To be fair I ll rate it a 3 here because ultimately I did still enjoy it for what it was Perhaps it was my mood and coming off another book that blew me away and so my expectations were higher than normal Read it andudge for yourself ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on. This town and he loathes it The moment he sees Rita though Jasper knows he's about to be sorely tempted There's something real between them Something raw And Jasper has only a few days to show Rita that he isn't ust for tonight he's foreve. .
Lived in Hurley all his life and has a reputation Unfortunately he s grown out of that reputation but the women of his town think he should go back to his old ways to service their needs Even after two years of celibacy and limited drinking the people in town still seems to have a very low opinion of him When he meets Rita he thinks she is his chance to have a life again and starts his campaign to woo her into staying Rita has a plansort of She wants to get to New York and start again by going back to college and doing something besides cooking With those plans in place she couldn t entertain the idea of staying in Hurley for a guy she has known for a couple of days She is really attracted to Jasper and is shocked that he seems to want her too Rita hasn t had a lot of experience while Jasper has had plenty The two of them together brush against each other set off sparks repel then get drawn back again and again Once the magnetic connection fixes into placeIT IS HOTOh my lordy Tessa Bailey writes HOT I mean its past reading in a room full of people and blushing hot it s like excuse me while I step out of the room to deal with this scene HOT I m blushing my heart is pounding and I m IMAGINING THESE SCENES PLAYING OUT There were at least two scenes that had me pushing my kindle to the side to take a deep breath walk it off ump into a cold shower AND have a stiff drink Too Hot To Handle was a very enjoyable read The storyline was captivating the heat between Rita and Jasper Alien Alpha jumped off the pages and the family dynamics were believable I recommend this to romance readers who don t mind a little insta and enjoy a steamy read Too Hot To Handle is not an epic read but it is essential to this readers happiness I got my fill of fairytale romance with love shot straight through the heart and a dirty talking hero who knows what his woman wants and deliversboy does he deliverTo purchase Too Hot To Handle from m an Aussie chick who loves to read and review romance drink coffee be a Style Setter and stalk David Gandy To see of my reviews fashion food and pervathons Somewhere between three stars and four stars but enough for me to round up Not my favorite Bailey book but still goodReview posted on The Eater of Books blogToo Hot to Handle by Tessa BaileyBook One of the Romancing the Clarksons seriesPublisher Forever Publication Date May 17 2016Rating 4 starsSource eARC from NetGalleyWarning this is an adult book and for the eyes of mature readersSummary from GoodreadsWhen rescue looks like a whole lot of trouble The road trip was definitely a bad idea Having already flamb ed her culinary career beyond recognition Rita Clarkson is now stranded in God Knows Where New Mexico with a busted ass car and her three temperamental siblings who she hasn t seen in years When rescue shows up six feet plus of hot charming sex on a motorcycle Rita s pretty certain she s gone from the frying pan right into the fire Jasper Ellis has a bad boy reputation in this town and he loathes it The moment he sees Rita though Jasper knows he s about to be sorely tempted There s something real between them Something raw And Jasper has only a few days to show Rita that he isn tust for tonight he s foreverWhat I LikedI count Tessa Bailey among my favorite contemporary romance authors I ve read so many of her books say eleven including this one and I don t think I ve rated any of the books less than three stars She writes so uickly And all of her books are steamy and swoony While this new book is probably not a new favorite Bailey book it was definitely satisfying and enjoyable and I can t wait to continue the seriesRita Clarkson s restaurant ust burned down and Rita has ust about had it It was her mother s restaurant and her mother recently died leaving behind a dying wish of her four children doing a Polar Bear Plunge in New York on New Year s Day The Clarkson clan were never close but somehow Rita convinces them to go on a road trip from San Diego to New York over the course of the month starting December 1st Rita could use the break from the stress of well everything But car trouble stalls the gang in Hurley New Mexico where one wickedly charming man helps them with their car and sweeps Rita off her feet But Rita is on a road trip and falling for someone wasn t part of the plan Jasper doesn t want her to leave he needs a fresh start ust as much as she doesThis book is longer than most of Bailey S Books Yet s books yet takes place over several days Jasper and Rita meet fairly uickly into the book I like that the first two chapters are somewhat short yet we learn so much about the Clarkson family Belmont is uiet and stern Rita is stressed about her future in cooking and she is somewhat of the matriarch of the group Aaron is a cold arrogant erk but there is something lovable about him Finally Peggy is a professional shopper who has had a lot of engagements and left a lot of broken heartsRita is so complex and we see this uickly Her mother a cooking genius placed a lot of expectations on Rita Rita wasn t born with her mother s talent but Rita is an extremely good cook Yet she doesn t like the pressure she s felt when cooking So the road trip was a good idea for herJasper is sweet and charming yet a little wicked and arrogant He has sworn off women and hasn t had sex in nearly two years after An Incident He used to be a ladies man and he has the lasting reputation to prove it But Jasper is so much than that and he wants to prove to everyone that he is so much He is intelligent and kind and chivalrous and driven He has a bar and he s opening an eatery Jasper is may be feeling lost but he has a lot going for himJasper and Rita s relationship evolves rapidly Both of them do not open up easily especially Rita One will assume one thing the other will assume another thing and both will end up apologizing I like that they both realize their mistakes as the story goes on versus Jasper constantly being the only one apologizing or vice versaThe romance was very steamy In classic Bailey fashion there were tons of hot encounters between Jasper and Rita I like that despite writing so many romance novels all of Bailey s steamy scenes are pretty different But always fieryI also really like how this book is not ust focused on Jasper and Rita s relationship but also the relationship between the Clarkson siblings Each sibling is so uniue and complicated and dealing with their own mess and misery I can t say I have a favorite Clarkson because I genuinely like them all And I like seeing how their relationships with each other and overall change and grow and improve as the story goes onThe ending is PERFECT I was hoping it would go this way and not the other well it was perfect LoveAnyway overall I really enjoyed this book There are a lot of things to love and a lot of growthdevelopmentemotion that add depth to the story It s not ust a steamy romance novel it s a story of personal growth in both Rita and Jasper and familial growthWhat just a steamy romance novel it s a story of personal growth in both Rita and Jasper and familial growthWhat Did Not LikeI think this has to do with me personally than the book but maybe not who knows I didn t like how fast the romance occurred how fast the feelings developed Lust okay But feelingslove I suppose it s possible but it ust felt very fast to me Why I say this has to do with me personally I ust read a book that pretty much took place over two days in which the hero and heroine meet and fall in love in those two days Chasing Lady Amelia by Maya Rodale in case anyone was interested Great book but the romance felt fast NOT undeveloped but fast If that makes sense That is probably my only complaint though it weighs heavily against the story I like how drawn out the romancesteamy side of things was but realistically the emotional side to this story occurred extremely uicklyWould I Recommend ItI mean I d probably reco. Hree temperamental siblings who she hasn't seen in years When rescue shows up six feet plus of hot charming sex on a motorcycle Rita's pretty certain she's gone from the frying pan right into the fire Jasper Ellis has a bad boy reputation in. ,