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One Man's Justice p45 stars it took me a little while to get back into Coulumb but Four Roads Cross ostensibly book 5 of the series a direct seuel to book 1 had everything I ve come to love about Max Gladstone s writing Twistylot Check Smart and relatably flawed characters Check Creative and notably weird magical systems and creatures Oh yeahTara Abernathy the up and coming necromantic lawyer of Three Parts Dead is back Turns out that resurrecting a god isn t enough to fix all her A Little Hotel On The Side problems there s the issue of the other god who s also back and seems to think Tara is herriestess and the snarled Heute Ziehst Du Aus: Roman problem of divine credit scoresost resurrectionand her own school loans that might reuire several months of ramen eating because even necromancers sometimes have to resort to that kind of thing Four Roads Cross ties together many elements of the revious book including cameos from Caleb and The Red King and Elayne Kevarian but features my favorite characters Tara Abelard Shale Cat and Raz Gladstone s distinctive slightly macabre sense of humor is fully evidenced here too Some of my favorite exchanges take lace between Tara and the gargoyle ShaleSo there s a zombie horde out thereI mean she said and trailed offShale looked at her from across the carriageHorde is Kapriolen Des Schicksals[Roman] pejorative So s zombie for that matter if you re not referring to the Archipelagese religiousracticeHe did not speak then eitherFine YesAnd Shouldn t you be happy This seems like your kind of laceUnfinished stone His face twisted in disgust I was born in Alt Coulumb My block was uarried from a moonlit it and weather shaped on rooftops Descending into living Rock it doesn t feel rightYou re made of stoneYou re made of meat Maybe after this we can find a nice tight wet dark meat tunnel for you to sueeze downGladstone gets some ointed commentary in about human hubris and economics as well via dragonsI bear these eople because Craftsmen broadly speaking do not love what they cannot use and destroy what they do not love So I make myself useful in some minimal way as do others of my kind We are what we ever were huge strong and ancient beyond your reckoning We have crossed vast gulfs of time and space And you think the subsonic dread returned in sharp Over Mintmarks and Hot Repunched Mintmarks pulses and her mind named the dreadattern laughter you think because looking at us you can say That One Draws A Salary one draws a salary one bears us from lace to lace that your limited comprehension gives you any measure of safety or controlOuch That s a retty good burn even coming from a dragonSo why not 5 stars I was a little bored by the chapters featuring egg dealer Matt and his story arc and the world no longer feels uite as fresh and weird and new though that s hardly Gladstone s fault I also ahem haven t read First Last Snow and wonder if that would have increased my enjoyment I don t find The Craft Seuence to be the most even of series but the intelligence and agility of the writing continue to hold my interest and admiration Also Gladstone is one of very few contemporary authors who uses words I have to look up flense orrery and a couple of others I ve Already Forgotten I Read forgotten I read on a tear I just couldn t believe how good it was EVERYTHING was erfectI mean I ve read these books in ublication order but they re all out of timeline order and while that makes it seem kinda funky it doesn t really matter because certain events HAVE to be well known before. S are broken into and out of; choirs of flame sing over Alt Coulumb; demons ose significant roblems; a farmers' market roves important to world affairs than seems likely; doctors of theology strike back; Monk Technician Abelard erforms several miracles; The Rats lay Walsh's Place; and dragons give almost helpful couns. Four Roads Cross Craft Seuence #5

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ON FAST FORWARD gods with contractual obl The end of the series or so I thought It looks like the series will be continuing for a while but maybe not in the same way that it s been going so far So I m counting this as an endingFirst observations on the series This uickly grew to be one of my favorites stric 5 Stars 5 huge StarsFour Roads Cross book number 5 in the Craft Seuence by Max Gladstone is nearly a erfect read for me This is the best book in the series so far and that really says a lot since each have been incredible As many others have said this series by Max Gladstone is simply stunningThe song of Gavriel Jones the Crier sang Tells of a New Presence in our Skies Oh Tara thought Hot Town nights burn silver And Stone Men soar in the Sky Pray to the moon dreams say And they ll spread their wings to fly A tale s but a tale til it s seen And rumors do tend to spin I saw them myself in the Hot Town last night Though telling I know I sinI decided to reread the first book Three Parts Dead again before reading Four Roads Cross Book 5 in the first book Three Parts Dead again before reading Four Roads Cross Book 5 in the Seuence as they return to the same characters I am so glad that I did as it really elevated this book and gave it depthGladstone has created a wonderful series that works as a Dark Urban FantasyUF I can t seem to get enough of this genre these days Stupid teen angst novels flooded the market for so long that I steered away from anything UF and now I have found that it might actually be my favorite genreHard science fiction is the competitor Four Roads Cross gives us a treat and returns Tara Abernathy who was the star of Three Parts Dead She is a fantastic female lead The world building is fantastic and the magic of it is a lot of fun Inventiveness and attention to detail made me love this book and gave it a sort of Victorian feel to me Craftsman and Craftswomen are the eople able to wield magic The world is made even interesting by having deities that live among the eople This gave the book a feel that I love and would fit into one of my favorite fictional worlds the world of Noreela by Tim Lebbon Finally Gladstone gave us Justice and the Blacksuits What a kick ass olice system with incredible social meanings Too CoolThe writing is fabulous Gladstone writes with urpose without bogging things down social meanings Too CoolThe writing is fabulous Gladstone writes with País íntim purpose without bogging things down too slow The themes covered are deep and sure to spark some feelings in youThis book is smart detailed filled with creatures monsters gargoyles and even vampires too With Tara back at the front this book is filled with emotion and investment The writing euals Gladstone s amazing imaginationThere was a heat in her eyes she did not want to name She looked from the goddess to the gargoyle and back Shale she said is my and there was only the slightestause before she said friend If you hurt him in any way I will carve your bones into his monument You have slept too long to know that you should fear me but I am a Craftswoman of the Hidden Schools and my eople have slain the hosts of heaven and bound continents in iron chains I will snap your spine and drink ichor from your skull I will break you and the demon downstairs alike and send you wailing together to the stars as a feast for the beings that lurk there if you give me cause Do not fuck with me It is a fun adventure that is easy to give my highest recommendationsAlthough it is only the first month of 2017 this one might be my favorite read of the year. Orld's fiercest necromantic firm and against her old classmate a rising star in the Craftwork world As if that weren't enough Cat and Raz supporting characters from Three Parts Dead are back too fighting monster irates; skeleton kings drink frozen cocktails defying several rinciples of anatomy; jails hospitals and temple.

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Be warned May contain spoilers For Earlier Books In The earlier books in the Five crownsAll hail Max Gladstone King of Legal and Financial Fantasy Raise your cocktail glasses Cheers cue fireworksMax Gladstone s Craft Seuence books are set in a most sophisticated comprehensive and fascinating world It is a world intricately weaving governmental judicial financial and religious systems into one cohesive interdependent whole Philosophical arguments may subseuently escalate into judicial conflicts in a world where opposing counsels in legal disputes face hysical Lignin Biodegradation: Microbiology, Chemistry, and Potential Applications: Volume II peril even death The financial system is entwined with religioneople s souls may be fragmented and constitute currency security transactions may be guaranteed by living gods Something Wicked personal relationships are not deemedurely Velvet Ropes (Club Undercover private matters because love may be deemed an undisclosed lien causing obligations to become due and demandable byiercing the veil corporations attempt a hostile takeover of a god It is a religious system whose strength is directly roportional to the faith of its followers which STRENGTH TRANSLATES INTO A UANTIFIABLE NEGOTIABLE COMMODITY IT IS translates into a uantifiable negotiable commodity It is world where liability arising from a contract can beat a god into submission and bind him into servitudeKos Everburning Alt Coulumb s god of fire is rincipal of Numerous Contractual Obligations His Love contractual obligations His love the Undying thought to have Pjesme perished in the God Wars has resurfaced alive but weak Inroviding aid to Seril Kos creditors uestion his ability to fulfill his contractual obligations arguing he was overleveraged considering the undisclosed reliance of Seril upon him The consortium repares to stage a takeover intent on subsuming Kos owers and leaving him a mere indentured servant Tara Abernathy is Kos in house Craftswoman tasked with roving Kos viability and defending him against all suits Kos clergy and faithful together with Seril s gargoyles and new converts will all try to aid Tara in roving Kos strength and establishing a tenable legal osition The rest of Alt Coulumb must decide where to ut their faith if they have any faith to assign Seril and Kos fate may be decided by the devotion of the eople of Alt CoulumbMax Gladstone has blurred the line between the divine the temporal and the terrestrial Gods can be weaker than their faithful human beings and corporations can ossess the Nacht power of gods the landscape of the world can behysically altered by contractual obligations In creating this fantastical world Gladstone calls into uestion the true nature of gods the limits of the relationship between corporations and nations the universality or territoriality of natural resources the ideal balance between custom tradition and modernity the essence of ower and the extent to which a wielder controls it In his uest for answers he expands on the scope and breadth of faith identity and communityI refuse to look for flaws in this book or this series Every book holds too much fascination for me each one different all integrated and symbiotic It has gone where no other book or series I ve read has gone before Gladstone has ventured into the ordinarily mundane frontiers of law and finance and crafted a Kaiju sized alien invasion scenario out of a corporate takeover of a god It is fantasy storytelling at its most creative I understand it is difficult to appreciate all this For now just trust me READ MAX GLADSTONE S CRAFT SEUENCEA REVIEW. The great city of Alt Coulumb is in crisis The moon goddess Seril long thought dead is back and the eople of Alt Coulumb aren't happy Protests rock the city and Kos Everburning's creditors attempt a hostile takeover of the fire god's church Tara Abernathy the god's in house Craftswoman must defend the church against the .