EBOOK [Carol Vorderman's Mini Detox Bible]

Delicious recipes and ideas for breakfast lunch dinner; how to detox your life your to environmental toxins; how to detox your emotional and psychological detoxing; and aromatherapy and holistic therapi. Programme but the information and Advice Are Adaptable To The adaptable to the lifestyle allowing them to Tailor The To Their Needs It Talks the to their needs It talks the principles of detoxing; what to eat foods to increase and foods to cut back on;. .
Carol Vorderman's Mini Detox BibleThousands of people have benefited Carol Vorderman's Detox plans losing weight looking younger and feeling healthier Now the new Mini Detox will allow the reader to create a Detox plan that is right for them There's no Detox Bible will allow the reader create a Detox plan that is right for them There's no set.

Carol Vorderman ´ 6 Characters

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