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The Gods Games Volume 1 2 The Gods Games #1 2Chills Starting this book

Was Hard It Really Jumps 
hard It really jumps into another world and leaves the reader feeling a little lost A lot of names of laces Everything But The Girl people things and a lot to keep track of but don t worry uil does an excellent job of filling you in as the storyrogresses and boy does it ever The stuff that makes no sense in the beginning comes back in the most bone chilling ways and the riddles start to make sense The characters are well developed though not uite as well as those in Fallocaust but still relatable I will admit "I Was Trying To "was trying to where things were going the entire "Time And I Never Was "and I never was which I loved Predictable is boring and this book was anything but. Gay Dark FantasyWhen Erick disappeared it wasn’t that big of a surprise Ben’s drug addicted lowlife brother was always Sport Social Work: Promoting the Functioning and Well-Being of College and Professional Athletes pissing off dangerouseople so it was easy to assume he’d made the wrong erson mad Sure it sucked but Ben got over itThen one night four years after Erick vanished Ben ,

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Predictable It left me very excited for the next book Great job on another awesome book and killer series uil DNF chapter 3 I was ready to DNF reading the Das Unbewusste vom Standpunkt der Physiologie und Descendenztheorie prologue but wanted to give it of a chance Therologue contains everything I hate about Ibn Saud: The Desert Warrior Who Created the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia pretentiously written fantasy books It s long and info dumps a ton of unpronounceable made up names andl Four and a half stars Started out really slow but by the last uarter of the first volume it got so good that I stayed up all night to finish the book I just wish there wasn t a cliffhanger at the end since there is no date available for when we can see a conclusion to this story Oh uilHe knows so much of my effed up heart so. Omes face to face with a mysterious man with silver hair the "same erson who was last seen with erick "person who was last seen with Erick a failed attempt to get answers from him Ben becomes obsessed with finding the silver haired man he’s sure killed his brother Though who he ends up finding isn’t uite his brother’s
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Metimes The feel of this book is a lot younger than his Fallocaust world books despite its soul woven of gritty dark and gore I am looking forward to reading the next book I hope he never ever stops writing FantasticI can t express how much I loved this fantastic book So I won t even try uil Carter has an imagination beyond brilliant So it s hard to take in that this book was started when #uil was a wee lad 14 years old Astounding Now I m rubbing my hands in glee looking forward to book #was a wee lad 14 years old Astounding Now I m rubbing my hands in glee looking forward to book Gotta "Find Out What Happens "out what happens Ben Teal and Malagant Not to mention King Erick Both of him humanother lol With the length OF THIS BOOK IT COULD TAKE this book it could take years and if so I ll be waitin. Iller but an odd young man with ointed ears who brings Ben to a new world that he’d never fathomed existedAnd all the baffling this strange looking young man is telling Ben that not only does he need Ben to help him save their kingdom from a rebel king that rebel king is none other than Erick. ,