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E Bush and Bill Clinton There is Revenge of the Land: A Century of Greed, Tragedy, and Murder on a Saskatchewan Farm less dramatic coherence in House Arrest perhaps because it doesn t hinge around a single event as Fires and Twilight each do Instead itooks at memory and history and changing perceptions of news and privacy with race and ineuality as filters of perspective Studs Terkel begins and ends the play commenting on an awkward public moment rescued by a baby s April 16th: Virginia Tech Remembers laugh Thank God for a human reaction We haven tost yet Piano is a conventionally written play a historical drama set in Cuba on the eve of the rebellion that GOT SUBSUMED IN THE SPANISH AMERICAN subsumed in the Spanish American For a while it is very interesting than it just fizzles into clich s and cartoon characters a bombastic bullying Spanish general a pre flapper turned political operator Smith is A Master Of The Interview And Organizing master of the interview and organizing s words into telling narrative structures but doesn t seem to have the same caliber ear when instead of putting other people s words into her mouth she is putting her words into other people s N and Sally Hemings and alive with the voices of such real ife figures as Ed Bradley George Stephanopoulos Anita Hill and Abraham Lincoln the result is a priceless examination of the intersection of public power and private ifeIn Piano Smith casts her gaze back a century as she follows the tangled ines of race sex and exploitation in a prosperous Cuban hou. ,

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Ouths House Arrest gets a 4 Piano a 2 or ess PROPHETIC sic ABOUT TRUMPIAN DYSTOPIAANNA DEAVERE SMITH HOUSE ARREST 2003 Two Centuries ARREST 2003 Two centuries American history in two acts Practically all the dramatic text uttered by actors is uotations of documents interviews articles authored by real people in history starting with the Presidents presented in the play and then many other people journalists historians politicians etc who said or wrote something on the concerned presidents or topicsThe trajectory is from Thomas Jefferson to William Jefferson Clinton hence from Jefferson to Jefferson and from the mystery of Jefferson s black slave mistress to the publicly discussed impeached and tried in the Senate Bill Clinton s affair with Lewinsky the White House intern who became very famous because of this affair the White House intern who became very famous because of this affair was not an affair just an evanescent horny episode perfectly exploited by Lewinsky for money and the Republican Party for political advantage the next president who was to be the son of the previou. Sehold on the eve of the Spanish American War Deftly and suspensefully Smith tells a story of ruptured allegiances and ramifying deceptions in which no one master or servant *friend or enemy is what he or she pretends to be Together these two plays are further proof * or enemy is what he or she pretends to be Together these two plays are further proof Anna Deavere Smith is one of the most searing and revelatory voices in the American theate. ,

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Interesting thoughtful themes However the Structureorganization In House Arrest And in House Arrest and characters in Piano are forced A mixed collection Piano had a great premise Piano are forced A mixed collection Piano had a great premise together as many disparate peoples in Cuba and watch the conflict unfold beautifully told though the ending disappoints House Arrest on the other hand is not worth reading It feels forced she tried to use the same formula for writing it as her previous two plays but this one falls apart The monologues feel increasingly disjointed and the ending is bewildering Piano is striking and compelling There are a ot of characters so at times I got a The Habitat Guide to Birding littleost but the story draws you in and shocks with twists and revelations of horror and satisfying payoffs Smith is a marvel House Arrest is ike her two best known works Fires in the Mirror and Twilight Los Angeles 1992 an artfully crafted drama by interview and primary source since it includes tales of the White House from Jefferson Lincoln and FDR s times as well as the first Georg. From the award winning actor and playwright Anna Deavere Smith two teeming pungent cross sections of the American experienceIn the provocative and at times bitterly funny play House Arrest Smith examines the relationships between a succession of American presidents and their observers in and out of the press Arcing from Clinton and Monica Lewinsky to Jefferso. House Arrest and Piano Two Plays

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