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H the characters because let s be honest they re annoying as Crap But I Saw but I saw potential in her story When she announced she was publishing my reaction was sort ve like this Then I bought it for 99 cents because let s be honest the paperback is WAY to xpensive and I wanted to know if she d invested Dialogue: Relationships in Graphic Design enough into this book to actually deserve a place on my shelf I was glad that I did that before dropping twenty dollars because let s be honest my reaction while I read this book was slowly slipping to painful I had to FORCE myself to read this stupid book with the characters being flatter and confusing than before I HATED this book I don t hate books very often Sure I get really angry because books don t go the way they really should BUT I REALLY REALLY hated this book For one the book was notdited Like large glaring The Originality of the Avant-Garde and Other Modernist Myths errordited Like the author only had her friends look over the book and they didn t know what the heck they were doing It was bad Missing commas missing uotation marks and made me just want to rip my hair out The dialogue was flat the characters so and the story jumped around and was so boring I went back to reading Twilight just so that I could read something Modeling and Analysis of Communicating Systems exciting for a change I big issue was the content I didn t understand what the author was trying to do with her plot It was all over the place and didn t make any sense It jumped a LOT and I wasn tven sure that the author planned between her arcs Just that she wanted to get there Inventing the Medium: Principles of Interaction Design as a Cultural Practice even if it meant sacrificing herntire book to get there Third characters They are as flat as the pages of her book Like damn they have NOTHING about them Grayson s the biggest jackass of them all He s abusive borderline psychotic Chloe is a naive girl who sits down and whines the The Chinese Economy: Transitions and Growth entire book Literally I think that she is the definition of spoiled and stupid Just Wow I haven t hated a character than House of Night and at least I could get through the first and second book of that Fourth descriptions They suck Bad First chapter when we re introduced to Chloe she s described as having iced overyes She s cynical about her appearance but can stop an ntire room with her beauty Okay should I call you Chloe or maybe Bella Swan or Mary Sue perhaps God just wow The romance is NOT. Where Chloe is greeted by the town's finest and fiercest boy; Grayson Holtz But Polar Alaska has it's own fair share of dark secrets and Chloe well she's about to. .

This book is awful I m not sorry for my opinion and I don t want to offend anyone but I thought that it was just crummy I read this back when it was first published on wattpad and I was SO xcited when it was published into a real book This book is amazing I recommend it i couldn t In Deeper even make it halfway through this book too many glaringrrors it is really so hard to find a good ditor GOOD BOOKGood story line hard to find a good ditor GOOD BOOKGood story line Audiology errors and typos make reading it difficult sometimes Started reading it on Wattpad and didn t appreciate having to buy it to be able to finish it Not too impressed Seemed like a remake of twilight with bits of fifty shades of grey thrown in for the risu bits It wasn t too believable and I never really got in tune with any of the charactersspecially Chloe Many of the action scenes seemed rushed and I don t mean to sound rude but there were a LOT of grammaticalspelling rrors I ll probably read the next book since that s where I m from Texas but I don t know how on board I ll be We ll see how it goes Alaska was one of my favourite werewolf stories I ve read in the last few years It takes a different approach to the werewolf story and instead of the characters being perfect and together straight away they deal with real teen problems and react like teenagers Bella has a great voice for teen fiction any fiction lol
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this first book her wolfstate chronicles is definitely one you should read I think this book is a really good book I get drawn to it somehow I have no idea how this is ven possible I ve never been drawn to a book as much as I have to the Wolfstate Chronicle series Bella really shows good outcomes within the whole story Many of my friends love this book as well but I m so attached to it that I can t read another book ALASKA is my favourite book on Waatpad I just sank into the book and would Recommend This Book To Anyone So Lets Start At The this book to anyone So lets start at the I left a review on and since then I ve read the rest of the book It took me hours to read it And since then I ve felt that I should share this with the Financial Modeling and Valuation: A Practical Guide to Investment Banking and Private Equity entire community This book is not good But of that later in the review I read this book when Bella was writing on Wattpad I liked it it needed a BUNCH ofditing maybe some trimming wit. ADULT PARANORMAL ROMANCE AT ITS FINESTAfter Chloe Pryce's final careless mistake she's forced to move from sunny California to live with her father in rural Alaska. ,

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ROMANCE It s abusive it s rushed and it doesn t make sense It s The Most Uncomfortable Thing To most uncomfortable thing to in the ntire book There is no push pull feeling there s just telling and the ntire book There is no push pull feeling there s just telling and s what the majority of this book is The author just TELLING us what to think Never really allowing for the character s actions to speak louder than their words I don t really know what to make of it but I defiantly don t like it At all Don t bother trying to read about the secondary characters they re so flat I m sure that they ve inverted themselves on the page It s like someone took a bunch of random facts stitched them together and called them characters Yeah not a page turner Looks like no secondary characters will save us from our misery of this book this day or any other day At least Twilight had wonderful side characters Another thing I had a huge problem with not counting the crappy dialogue the unexplained romance or the gag horrible descriptions was the way the author built her Learning Unreal® Engine iOS Game Development entire story Usually there is structure there is sense there is a semblance that the author knows what they are doing Nope Not here Not at all I could tell where the author had other scenes and cut them out but didn t bother toven stitch the wound so we the readers couldn t Strange Visitors even tell that it was there It was horrible Just I wish that she would ve invested some sort of time andnergy to look over her book before putting it out there So overall I give it a 15 Don t read this book unless you want to take out a red pen and actually figure out what the author was trying to do herself Amazing novel I read it on Wattpad This Book Is Full This book is full love and all the obstacles involved in love Set in the most amazing place Alaska it creates this atmosphere that the author uses and helps make this book fanatic A young girl falls in love with a boy she cannot have but trust me this is no clich novel But you have to read to find out what I mean I recommending reading if you love romance and werewolves and soulmate Can t wait for from this fabulous author Fake Happy 20 I don t care if people other people liked it I didn t I was thoroughly annoyed by her character Sorry Even though I have nothing to be sorry for It just wasn t my cup of teaCliche but not really cliche yeah right. Get caught up in it all c copywrite BELLA JOHNSON 2013All Rights Reserved copywrite infringements will be taken very seriously and pursued through the court of la. .
Alaska Wolfstate Chronicles #1
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