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Of Magic and Mating New Canton Republic jInite But what does it really mean To me the infinite temporal duration of time means timelessness When time becomes immeasurable it ceases to exist There only remains now an infinite steam of now Just live in now Embrace it and do something worthy in itViktor Frankl Live as if you were living a second time and as though you had acted wrongly the first time Despite bad experiences and events you can t control find a meaning to live your life This freedom to choose the meaning of life is something that nobody can take away from youAdam Phillips Modern man is so preoccupied with the lives he has not lived that he misses out on appreciating the one life he actually has Why live like you re living for the second time Why not living as though you are living for the first timeReinhold Niebuhr Why can t man rid himself of sin if he has the radical freedom to create himself and his values This is because we have a finite mind that can never comprehensively understand transcendent values We possess the ability to ponder our morality and the meaning of life but we are unable to really see the big picture Weust don t have the euipment for itMe My head is spinning This is all so confusing One simple uestion so many answers Can somebody please sum it upReinhold Niebuhr You are confused because you can t see the big picture You see we possess the ability to ponder about the meaning of life but what we do not possess is the euipment to solve the mysteryDaniel Klein Forget it all mate Existential hedonism That s the way to live Everything starts from you So live in the present Create your own meaning And have fun Daniel Klein sounds like the sort of guy I would want to have long conversations with and discuss the deepest crappiest parts of life with Don t get me wrong Klein is over 80 and happily married But in writing this book with such wry humor Daniel Klein has managed to do something that is considered well nigh impossible make philosophy readable and accessible to the common reader who doesn t have a Doctorat I am fascinated by the uestions philosophers raise and the answers that they offer They bewitch me But at the same time I am skeptical of any philosopher who thinks he knows any absolute answer I gather that this seuence uestion answer skeptical response to answernext uestion please is what professional philosophers do full time It is like taking a hair raising spin in a racing car only to discover that the roadway is a Mobuis strip Every Time I Find the Meaning of Life They Change It is the sixth non fiction book by American author Daniel Klein Now in his seventies Klein examines and comments on the philosophical uotes and aphorisms he wrote in his Pithies notebook during his twenties and thirties when he was searching for guidance on how to live his life At this stage of his life however I have to admit that in the past few decades I don t seem to have much interest ferreting out my deepest selfI know that Nietzsche would Admonish Me To With me to deal with to keep wrestling with this endless regression of internal contradictions but these days I would rather spend my time making peace with who for better and for worse I have become In the end instead of aspiring to be an ubermensch I simply aspire to be a mensch Klein wrote the words of many men in his notebook of Pithies philosophers but also those better known for other roles in life His list includes Epicurus Aristippus David Pearce Schopenhauer Camus William James Sartre Nietzsche Leopardi Bertrand Russell Emerson Paul Tillich Aristotle David Hume Gorgias of Leontini Samuel Beckett Aldous Huxley John Barth John Stuart Mill Peter Singer Machiavelli Joshua Greene Derek Parfit George Santayana Ecclesiastes Sam Harris Francis Bacon AJAyer Thomas Nagel Isaiah Blaise Pascal Frank Close Ludwig Wittgenstein Viktor Frankl Adam Phillips Marcus Aurelius and finally Reinhold Niebuhr author of the book s title uoteA self admitted agnostic on religion Klein tells us I know a great number of very bright and knowledgeable people who are believers It sometimes makes me wonder if the skeptics have it backward maybe I am 竹光始末 The Bamboo Sword And Other Samurai Tales just not wise enough to be a believer And that a friend once reminded him that when an agnostic dies he goes to the Great Perhaps He shares some of the mental challenges he has faced Being a hedonist with a conscience can be demoralizing It turns out that this business of feeling good often comes at the price of somebody else s deprivation and then I have to consider which is important to me feeling good or being good On being present in the moment he tells us one way we pursue the goal of feeling intensely alive is by tempting death Weump off cliffs to go hang gliding we race cars at dangerous speeds some apparently indulge in the extreme sport of volcano surfingThe payoff of these mortal risks is that they rivet us to the here and now Facing death we become supremely alive Many Existentialist thinkers believe that suarely facing our mortality is the only sure way to become fully alive in the present although I am pretty sure that Jean Paul Sartre with his thick glasses and frail physiue did not have volcano surfing in mind Klein s commentary touches on a myriad of subjects happiness will suicide pessimism friendship humour altruism the herd mentality absolute belief systems and intolerance You would course expect a book on philosophy to be filled with wise words and this one is but it also contains plenty of laugh out loud observations even the glossary which ought to be read at the beginning is amusing as well as the odd lump in the throat moment A very enjoyable read 45 Ng new ones that strike a chord with him at the end of his life From Epicurus to Emerson and Camus to the theologian Reinhold Niebuhr whose words provided the title of this book each pithy extract is annotated with Klein’s inimitable charm and insights In these pages our favorite okester–philosopher tackles life’s biggest uestions leaving us chuckling and enlightened?. ,

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This book gave me a lot of different ideas to think on without having to think on what the author is trying to say I like my philosophy spoon fed to me Reading a philosophy book always provides tremendous pleasure to the mind The book we need to read for the clear understanding of different school of thoughts and their perspective towards lifeThe you understand you get confused in a positive way Wow What a rollercoaster ride it has been Not only I walked trough various philosophical concepts like ethics religion personal identity and various terms like hedonism existentialism utilitarianism trough the uotes selected by the authour but also found the inside story of the people who uttered them getting a feel of the person behind it or the time of age All of this sprinkled with Daniel Klein s personal interpretation which I found really interesting by the way he leaves an open space to make room for your own interpretation while his is heartening humurous and most of the times ust kindMy best friend said that we tend to agree with the author s arguments or point of view when we read a book but I don t think that this general ideea is the case hereWhat I particularly liked reading this book was that at no time I felt the author was trying to sell an idea or favour a view It ust gives you the humble feeling that a lot has been said about life ideas and views of how to best live your life come and go and in all this mess and chaos you get to choose the meaning Before they change it You may ask yourself What s this book aboutALL THE ismsExistentialism nihilism absurdismrationalism utilitarianism empiricism humanism logical positivism hedonism and Lots of breadth but not much depth Skims the surface Easy breezy highly accessible material Klein presents his favorite philosophical uotations and discusses each in turn Klein s furtherance of the spurious opinion that atheism is a religion prompted me to deduct a star I was excited by the premise of this book a collection of epithets and uotes from the history of philosophy that examines the meaning of life This hodgepodge associative use of philosophy is my milieu and I looked forward to reading the commentary by an experienced academic philosopher of these suited for popularization uotes Unfortunately I was disappointed It took me a while to figure out why I didn t like the book but I sorted it out only a few pages before the author told me the commentary is full of herd mentality repeated popular wisdom as espoused by many academics and public figures who offer feel good messages of empowerment and self determination The commentary rarely offered than a superficial rendering of the uote presented anecdotes and folksy tales and bounced back and forth between nihilism and existentialism as if these were our only two options At one point Klein tried to temper his proclivity toward speculation by sharing that his wife a Dutch Calvinist reminded him about free will Free will is not the first doctrine a Calvinist might advance Overall I found this to reinforce the positive Messaging Of Life As A Choose Your of life as a choose your adventure story offered on talk shows and self help manuals rather than the substantive wisdom of the many philosophical traditions available to us I am very glad that I chose this book from First To Read I have never actually STUDIED PHILOSOPHY I HAVE BEEN INTERESTED BUT ALWAYS FELT philosophy I have been interested but always felt it might be well above me Daniel Kline seems to have taken all his favorite bits from years and years of studying in Ever wondered on how you can learn about all of the philosophical currents in a small accessible and easy to breeze through book Well now s you chance Buy it now with ust 499 Link in the description Just having fun this is actually a serious reviewAnd getting to the serious part philosophy really is something else True you will find a lot of isms humanism hedonism utilitarianism etc that contradict each other but still it helps you think I tend to look at the philosophical currents much at the like artistic ones and how they employ different principles to achieve greatness True the end result looks different The sharpness of The Scream for instance couldn t be opposing to the charm of the Mona Lisa Nonetheless they are both marvelous works of art As such the great philosophers of the world have created brilliant perspectives with their minds and simply knowing that those perspectives exist can help you create new ones of your ownIn th Me How I should live my lifeEpicurus Just be happy with what you have instead of ruining it by desiring what you don t Just remember what you have today was something you used to desireAristippus I second you Epicurus I would add that we d be better off if we only indulge in bodily pleasures and completely sidestepping morality Hedonism is the way to goDavid Pearce Very well said Aristippus In fact we should strive to eliminate pain from and implant happiness in human mind with the help of genetic engineering Not ust hedonism but high tech hedonism Pleasure is all we live forArthur Schopenhauer Before deciding what we live for we should decide what life really is Sure happiness is life s ultimate goal but we can t get there All we do is keep oscillating between boredom and painAlbert Camus Good point Arthur Meaning of life is the first and hardest uestion of philosophy Everything is secondary Until we find the meaning of life we are unable to find the meaning is secondary Until we find the meaning of life we are unable to find the meaning anything associated with life The worst part We don t know if life has any meaning Meaning of life is something to create not to look forWilliam James Just an auxiliary point Camus Before we A humorous and philosophical trip through life from the New York Times–bestselling coauthor of Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar  Daniel Klein’s fans have fallen in love with the warm humorous and thoughtful way he shows how philosophy resonates in everyday life Readers of his popular books Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar and Travels with Epicurus come for enlig. An talk about the meaning of life itself or the exploration of it or creation of it we should first ask whether we have the free will to do it I believe we do Because although it is hard to prove the existence of free will the moment we choose something it means we are acting on free willJean Paul Sartre Well whatever William Coming back to Camus point I must say that existence precedes essence In order for us to talk about our essence or meaning we first have to exist Unlike objects of the world which have predefined objectives humans do not There is no way to prove that we have predefined objectives Objectives are something we should define for ourselves The moment we believe that we are working on premeditated plans we reduce ourselves to worldly objects like toasters and knivesFriedrich Nietzsche I think we can agree that essence follows existence but the uestion remains how should we live I d say that the best way to live is to live dangerously Why live an ordinary life when we can live extraordinarily True act of free will is to break all chains of predetermined moralities dogmas and beliefs and to deny every authority who give us not only rules but also false comfortsGiacomo Leopardi What s point in all that We can t learn how to live until the reason for living is taken from us We cannot truly please ourselves until we become incapable of vivid pleasure I d say Schopenhauer is right Happiness is unattainable Once we realize that we ll meet with disappointment every time we can live freely Free from the burden to attain happiness Just live in the present do whatever you want to for temporary pleasures and die That s itJean Paul Sartre I think you re right Giacomo Look at this world Nothing changes days turn into nights and nights into days People come and go It s all monotonous It s all meaninglessDavid Hume Who cares what we think or feel Our lives are no important than that of an oysterGorgias of Leontini Screw it all man Nothing is important nothing exists it s all meaningless Samuel Beckett Yet we always find something to live for some impression to make us believe that we exist We are magiciansAldous Huxley By the way come to think of it Absurd is not a metaphysical problem In fact it is not a problem at all It is liberation When you come to believe that life s meaning can t be found every choice is as good as the other Do whatever you want toJohn Barth Speaking of choices don t you ever wonder how difficult it is to make a choice Every choice seems inferior when it s compared with the aggregate desirability of all the restBertrand Russell Well before this discourse turns into utter pessimism allow me to change course I d say that bodily pleasures is not the only thing to live for Pleasure of mind of intellect are as important as bodily pleasures if not I find extreme pleasures in trying to solve the riddles of philosophy even if I know I won t be able to actually solve themRalph Waldo Emerson Ah Some optimism at least Talking of pleasure I find immense pleasure in the solve themRalph Waldo Emerson Ah Some optimism at least Talking of pleasure I find immense pleasure in the of old friendsPaul Tillich But being alone has its merits too You can enjoy your own company Don t call it loneliness for loneliness is the pain of being alone Call it solitude for it is the pleasure of being aloneMe This is all so confusing What about morality I mean how about thinking of life as nothing but making moral choices all the timeJohn Stuart Mill The Golden Rule to do as you would be done by is nothing but a utilitarian concept If everyone follow the Golden Rule it will promote the greatest good for greatest number of peoplePeter Singer These are ust empty words unless one transforms them into actions There is no point in pondering about the state of the world if you can t do anything to improve it Niccolo Machiavelli Doing good is overrated A man who strives after goodness in all his acts is sure to come to ruin since there are so many men who are not goodJoshua Greene Before talking about good and bad and about how people ought to behave we first need to determine how people usually do behave when making moral decisions Like physical characteristics psychological also evolved on the basis of survival of the fittest And perhaps altruism also evolved as the survival characteristic for our species For survival reason we have evolved to look after our own and to fear and fight the others But in today s world we cannot fight with other tribes because we encounter others in almost every walk of life Therefore what we usually do is to apply instinctive moral reasoning while dealing with our own and apply careful thinking when dealing with others This is how it is This is how we are Therefore Mr Singer s argument that we should give our money for foreign aid are Therefore Mr Singer s argument that we should give our money for foreign aid sounds wonderful is counterintuitiveMe Shouldn t I seek religion s help to understand the meaning of life Sam Harris Religion is bad It brought so many sufferings Daniel Klein well so did nationalism racism and political ideologies All of these work on law of non contradiction my view is correct so yours cannot beReinhold Niebuhr We can t contemplate transcendence because we remain stuck with a finite mind A J Ayer My venture into logical positivism shows me that no every philosophical problem can be solved by logic only the empirical propositions about existence properties movements of things etc Logic cannot solve ethical aesthetical or metaphysical propositions including uestions about God Therefore saying something is bad or saying life is meaningful cannot be verified by logic They simply portray what the speaker is feeling Ludwig Wittgenstein We all know that time is inf. Htenment and stay for the entertainmentAs a young college student studying philosophy Klein filled a notebook with short uotes from the world’s greatest thinkers hoping to find some guidance on how to live the best life he could Now from the vantage point of his eighth decade Klein revisits the wisdom he relished in his youth with this collection of philosophical gems addi. Every Time I Find the Meaning of Life They Change It

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