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E I love his battle scenes But his character "HAS GROWN SOME FROM THE MAN ROBIN FOUND LIVING "grown some from the man Robin found living in book one He doesn t just slash his way through the nemies this time he has a few clever tricks as well And his devotion to Robin is touching All in all I think this one is the best of the four Last of the seriesNot a bad close for itA coming war and castle siegeThe main characters back together againPlenty of battles and mayhemNot all things are tied up or answeredKind of some hope it may continueItems there that it could have storiesStill decent close here I can get behind terrible B movie plots and whatnot they re ridiculous and fun But really Evil woman is black and tribal and Heart and Soul / Almost Heaven enjoys being raped for 5 pages I know this was written in the 70 s but nothing about Frank Frazetta s art says hey women like rape It didn t then and it doesn t now There were occasions when the author s word choice was hilariously bad and I wasntertained by that but otherwise this was basically someone s terrible jack off fantasy It was a romance novel written for guys *This Is Actually Good *is actually good in a so bad it s good way There s some character growth the stakes feel real and significant and Gath has to think and work with others instead of just hitting problems with his axe harder to solve them It s still cheesy fantasy with villains who chew ALL the scenery and the occasional odd sexual metaphor or description but it s well xecuted cheesy fantasy I really don t want to dwell on this one Suffice to say I read the first three many moons ago and found them njoyable nough I remember. Evil sorceress ueen Tiyy who wears the mantle of the Black Veshta seeks the Jewels of Light and the ,

You don t have the will to defeat me Very nice last book in the series The writer wraps up the story line well and leaves open the possibility of a next book Overall the Death Dealer series as a good fantasy series with a nice world concept I would like to see how this writer does with a concept all his own Recommended I am not disappointed a single bit Each tome has its own interests and peaks All in all that series lived up disappointed a single bit Each tome has its own interests and peaks All in all that series lived up Promises I Just Wish I just wish was it could go on for a few books and I would be definitely buying them This was fourth in a series of books based on Frank Frazetta s painting *of Death Dealer There are 4 in the series and all have *Death Dealer There are 4 in the series and all have featuring the Death Dealer characterI had very high hopes for these and they didn t uite live up to what I hoped for but that s not the author s fault They were in general pretty good with an intersting character and a lot of bloody good fighting In this fourth book in the Death Dealer Series Gath decides to return to Robin and the Grillards But the nymph ueen Tiyy the Black Veshta is also seeking Robin who now carries the power of the White Veshta And Tiyy has an army at her back At a gathering of travelling performers in Whitetree Castle Brown John intends to reveal Robin as the White Veshta But his plans go awry when the castle is attacked by Tiyy and her army There s plenty of xcitement in this book and the fights scenes are pic as always in this series Tiyy and Robin are kind of one dimensional as characters I don t see Robin growing up any as the series progresses Gath is of course an awesome killing machin. Refugees flee to the castle of Whitetree where it is foretold the White Veshta will rise again But the. Uitting this one about half way through for reasons I cannot remember Jump forward some 27 years later and I finally have another copy in my hand and decide to give it a goIt s dull All the bat st crazy ideas and pulp fire gusto that made the first three worthwhile had been driven out by the standard Tor Books High Fantasy style of writing The sort of writing then being popularised by Robert Jordan that ultimately helped crush the field of sword sorcery under weighty tomes of churned out fantasy soap operas Gath of Baal the Death Dealer hardly lifts a finger for the *first half of the book instead we are *half of the book Instead we are into James Silke s obsessional world of travelling players and troubadours Characters that would not seem out of place in a DRAGONLANCE novel take centre stage Death Dealer far from dealing carnage right left and centre roaring his challenge under blood soaked skies is left skulking in the wings like some forgotten understudy Chapter after chapter deals alternately with the perversions of the central villainess and the purity of the virginial heroine who is so insipid as to
not draw sympathy 
draw sympathy the reader but rolling yes On with the show I cry from the gallery But to no avail alas The action when it finally does come is anti climatic and drawn out Is it possible to yawn during a siege melee that involves archers and demonically possessed savages Well this reader did Coming to the nd of the novel I threw the book down on the table with a huge sigh of relief After this there was no Death Dealer There was no need There was no need for another Robert Jordan at Tor Book. Eath of the mortal host of the White Veshta Robin Lakehair the beloved of Gath of Baal the Death Deale.

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Plague of Knives (Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer, Book 4)

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