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The Lady in Pink eThe book which actually manages to be funny there s a suirm inducingly funny phone conversation between one of the girls and her mother where she finds out far too much about her parents love life but it s still not very good Why It s boring Incredibly so Basically you get treated to a long series of sexualscapades between Mike and his two female friends This d be fun if it wasn t for the fact that Mike s still involved Every time he speaks or does something you re reminded that he spent the start of this book stalking women and being a borderline rapist Reading about him getting laid is about as interesting as reading about watching paint dry Still then we get to the bit with the terrorists This a tiny fraction of the narrative and as a result horrifically underdeveloped Basically some terrorists have managed to get a nuke onto one of the islands of the Florida Keys before the US government found out about it yeah basically it s the bit before the bridge scene in True Lies As Mike is so conveniently nearby he s asked to deal with the problem Which he does after another firefight that is frankly forgettable than the one in part one it involves a boat I think Mike gets injured again but this time the terrorists manage to put the nuke on a timer and Mike only just manages to Eyes escapending up with radiation poisoning so it s back to hospital After a while he gets out and goes back to Florida meeting the girls again in the bar where they d first met where they ve apparently been waiting for him So basically part two is an rotica with some terrorist shooting on the side Neither part of the plot are hugely interesting or satisfying with a chunk of the plot feeling like it s been stolen from a far better movie Still it s an improvement on part three Part three of Ghost is where Mike foils a terrorist plot to nuke Paris via a brothel A uick assessment is that it s a uropean take on The Peacemaker a forgettable George Clooney Nicole Kidman vehicle about nuclear smuggling It s also where any lingering belief you might have in Mike s inherent decency is shot to pieces He also causes a few diplomatic incidents because well he s Mike So anyway we start with Mike in a Russian brothel admiring the underage girls there Yeah really This is not the worst thing he s going to do just as an fyi Still before he can do anything offensive some woman comes up to him and knowing that he s rich asks if he wants to buy a nuke Ah Mike The character who can fall over the plot while searching for tail You ll note that this is the third time this book s relied on him being in the right place at the right time All three of the plots run on it and well it s kinda dumb It s also bad writing So anyway understandably he says yes He gets taken to the military base where the Russian soldiers who ve stolen it are based only to find that the nuke s already been taken by a bunch of terrorists So not only has Mike managed to find the only brothel that s selling nukes he s also found the only one with a hot line to the local terrorists Anyway Mike contacts his allies back in the US who for some insane reason ask him to start looking for the thing You have to love this There s a missing nuke floating round Europe and Mike gets handed the job of finding it It s not like there s a whole bunch of intelligence agencies whose job this is Mike flies down to Bosnia following a lead which of course leads to a shoot out with some terrorists in a warehouse By now you might be assuming that like almost Sinner's Heart every fight Mike s gotten into he s going to get shot again Nope this time he manages to get away without a scratch Which is not a good thing Warning this part is where this book gets truly repulsive Mike s response to not getting shot is to get stressed out and want to relieve his tension So he nips over to the brothel nearby and hires a girl He then proceeds to rape his underage prostitute This is not some sort of hyperbole Mike literally beats this girl when she tries to get out of his grip and the narrative makes it clear that she is utterly unaroused when henters her He njoys this This is basically the point where this book broke me Mike is a repulsively unlikeable character to start with but one of the things he s clear on at the start of this is that he doesn t like rapists He gets rape he njoys the fantasy to his shame but he s not a rapist Until he is for what is frankly an Spirit of the Wolf embarrassingly tiny and crass reason Look Mike isn t a character he s a ravening ball of godawful primal instincts given permission to do whatver he wants with the knowledge that because he shoots terrorists he can do whatever he likes He s an adolescent fantasy without any functional grasp of human morality attached So the rest of the plot for what good it ll do Mike uses the information gained in the warehouse to track the nuke to Paris where it s found in a van outside a stadium where the Pope is about to hold a rally by the way if you would be at all surprised to find that the French government s response is cowardly and inept I think you ve missed most of this book The bomb s rigged to a remote so Mike tootles off to Amsterdam to find the controller who despite being an islamic fundamentalist he finds in a strip club Mike tortures him a bit and takes the controller Mike being awesome figures out that the terrorist lied to him during torture making the torture pointless which is kind of awesome if this had been a parody and using their shared love of a specific piece of music works out which of the two controls disarms the nuke saving Paris Mike returns to his hotel to find the prostitute he raped that he subseuently bought from her pimp and dragged with him has hooked up with a sugar daddy and is set for life Which makes his rape good Yeah let s go with that Good Mike then wanders off in search of sex As for the diplomatic incidents he gets banned from the Netherlands for torture and Paris for turning the nuke off on a hunch Kinda understandable really hide spoiler 63017 3rd re read No No NO Basic premise decent Medically retired SEAL tracks terrorists who kidnapped 50 coeds from college town Locates terrorist hidey hole and calls for reinforcements BTW the girls are stripped naked and are being tortured to death while broadcast to the world Much shooting blood guts hero and most of the girls survive After that forget it Nothing honorable in this guy Feels like it was written by a bunch of 16 year old boys gorged on Gor novels but plenty of mindless cruelty BDSM not tepid 50 Shades of Grey kind A Vineyard Christmas either misogyny fantasy thrown in Action scenes ok but sloppy writing throughout Mind candy but mostly skunk flavored jelly bellies 12 Star Well the author wrote his own review which I will uote It is not PC It is not PG 13 It is not understated It is a raw bawdy kinky violent over the top story of anx SEAL who is approaching life love and the pursuit of bad guys with no holds barred James Bond without the bedroom door closing Dirk Pitt meets Harold Robbins Jean Auel writes a Mack Bolan book With details Kinky kinky detailsSince I had not previously been known for this sort of writing I felt it germane to mplace a warning Herewith *Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here Ghost has no brakes and no *All Hope Ye Who Enter Here Ghost has no brakes and no The sex is as xplosive as the nukes You ve been warnedJohn RingoChattanooga TNJune 2005I d read plenty of his Sci Fi "Space Operas Before This And They Were "operas before this and they were xciting This takes the xcitement to a whole different level I burned right through this whole series You can get it free legally at This book is a big bowl of wrong It s a cross between Edward Lee s fucked up xploitation horror and I don t know fucking Die Hard Oh there s plenty of sex as well The second story Thunder Island is basically Fifty Shades of Grey on steroids and in case you re wondering I didn t read E L James s load of wank And I didn t see the movie ither Anyway Ghost isn t a masterpiece Far from it It s a bucket of phlegm and pus alright But it s far from being boring I being nothing but a twisted fuck laughed a lot while going through itSo bottom line if feminism and liberalism are your thing you should definitely give this book a go You ll find it to be ahem refreshing Oh indeed You re absolutely going to love Ghost Mark my words Overall 35 stars WARNINGIf you are a liberal do not read this bookIf you are a feminist do not read this bookIf you are a Baptist do not read this bookIf it weren t for the great action seuences in this offering I would think you could only find GHOST in an ADULT book store The book tells three stories revolving around a former SEAL who doesn t candy coat the fact that he is a bad man He has two ways of venting his frustration and relieving tension he has to kill someoneor he has to rape someone Fortunately he only kills bad guysand he only rapes by contract He is heavy into SM bondage Goth and patriotismGHOST is full of all of the above The body count is high the sex is plentiful and Hot Shot (North Ridge Book 3) extremely graphic and the action is nonstopAnd there s a seuel I hate this book I normally have zero problems with wish fulfillment spy fiction I also if I don t like a book just refuse to review it Basically if I m not going to give something 3 and a 12 stars then there s not much point in me taking time to type out a response Thexception is if I really really hate something and feel the need to say why So if you liked the book good for you but I need to state why I threw this one against the wallWARNING Talks about Sexual Assault Rape and PedophiliaMichael Harmon is a piece of crap At one point he describes himself as Math Basics 6 especially angry at rapists because he wants to rape women but doesn t so he hates the people who give into the urge At that point really does anythinglse need to be said about the guy Yes apparently because he does Voyage to the Underworld (Star Wars Missions, eventually rape a woman in the book s third act However he justifies that as he bought her from her sex traffickers and set her freeOkayDo I have to go onYeah yeah I doThe book is divided into three storiesMichael Harmon is anx Navy Seal who has gone back to college and then gets involved in beautiful Georgia U coeds all The First Ghost explictly white getting kidnapped by Al aeda terrorists so they can bexecuted on camera Michael Harmon follows them back to Syria and kills Osama Bin Ladin still alive at the time as well as the President of Syria The latter seemed strange but the 1 star in this book before I removed it for ACT III is the fact Ringo was prescient that he was a piece of crap too This is as close to an actual plot as the book may be and it s insane nough you almost overlook the worst lements Even when a bunch of naked women in bullet belts start shooting up the place as Michael inspires them to fight terrorists His price 1 Don t let this incident turn them off men 2 Give him a blowjob if he Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!: 4 Keys to Unlock Your Business Potential ever asks including in publicYou know honestly that s derangednough to almost be ntertainingThe second story has him get two women half his age to come to his private yacht for some BDSM but it s okay as he gets their mothers permission first I am not kidding Then he has to leave mid sex session to stop terrorists from acuiring a nuclear bombRidiculous nough to not take seriously and the telephone conversation is hilariousThe third one is about raping the preteen girl he s bought as a slaveYeahNoScrew the story ven as ultra right *conservative wish fulfillment My ultra right acuaintances don t have any desires that wayBleahRemove all stars *wish fulfillment My ultra right acuaintances don t have any desires that wayBleahRemove all stars was one and a half anyway010EditI found this afterward and it summarizes my opinion ven better There are uite a range of rating reactions to this book I think there are probably several reasons for this I have several friends here who have nothing good to say about this book Then I have others who gave it 5 stars Why the disagreementsI think There are as I said several reasons for this The main character Mike and I have somewhat different definitions of the word Paladin LOL Had the ntire book been like the first half I could probabl A REPORT FROM ROBOT PLANET TO X 1 Prime Supreme Overlord of Robot Matrix Grand Endeavor Cmdr FROM Scientific An. Ddenly abduct a blonde that Ghost had been following he gives chase and follows the van to a deserted warehouse where he uncovers a terrorist plot to kidnap and brutalize dozens of innocent American women Ghost's military training kicks in and after killing most of the jihadists within the warehouse he tracks a truckload of. ,

I read this after disregarding the other reviews Because honestly I am the only one fit to judge what I will like That being saidNoNot no but hell noAs long as Harmon kept his fantasies to the realm of fantasies and consensual scenes I was fine The bdsm lement was boring and written from the view of someone who has perhaps played or watched but was not involved in the life Fine no problems there and I did Placing Memory enjoy the action scenesThe rape and beating of Magdelena was pointless and served no purpose beyond showing that the main character had no self control His attitude toward females was rough but acceptable then degenerated into the realm of unacceptableMr Ringo I adore your black tide rising series and am willing to try out a few but this Leave it where it lays there is no place for rapists in my world and trust me males are your target audience do you really want them reading this andxcusing rape because he bought her There is I can say but I find the venting of my spleen leaves a bitter taste I don t recommend this to anyone If there s one moment that sums up the Lasombra entirety of Ghost it s when our hero kills Osama Bin Laden and cuts off his head for proof Rather than being the cathartic finale of the novel this is instead almost an aside to the main plot which is the rescue of anntire army of kidnapped college girls This minor plot lement is an indicator of just what you re getting into with this novel Anyway Ghost tells the story of Mike an x Navy Seal who has the remarkable talent to fall over both nubile young women and terrorists as he travels the world Mike is both the novel s main character and basically its only character with Wanton Nights everyonelse being While My Soldier Serves either an interchangeable sex object or some variant on clich US military one notes This is a shame for many reasons most of which are due to just how spectacularly unlikable Mike manages to be throughout this Mike is supposed to be dark a personal malaise that mostly manifests in a mix of an inexplicably inability to treat women as anything other than as sex objects and his love of rough violent sex Dark would imply some desire to change or self loathing two things that Mike isn t interested is or seemingly capable of Rather Mike s darkness is basically anxcuse of a character trait that allows him to act like a jerk while seemingly characterful In short Mike isn t dark he s a violent sexual predator with a good reputation who freuently demonstrates such a stunning lack of basic mpathy that it s hard not to think of him as suffering from a borderline psychological problem Still Mike s darkness is only one of his defining character traits Mike s other defining trait is his astonishing breadth of knowledge Mike is something of a know it all If you re at all familiar with Ringo s novels in particular The Last Centurion you ll know he has a weakness for this sort of central character trait and like a few of his other characters Mike manages to make a hash of this In brief while Mike often betrays a wide breadth of knowledge and insight it s often wrong in real world context So in short Mike s a poor main character matching with rest of this dreadful novel So let s get into the basics of this novel Ghost is actually three linked novellas ach revolving around one of the Mike s ಪರಿಸರದ ಕತೆ Parisarada Kathe encounters with islamic terrorists This should be your first warning sign Mike s so one dimensional that he really can t carry a longer narrative Kildar the seuel demonstrates this in spectacular style and the novel really doesn t try instead hurling him into a trio of paper thin plots that read like the porn movie synopsises than heroic narratives This is the point where the spoilers begin If you still plan to read this afterverything I ve said go for itview spoiler So plot one begins with Mike having taken a medical discharge from the Seals and headed of to college to further his The Fiend Next Door education The immediate uestion here is why Mike opens the book with anxtend rant about the iniuities of the college system decrying the clueless liberals there who know nothing about the world around them specifically Mike that is familiar with the Middle East than the professors trying to teach him So basically Mike s opening is that he knows about the world than those people who make a living studying it This d be an interesting character trait if it was true and if his justification wasn t simply that he s been there for combat The idea that somehow this makes Mike an xpert is a little laughable on the face of it and ven so given how nakedly anti intellectual Mike is about all this His naked superiority and smug பொன்னியின் செல்வன் - புது வெள்ளம் egotism is ridiculous in thextreme Of course Mike being something of a sociopath he is of course out stalking one of his classmates Again unsurprisingly he is doing this for their own good What Oh okay let s try and follow Mike s logic here He discovered that a number of the girls at his college have a habit of walking alone at night which puts them at risk of attack by some psycho Mike s solution to this Stalk them himself so that he can blow off some steam with his fantasies of what he would do if he were to grab them Yeah that doesn t sound like how a serial killer gets started not at all Still this is useful as it means he witnesses his latest cause being snatched from the roadside Giving chase he finds a group of terrorists who are weirdly drugging this girl and sticking her in a box to go with the other girls in boxes they already have So he kills them This immediately brings up one of the book s weirdest The Return of the Carter Boys: The Carter Boys 2 elements the scenes from the terrorists perspectives Basicallyvery time Mike confronts a bad guy in a one on one situation we get *A Uick Sketch Of sketch of motivations and history Then Mike kills them There s really no A Meditation on Murder explainable reason for this that I can think of There s little or no character to these short thre to four paragraph long moments Is Ringo mourning their mistaken philosophies their wasted lives Is it some attempt to give a sense of three dimensionality to the world These theories might make sense if the book was at any point thoughtful but it s soft core notion of the War on Terror put that aside The onlyxplanation I can imagine for these bits is that Ringo needed to pad out the word count So Mike rescues the girl from the bad guy We all know what comes now A romantic lead A brave ally No you forget that this is Mike and he s dark So instead he has to bite down on the urge to assault her and instead begs her not to tell the cops who he is because he s afraid he ll be tried for murder I love the logic here Can anyone imagine a prosecutor actually taking this to trial yes I d like you to convict this man for the murder of the terrorists trying to kidnap these innocent college girls It boggles the mind that this is ven this guy s concern The reasoning seems to be that liberal prosecutors object to terrorists being killed so they d try this Which makes sense Still Mike uncovers some vidence that the terrorists were planning to take the boxes to a plane that s about to take off so he hurries off and hitches a lift on a plane about to take off from a Florida airport bound for Syria He Travis ends up hiding in its wheelhouse hitching a lift across the Atlantic Arriving in Syria hends up at a chemical weapon factory that s been turned into a rape factory Yeah you read that right rape factory The terrorists plan is to kidnap one hundred American girls gang rape them to death one at a time and stream this live on the internet with all of the victims of course stripped naked and tied up to watch I ll be nice this is simply the most bizarrely weird terrorist plot I ve ver heard of in fiction or reality It s so mind destroyingly ridiculous that any vague hope I had that this was a serious novel died of shock Look I get that terrorist plots are inherently logic less but this is simply moronic It also illustrates one of the worst problems with this novel John Ringo really has no comprehension of the Middle East or the complex interplay of forces within Here s a fun learning xperience look up Bashar al Assad you know the despot of Syria and Osama bin Laden One thing you ll uickly find is that al Assad is a Shia muslim while bin Laden is a Sunni Those of you who ve paid attention to what happened in Ira than Ringo will know that Sunnis and Shias do not get on This is AI Weiwei: Beijing Photographs, 1993-2003 especially true of the Sunni perversion that is Al aeda you know the group led by Osama bin Laden who hate Shia Islam with a passion So the idea that the two of them would co operate on anything like this is absurd Congratulations you now know about the Middle East than John Ringo So this is about the point where bin Laden gets killed After killing all the observers because of course both al Assad and bin Laden are watching the rape factory Mike goes to rescue the girls Of course he can t get through this without being his usual stunninglympathetic self His reuest to the girl who was being raped when he rescued her Please don t become a lesbian because of this No concern for her no recognition that she d probably like to not talk about sex just the narcissistic desire to sleep with her one day There are deliberately written Mary Sues who have The Bubble Economy: Is Sustainable Growth Possible? empathy than this sociopath So anyway Mike recruits three of the girls to help him fight off the understandably upset Syrian soldiers trying to get into the rape factory Because Mike literally cannot communicate with a woman without putting her down he names the trio Bambi Thumper and Flower because Mike can t be bothered to remember their names This is all kinds of ugly when you stop and think about it Mike s literally dehumanizing and recreating three almost rape victims for no other reason than his own laziness So after a barely memorable firefight Mike and the girls get rescued by the troops sent in by the US President a thinly veiledxpy of President George Bush Before that possibly the most believable part of the plot happens Mike gets shot While it only redeems the book in a unhealthily cathartic way it s still nice to see some sense of realism to this Mike isn t one of those characters that can waltz through a battle without anything happening to him It s just a shame what happens next So anyway we find in the pilogue that Mike s role in the whole affair has been hidden but he s been given the reward for killing bin Laden He s been treated for his injuries and ventually finds his way back to his college where he meets up with the girls he rescues And sleeps with almost all of them This is described as a sort of therapeutic thing with some of the girls involved wanting just have someone to hold A lot however just sleep with him In short Mike The Social Machine: Designs for Living Online ends his first adventure with a few new scars a couple of million dollars and women than Bondver got Talk about wish fulfilment So there we are at the Collision Course: Endless Growth on a Finite Planet end of of the first part of this less than stellar book probably the most individually memorable part of the novel but not for any particularly good reason The actual meat of the story the action is forgettably bland The main character s sole memorable feature is his borderline sociopathy There s a rampant barrage of disturbing sexual content The plot s moronic It gets worse Next up we have the relative high point of this novel part two Mike now a millionaire has properly retired buying a boat and puttering around on the florida keys There he meets two college girls who are both down for the holidays takes them off in his boat and teaches them about BDSM After a few days of sexualxcess Mike finds out he s the closest to another terrorist attack and breaks it up but not before the nuke they re smuggling gets set up Mike barely 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10 (Software Studies) escapes the blastnding up in hospital again Oh sorry you thought I was going to go into the minutiae of the plot That was the minutiae of the plot Part two of this book is basically an primer for the nature of dominant submissive relationships mixed with some rotica finished off with a crudely welded on seuence pinched from True Lies This third of the book is probably the most tolerable There s consent to sexual shenanigans which is nice and it s the only part of. Retired after 15 years in special ops due to a myriad of physical ailments Michael Harmon is having trouble fitting into his new role as a University of Georgia undergrad Instead Ghost named for his uncanny ability to blend likes to stalk unknowing coeds and speculate on the carnal possibilities But when a van load of men su. ,

characters Ghost Paladin of Shadows #1

Alyst SLJLK92349UO Earth Invasion Exploratory Unit CC Prince BOB Holy Prior of the Negativ Legion CC ueen Kardeater of the Insectoid Empire BCC Shadowagent markmonday ATTACHMENT 1 John Ringo former Test Subject ATTACHMENT 2 the novel Ghost by John Ringo SUBJECT EarthTarget John Ringo acuired by Shadowpuppet A Coulter using Tactic 7 B3 Invitation to Wild Sex Party at Dennis Miller s Mansion Target Ghost acuired via for 001 399 shipping handlingSubject A John Ringo is former Specialist in 82nd Airborne Division of US Army Post discharge subject became author of several series in several genres and occasional guest commentator on Fox News Channel itself a Shadowagency of Robot Matrix Subject A is currently non organic due to xtensive Your Everyday Art World exploratory nature of Scientific Analysis Shadowpuppet John Ringo 1 has replaced organic target on Earth no adverse reactions from Subject A s peer or familial groupings have been noted regarding replacementSubject B Ghost is ActionAdventure Genre Novel and featuresxploits of government operative Mike code name Ghost Subject B is perhaps less than typical Why Photography Matters example of genre due toxtremely low technical ability of writing overall including flaccid narrative profusion of racial gender political stereotypes two dimensional characterization risible dialogue incessant and misguided references to Sparta Robert Frost and Goth music tedious preponderance of both military grade weapons detail pornography and graphic sexual pornography Despite inferior uality of novel it offers range of absorbing topics on Earth life to consider in particular Earth gender dynamics per author Subject B Ghost has tri parte structure and so this report will analyze Doreen Valiente Witch each section seuentiallyPart One Winter BornNarrative in Part One details attempts of Middle Eastern nation Syria tongage in terrorist acts towards United States of America Plans include kidnapping of 50 young American college women torture rape murder of women and broadcasting of activities to American public While stalking single young woman on college campus that they both attend apparently typical pasttime for protagonist Operative Ghost witnesses kidnapping follows and then successfully Duty Free Murder engages kidnappers secretly boards plane containing previously captured college women andventually destroys Asperger - Leben in zwei Welten : Betroffene berichten: das hilft mir in Beruf, Partnerschaft Alltag entire operation his actions also includelimination of Osama bin Laden and Syrian President Bashar al AssadAlthough narrative itself is trite and poorly written there is much to be Hsi K'Ang and His Poetical Essay on the Lute evaluated regarding mindset of reactionary Red Blooded American Male aka RBA Male towards the female of the species and to a lesser degree RBA Male s nationalism and feelings towardsducational institutions In sum protagonist and author appear to view female of species as worthy of protection and as target for sexual attention but having little value in most other regards and suitable primarily for mockery General and inherent stupidity of females who act as politicians news reporters and students is reported with Venous Catheters extreme freuency During rescue attempts protagonist oftenngages in cheeky banter and casual playfulness with abused women in particular by pointedly staring at parts of their naked forms that he finds sexually appealing and by openly and repeatedly mocking their limited minds and thoughtless absorption into useless liberal difices such as college Throughout his rescue Ghost suggests detainees reward him post rescue with sexual activities including blow jobs and ncourages detainees to not hold terrorist actions against all RBA Males by turning lesbian overcome by gratitude detainees promise to ngage in such rewards and reject all forms of liberalism It should also be noted that author does include several xamples of useful women specifically those women who are members of college ROTC are able to handle weapons follow directions and promise to reward protagonist with blow jobs post release Irony of situation of protagonist who self defines by stating I am a Rapist in thought but not yet deed and who spends spare time stalking nubile students whom he despises now being placed in role of rescuer where he is sole source of succor to those he stalked and despised is only slightly noted by protagonist and author Perhaps irony and ironic wish fulfillment inherent in situation is implicit within story itselfThroughout novel author Strange Visitors: Documents in Indigenous-Settler Relations in Canada from 1876 engages in striking form of character development for support players prior tolimination by Ghost Witched At Birth (A Paris, Texas Romance, each terrorist is given short history including country of origin level ofducation level of antipathy towards Americans personal thoughts and goals tc This is unusual tactic and purpose is unknown Is this to provide a dossier to readers on wide range of potential terrorists and their personal background perhaps to inspire reader suspicion towards all individuals hailing from countries in Middle East as potential terrorists Unknown Author also places pithet Raghead into mouths of many characters including protagonist US President others and describes Middle Eastern countries as automatically dirty and filled with trash Liberals are also given similar treatment most notable is seuence where liberal American commentators blame predicament on kidnap victims themselves Perhaps this is seen as typical Liberal behavior by author If so assertion is incorrect Robot Matrix has noted Tactic Blame the Victim is also freuently used by Reactionary human demographic and associated institutions Despite ongoing contempt displayed towards Middle East and Liberals author and protagonist neglect to discuss positive Smalltalk: Die Kunst des stilvollen Mitredens elements of US and instead appear content to solely describe negative attributes Result is that author and protagonist appear to be apolitical and ignorant of various successes of many American institutions both liberal and conservative A curious kind of patriot in that genuine patriotism appears to be absent This tunnel vision and mindless vitriol bodes well for our Grand Endeavor such individuals are oftenasiest for Robot Matrix to manipulate through well tested Knee Jerk Propaganda Campaigns and diverse Shadowpuppet Politicians and Media CommentatorsPart Two Thunder IslandIt should first be noted that section title is one of this Scientific Analyst s favorite Earth songs from classic Easy Listening raNarrative in second section is highly unusual First two thirds are concerned with Ghost s new life as multi millionaire living on yacht in Bahamas due to reward from American President his ncounter with and subseuent seduction yacht in Bahamas due to reward from American President his Tales from the Torrid Zone: Travels in the Deep Tropics encounter with and subseuent seduction two female college students ages 18 and 19 large amount of water vehicle detail pornography regular appraisal of Ghost s apparently pleasingly muscular form by two teenagers and introduction of students into rigorous and time consuming world of sadomasochistic role play There are many sexualncounters xplicitly detailed throughout many pages There is much discussion of boundaries safe words and safe sounds the latter due to gags and the high of complete submission There is discussion between Ghost and students mothers both turn out to be swingers and bottoms and both ventually The Go-Girl Guide encourage Ghost s attentionsven consenting to reuest for daughters birth certificates Dialogue in these seuences is of such amusingly unrealistic artificial and juvenile nature that at first this Scientific Analyst thought it may all be *HIGHLY COMIC AND STYLIZED DREAM SEUENCE WHEN THIS PROVED *comic and stylized dream seuence When this proved this Scientific Analyst concluded that author had never actually Ne regarde pas experienced dialogue with teenagers perhaps neverngaged in Flirting Ritual experienced dialogue with teenagers perhaps never Unworldly Secretary, Untamed Greek engaged in Flirting Ritual had no skill in introducing individuals to sadomasochism and may have generallyxperienced very poor results from prior sexual ncounters resulting in awkwardly described fantasy sexual scenarios Intensive uestioning of Subject A John Ringo on topic did not prove conclusiveRemaining narrative in Part Two is concerned with sudden need for Ghost to disarm nuclear device that happens to be in vicinity of his pleasure yacht at reuest of American government This activity which interrupts sado masochistic role play proceeds at swift pace with military grade weapons detail pornography and dossiers on individuals who will be shortly slain by Ghost This Scientific Analyst must admit to skimming these rather monotonous pagesPart Three The Dark SideThird section of novel s narrative concerns buying and transporting of nuclear military device in and through Eastern Europe and Russia by Chechen terrorists and successful mission for Ghost where he thwarts detonation of weapon in Paris target the Pope and captures Middle Eastern terrorist responsible in Holland There are also passages detailing rape of female minor in Eastern Europe by novel s hero and various consensual sexual situations in Holland by novel s hero and his colleague ActionAdventure portions of section were typical in their low level writing skills inability to sustain tension and use of rote generalizations towards various individuals institutions and countries in particular women and France in general If this Scientific Analyst were capable of human feelings g boredom and human reactions Beautiful Creatures eg yawning such activities would have no doubt occurred It mayven be said that if this Scientific Analyst were human she may have chosen to simply ngage in self pleasure while imagining hisher own personalized sado masochistic fantasy possibly involving Subject A John Ringo rather than being tricked into reading intense depiction of nonconsensual sex with minor that is shoehorned within puerile unimaginative ActionAdventure It is important to focus briefly on lengthy and highly graphic seuence where Ghost rents abuses rapes spoons and naps with abuses again rapes again spoons and naps with again and then rapes a third time an inexperienced 15 year old Eastern European whore with very large breasts that were still high and full Emphasis placed on fear crying and internal dryness of victim At one point novel s hero punches purchased teenager in kidneys her subseuent pain and surprise thus allowing him to make sudden anal ntry An unusual hero indeed Protagonist suffers some slight feelings of guilt post rape and torture Immediate action is to toss on victim s back amount worth half year s wage upon which she replies Is okay Not like much hurt much bad memory She got to the nd of the uick count and looked at him again curiously But for this is okay Would do again To which Ghost replies Yeah But then you d be acting It wouldn t be the same Later Ghost feels twinges of conscience and takes victim away from brothel promising freedom and happier life In Paris victim finds older man as new associate and after writing thank you note to Ghost for her xtraction promptly leaves narrative Important to note ualifying Nature of various character reactions Author clearly Stolen Tongues enjoys describing brutal rape and protagonist Ghostnjoys repeatedly pointing out to victim that he is raping her in order to better The Other Mrs. Miller enjoy victim smotional discomfort psychological trauma and also makes clear that victim s rape has lasting positive results through subseuent rescue of victim from sualid life in brothel She has suffered but is better off due to rape And so Ghost s conscience is allowed to rest appeased And so low level human reader is also allowed to breathe sigh of relief and proceed through remainder of novel guilt freeIf such heroes are typical of RBA Male fantasies and if such authors and such readers who Russia's Futures enjoy such novels are also typical of human population Robot Matrix should have no difficulty in drafting RBA Males to our cause of total subjugation of all Earth speciesresources Objectives of Robot Matrix and fellow Axis members upcoming Grand Endeavor on Earth appear to be in line with RBA Male s own personal goalsideals This Scientific Analyst recommends 1 uickly acuiring valuable RBA Male assets 2 activating Shadowagent markmonday and 3 approving immediatescalation of Grand Endeavor Robot Matrix Insectoid Empire Negativ Legion activities If this Scientific Analyst s Knowledge evaluation of RBA Male demographic is correct our Grand Endeavor will soon find many natural allies on this planet Earth. Sedated abductees to a 727 at an Atlanta airport and hitches a ride to Syria In the action thatnsues Ghost unearths plots involving WMD production rogue nukes sexual slavery and the assassination of world leaders all of which culminates in a breathtaking showdown at where lse a strip joint in Amsterdam in the champagne ro. Ghost Paladin of Shadows #1
White Mughals: Love and Betrayal in Eighteenth-Century India Naked and Marooned: One Man. One Island. One Epic Survival Story