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S you All of you I ll own you Every inch of you I m a man who is always in control of verything in my world My world my rules And you have to play by my rules I ಪರಿಸರದ ಕತೆ Parisarada Kathe especially demand control when it comes to the women in my bed Do you understand what I m telling you Drake Donovan is your sexy very dominant and controlling alpha male He likes things to be done with order and precision So when Evangeline catches hisye he wants her and won t stop till he claims her Instantly he takes control of Evangeline s life He moved her into his apartment provides for her financially into his apartment provides for her financially has her monitored 247 Suddenly Evangeline s whole world is shaken when she instantly trust Drake to take care of her I do Drake God help me but I do I feel safe with you I ve never felt so safe in my life Drake and Evangeline instantly falls into this relationship that was insta lust and insta trust Drake made it known to Evangeline that she must obey his orders and in such he would provide for her financially and open her sexually Their relationship is very one sided in such that Drake holds all the power and Evangeline is swept up in this whirlwind of money and obeying and trusting Drake Evangeline doesn t know what to make of this new found relationship because she was so used to providing for herself Little by little we see Drake stripped down Evangeline and parts of the old Evangeline gets lost as she tries to submit and let Drake take over But what happens when Drake destroys the trust that Evangeline had for him Can Evangeline go back to the man who made her feel like just a property I only meant that our lovemaking won t always be as it was tonight I The Fiend Next Door enjoy a variety of methods of sex Rough soft hard sweet Bondage spanking you at my complete mercy me in control at all times Injoy kink I like the idea of my woman being available to me at all times Mastered may not be the book for veryone since the heroine is not very strong but I feel confident that Maya Banks will showcase a new strong Evangeline in the second book While the sex scenes were hot there were some scenes that had me on the fence since I wasn t xpecting it But other than that I really njoyed reading Mastered and getting to know the secondary cast of characters whom will I assume play an integral part to the storyline The writing as always was sexy and addicting I wanted to know about Drake Donovan and his business I will just was sexy and addicting I wanted to know about Drake Donovan and his business I will just the last 20% will definitely have readers devouring the book so fast and that cliffhanger nding had me intrigued and I can t wait to see what awaits for Evangeline and Drake Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages Banks I am a big fan of Maya Banks but this book was really disappointing it was just so predictable boring and yet another over done dominant Alpha male Billionaire Drake Donovan with his sexy side kicks Maddox Silas justice and Zander who always gets what he wants and he wants Evangeline an innocent country girl who moved to the big city to work in a bar to support her sick parents back home Evangeline s character is a boring air head and Drake wants to mold her into his sex slave you would get out of having a tooth pulled at the dentist than this book Narrated by the sexy voice of Jeremy York and The Return of the Carter Boys: The Carter Boys 2 even his talent couldn t save thi. Tinct told her to run but her heart said stay and walk the fine line between pleasure and pain Though she wasn’t sure she couldver completely surrender the primal part of her wanted to try A Meditation on Murder even knowing this man could break her in ways she never imagined Because once he possessed her he owned her and it would be too late to turn back She can only pray that he doesn’t destroy her in thendComing May 2016 The Enforcers Book II Dominated.

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1 StarThis review is actually painful for me to write Why Because I used to love this author I adored her Sweet series and her Travis early KGI series so I know what she s capable of This book I felt like I was reading anntirely different author I never thought I d read a worse take on Ds than FSoG but this took the cake I kept reading in the hopes that it ll get better and regretted that fully when I finished Also the mere fact that the term of ndearment angel is used almost 200 times had my ye twitching the AI Weiwei: Beijing Photographs, 1993-2003 entire time Allow me to really break down my thought process here and in doing so this will contain spoilers It can t be helped Since I still can t form coherent thoughts onverything that didn t work for me let s do this in the form of a uiz I ll give you 2 scenarios along with my reaction and let you be the judgeYou re a special snowflake that s idealistic and super sweet After holding on to your virginity until you finally gave to a worthy man who then proceeds to unceremoniously dump you you re heartbroken Your friends say the best thing to do is to dress up in your best duds go to an The Bubble Economy: Is Sustainable Growth Possible? exclusive club BY YOURSELF and show him what he s missing Your reactions isA Demean yourself thoroughly because you re nothing special and shouldn t haveven tried to get a man but go anywayB Allow your girlfriends to dress you up and then go out drinking somewhere TOGETHERMy reaction You go to said club and get accosted by your douchenozzle of an x and borderline assaulted by him The mysterious owner of the club Drake that saw all this on his monitors calls you up to his office and has his bodyguards come down to scort you his monitors calls you up to his office and has his bodyguards come down to The Social Machine: Designs for Living Online escort you Go up there because you re completely subservient see the owner and realize how hot he is and then allow him to go down on you on his desk barely a hot minute afterntering his officeB Go up there then kindly thank the owner for his offer of cunnilingus but tell him you won t let him near your special oyster without at least knowing his medical clearance spank you very muchMy reactionAfter the hot Collision Course: Endless Growth on a Finite Planet encounter Drake demands to see you again but doesn t bother asking you He tells you that you will be at his house tomorrow at 7 When you don t show up because you have to work he sends his bodyguard to bring you to him after your shiftnds at 4am YouA Go with them because it d be rude not toB Flip the guard the bird then proceed to your bed because it s freaking 4 amMy reactionDrake tells you that he wants to be your lord and master your complete submission without doubt uestion or knowing fuck all about him He wants you to uit work he will financially support doubt uestion or knowing fuck all about him He wants you to uit work he will financially support struggling parents buy you a house and give you two million dollars All after meeting him onceYour reactionA Put up a half hearted attempt to argue but give in anyway because there s just something about the way he makes you feelB Tell him you ll take his 2 mil and promise not to report his ass to the policeMy reactionYour Lord and Master Drake has lots of bodyguards They re all broody and intimidating so youA Make them cupcakes and make them all fall in love with you because you re such a Speeshul Snowflake And They snowflake and they t help but fall for your self depreciating idealistic and naive waysB Wonder what the hell it is that Drake does that he needs so many. From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Breathless Trilogy comes the first novel in the Enforcers series a bold new direction in 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10 (Software Studies) erotic romance thatxplores the games men and women play and the price they’re willing to pay for pleasureWhat he wants he takes with no remorse or guilt She stood out in his club like a gem unspoiled and untouched A lamb among wolves she clearly didn’t belong Drawn to her innocence he watched as. Men guarding himMy reactionI have none at this point because I give upYour best friends are rightfully concerned about your uick capitulation After you drop verything including your home where you live with your roommates and your job one of them visits you and proceeds to interrogate Drake and his intentions and threaten him to never hurt you Your reaction isA Dress them down because how dare they slightly insult one of the bodyguards you just met three minutes ago
and also how 
also how they not be happy for you and uestion your uestionable and naive decision making How Dare TheyB Think that clearly you have badass friends and you had a have badass friends and you had a of insanity then follow them homeMy reactionSPOILER ALERTYour Lord and Master Drake decides to bring in a total stranger to have sex with you while he watches because that s his will and he s convinced you d njoy it You ve never met or heard of this manYouA Hop on the bed and spread your legs while waxing poetically inside your mind about how wonderful Drake is and secretly Your Everyday Art World enjoy thencounterB Slap the shit out of Drake kick the stranger in the balls and make a run for itMy reactionYou still have no clue about who Drake is what he does for a living or really any tiny detail about him So youA Give him your unwavering trust while telling him you hope to Why Photography Matters earn hisventuallyB Begin to uestion shit because you re normal and not a speeshul snowflakeMy reactionNow if you answered mostly A congratulations you re the heroine If that s something you can look past you d likely Doreen Valiente Witch enjoy the book If you answered mostly B s Title MasteredSeries The Enforcers 1Author Maya BanksRelease date 29th December 2015Cliffhanger Yes HEA view spoiler na hide spoiler Genre EroticaType Book 1 of The Enforcers seriesPOV Third PersonRating Drake Donovan was a successful businessman One of his many ventures was a nightclub called Impulse where only people with the right look and the r ARC provided by publisher inxchange for an honest review He tasted and smelled divine Hot alpha badass male Arrogant Confident And so yummy looking she couldn t fathom that she was standing in his office while he was thoroughly kissing her in a way she d never been kissed before It s no secret that I am Maya Banks fan Duty Free Murder ever since I read her Breathless Trilogy I was soxcited and couldn t wait to get my hands on Mastered and meet Drake Donovan While I know there are some mixed reviews on this book I happen to agree that yes there were scenes that had me uestioning the heroine s judgement and how realistic the story is BUT I did happen to find the story ntertaining sexy hot and suspenseful Evangeline is a good girl from a small town who moved to New York in order to financially support her parents whom are not able to support themselves due to their health and circumstances Evangeline s life consist of work work and work So with a non xistent social life she has her guards up But when she finally decided to take a chance on dating she was humiliated when her boyfriend dumped her right after she gave him her virginity So when her friends decide it was time for Evangeline to let loose and show her Hsi K'Ang and His Poetical Essay on the Lute ex boyfriend what he had lost Evangeline neverxpected her one night at VIP Venous Catheters exclusive club in NYC will lead her to Drake Donovan The price She was surrounded by men who saw what he did but no one but him could touch her He summoned her to his private uarters He sensed her fear He also recognized the desire in heryes And he knew she wouldn’t leave before he possessed her She had no need to know his secrets Not until he had her under his complete and utter control What he wants she isn’t sure she can give him The moment he told her want he wanted she couldn’t resist Ins.
Mastered The Enforcers #1

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