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was untouchable I "am glad that he got what he deserved My girl Karma "glad that he got what he deserved My girl Karma through verytime He had all of those chicks caught up in his web of lies and deceit I can t believe that all of them were that stupid Poor Aaliyah really got played I can t wait to read the next installment Worth a read From the first sentence My mouth was twisted in an O This was yet another delight by Jessica Can t wait until the next part Please read it s well worth it In this day and age cheating is not unfamiliarUnfortunately some men go above and beyond to hurt the ones that matter mostNas and Moses are your typical menThey both have familie but can t seem to leave the street life and all the drama it brings outside of their homeAaliyahJaleesa Tabitha are prime Crazy Love examples of loving these type of men despite the situationAs lies drama unfold these ladies will soon find out that their NASHats off to Jessica This was my first story by her and definitely won t be my last The first pages pulls you right in with the drama and carries it all the way to thend I love that the setting took place in my home town My Annual Editions: Technologies, Social Media, and Society emotions were all over the placeI can t wait to see whatlse these characters have in store. N that love is presumed to xist somewhere in these relationships Yet the drama that store. N that love is presumed to xist somewhere in these relationships Yet the drama that along with Nas and Moses’ love is life damaging and Aaliyah Tabitha and Jaleesa ventually learn that bad men love love too Fall into this gritty tale of deception that goes far beyond petty unfaithfulness and lies that will leave you realizing that some men simply ain’t. NAS by Jessica N. Watkins

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Loved itThe only thing that really "PISSED ME OFF WAS HOW DUMB "me off was how dumb Nas dude was Like really bro you doin all this dirt but leave ya money in the Black Heart, Red Ruby easiest to find places around the ones you doin dirt too To be getting away with so much criminal stuff he sure was making somelementary mistakes But anyway the plot was verything Glad part two is already out ReviewEvery woman has their breaking point just ask Tabitha It took her years but she finally said nough was nough Nasim had no respect for nobody and it showed by his actions had no respect for nobody and it showed by his actions wanted the fame and fortune but he wanted others to work for it while he reaped the benefitsAaliyah let false hope make her lose out on verything Moses gave Nas his loyalty but got the short Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey end of the stick He did Jalissa so wrong but she stuck by his side when he needed her the most She didn t do him dirtyven though she could ve I m ready to read part 2 Definitely A Must ReadThis book grasped my attention from page one Even though this book is fiction it brings the bittersweet reality of what some women deal with from the men that they love This books also shows how far one person s selfishness and jealousy will make him go to gain power God's Pocket even if it means bringing down those aroun. Most men cheat As women we’ve allxperienced that Yet some men cause hurt beyond infidelity Some men are so ruthless conniving #and reckless with love that they selfishly destroy the lives of ЯED every woman that is unfortunatenough to cross their path #reckless with love that they selfishly destroy the lives of very woman that is unfortunate nough to cross their path women haven’t xperienced this level of deception Those women should consider themselves lucky However the. ,

D him and the ones that love Him The Most I Gave This Book the most I gave this book stars because of how well written and how the author was able to capture my attention as if I wasn t reading a book I would recommend this book to anyone interested in Urban Fiction Urban Literature and ct Whew When a man is selfish and cares about no one but hisself he ll do anything to anybody Great read Good BookThis was a page turnerhowever I was Moreno expecting a detailedndings I wanted to know what happened to the characters I am not sure if she is going to do a part 2 but it needs to going to do a part 2 but it needs to Overall it was a good read Wow dirty ass niggasWow dirty ass niggasYou reap what you sow This book had so many twist and turns I didn t know what would happen next Hopefully there will be a seuel l loved all of the characters This book was so good Nas was the true meaning of a ninja who ain t suat I couldn t believe how he controlled Monsieur Pain everyone around him with his lies and manipulations As the booknds it makes me think if it s really over "Despite The Ending There "the A Spark of Light: the fearless new novel from the Number One bestselling author ending there some serious revenge in order I can t wait to see what happens next Perfect titleThis is the perfect title for this book NAS definitely lies up to the meaning of those letters His arrogance was a com. Unfortunate that fall victim to these magicians of trickery and manipulation aren’t so lucky To these women unfaithfulness is a cake walk Aaliyah Tabitha and Jaleesa arexamples of these women Sometimes you can see a man’s games from a mile away Unfortunately Nas and Moses put much What If effort in disguising their deception as unconditional love There is no uestio.

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