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Adrenaline DominanceGreat information in this book that makes sense Has prompted me to try Dr Platt s way and use bio identical progesterone I love the informationSo much of this information i have believed but have not had the back up of an xpert thank you Great stuff Dr PlattMuch appreciated knowledge and A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, experience Thanks for being courageous in your career to make a difference in lives Almostveryone fits into this category and needs help now a days Thanks for providing it Incredible information This non fiction book about our fight and flight instincts is absolutely fascinating Being a stress junky myself I would like to dig further into the subject of hormonal inbalances Easy To Read And Most to read and most The approach is rather radical but the recommendations are doable so give it a try amazingly helpful Michael Platt provides insight which can lead to healing and hope physically from learning things you might not hear anywhere The Shadow Reader else Dealing with symptoms yes but getting at the root of a variety of ailments Really helpful I read this book at the reuest of my doctor It was written so that concepts wereasily understood by laymen yet it contained lots of information and Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies explained so much that is notasily found or compiled in mainstream sources This helped xplain many things. Adrenaline is a powerful hormone whose ffects have been virtually ignored by the medical community Adrenaline Dominance The Power Of A Choice explains how this hormone might be a major underlying cause of many condi. Ger bed wetting in children autism ADD ADHDxtreme sickness diabetes during pregnancy PMDD migraines back and muscle pain Alzheimers Parkinsons brain deterioration osteoporosis muscle wasting stomach and ven fibromyalgiaI during pregnancy PMDD migraines back and muscle pain Alzheimers Parkinsons brain deterioration osteoporosis muscle wasting stomach ulcers and ven fibromyalgiaI advise anyone that suffers from any several conditions or just wants a healthier life with optimal longevity free from dependence on prescription drugs read this book Tell all your friends family and work colleagues This is the biggest health breakthrough since penicillin was discovered Do not buy this book The author has been disciplined numerous times and finally lost his license for violating the Medical Practice Act prescribing dangerous drugs while on suspension inadeuate intake procedure failure to pass the PACE review and many other instances of gross negligence Although some of the doctor s suppositions are attractive there are NO clinical studies that support his theories Even though his website says the ideas in his book were the cause of his license revocation the truth is that an xtensive and thorough review of his practices as reported both by patients and undercover investigators This was no witch hunt Platt is a fraud and a charlatan whose treatments have been harmful to numerous patientshttpswwwcasewatchnetboardmed. Xcess adrenaline In most cases this protocol allows patients to reassess their need for taking prescription medications which treat symptoms rather than address

root cause of their condition. That would appear unrelated on the surface Of particular interest is the information on creative types and a particular type of attention issues I wish there would have been ven specific details regarding a recommended The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right eating plan as well asxtensive information on glycemic index ratings for foods but this does not impact the relevance practicality or usefulness of this book This book is not overwhelming to read as the page count is reasonable and the information is presented in a very reader friendly style Highly recommended for understanding why so many modern health conditions appear untreatable For decades doctors have prescribed traditional pharmaceutical pills seemingly only treating the symptoms instead of seemingly only treating the symptoms instead of to understand and treat the causes of comditions Michael Platt a highly knowledgeable medical practictioner xplains in layperson s language how many modern health conditions are caused by xcess adrenalin an umbrella health condition he terms adrenaline dominance He claims with proof from letters from his treated patients and by Monsieur Pain explaining the mechanisms thatxcess adrenalin is the cause of a wide range of still incurable life debilitating diseases and health conditions diabetes II anxiety depression bipolar anger including road rage And Uncontrollable An. uncontrollable an. currently considered incurable This book xplains why people produce this fight or flight hormone ven when they are not facing danger It presents a natural protocol for rapidly reducing