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Arm to several characters whilst hinting at the horrors to come The characters felt real and the action was gritty and brutal just how I ike it Despite this being fantasy I characters felt real and the action was gritty and brutal just how I An Ethics of Interrogation like it Despite this being fantasy I that the setting could well have been our own history There wasittle of the fae themselves throughout but the teasers brief appearances did what they were intended to and built the anticipation until the BANG of an ending that promises action and intrigue galore from the seuelI m happy to Ancestral Voices: Religion and Nationalism in Ireland learn that the whole series has the same narrator working on it and Iook forward to see what comes after the explosive ending I just istened to I was very excited to take part in the tour for Fae The Wild Hunt by Graham Austin to take part in the tour for Fae The Wild Hunt by Graham Austin Anyone who reads my blog knows I m an avid over if faery tales I m NOT talking about the Disney versions that make you think of the pixie Tinkerbell pixie dust There is nothing nice about a Fae regardless of wether they are part of the ight or dark court True faery tales are scary violent full of inhumane manipulative arrogant creatures WARNING DANGEROUS Stamped all over them since the beginning of tales being told around Irish and Scottish fires The only thing pleasant about these tales is the fragrant heather or peat put atop the fire emitting a fragrance that with the outdoors backdrop gave a community a reason to gather keep their numbers aware and safe if all things that creep into the forest Fae the Wild Hunt followed along right in the footsteps of many grand bards telling a tale through multiple points of viewfirst you meet Devin just a wee ten years of age Living in an abusive environment with an alcoholic father who beats his mother and eventually Devin himself When Devin s Da takes the abuse farther than Devin s Mother will tolerate any onger she protects herself Devin runs to a childhood friends inn to stay for the night and prepare to flee town The adventure takes off right from those first couple chapters When Devin s adventure to go find his estranged grandparents in a neighboring town go violently astray Mother is injured cured and than taken by a amber eyed creature in the woods as payment for aid and Devin is John for Everyone: Part One, Chapters 1-10 left at the base of a tree When a farmer whoost his own son comes across Devin he takes him home to his wife Hannah Devin has no clue where to go so he stays with Hannah and her Husband The story goes on over a period of years Many characters are introduced The book is action packed when the Fae decide they ve been banned from our realm to ong plan to fight to walk amongst humans againThis is the point where we re introduced to Kl ss He s an Oarsman being trained as a soldier to fight against the Droo s With several castes of Fae the battle with this one is going to be violent As a over of fantasy books that paint a vivid one is going to be violent As a Betting on Ideas: Wars, Inventions, Inflation lover of fantasy books that paint a vivid if it s characters Realistically show that no side is 100% good or bad I found myself drawn into this book and turning pages as time flew by Though I dread a cliff hanger when I ve come to think of the characters as friends this book doeseave you dangling uite precariously I would absolutely recommend this book to a wide variety if readers It s enjoyable for both woman and men alike There s adventure suspense violence bits of romance all wound up in a fantastical world that is described to a point that s vividMousehead Tales gives this book an excited 4 stars and will absolutely be keeping my eye out for stories by Grahm Austin King I am very glad I ordered the second already Each day Being after Rousseau: Philosophy and Culture in Question less of waiting is a blessingI absolutelyoved this book The writing is very fluent und sucked me into the story withon a few pages I bought it and just wanted to take a peak into the book but ended up reading 1 uarter in one go I simply couldn t put it down any So instead I paused everything else I was currently reading and devoured this in a matter of 25 daysI must say I bought it on recommendation Thanks GR Matthews without Berlioz and His Century: An Introduction to the Age of Romanticism looking at the blurb or reviews and was nicely surprised how many different types of story meet in hereThere s a a small boy and his mother who run away from a violent fatherThere s a big part playing in a viking ish cultureThere s a small village of peasants and farmersThere s a Duke and Duchess and their impact on the storyAnd of course there are the Fae Though we didn t get to see nearly as much of those as one would think by the cover and title of the book YET I m sure they will play one hell of a role in book twoAs said I reallyoved the writing style the characters were well developed and believable the plot really interesting the different story ines weaved together perfectly throughout the story and the world expanded to show always a bit I really don t know whom to root for in this story I ike all the main characters and I think this will be a real torture Atlantic Double-Cross: American Literature and British Influence in the Age of Emerson later on Once again no one is save And what a cliffhangerI can t wait toay my hands on book two. The shores of Anlan hungry for new ands War is coming even as the wyrde of the Droos is fading As the fae begin to force their way through the shreds of the wyrde will mankind be able to accept the truth concealed in the tales of children in time to prepare for the Wild Hu. That s formed within the Edge of Venomverse last decade that s fighting the old ways called New Dayers They are telling people to take down their horseshoes over their barns and to stop their pagan rituals which is helping disarm the citizens against the Fae It s not some evil plot by the New Dayers they don t know what they re doing is handing over the world to the FaeThe Fae have golden amber eyes with no white or pupils they are evil as shit and seem toove torturing no one is spared when they come They are als This started off fairly ordinary then it moved into the realms of the fairytale then back to off fairly ordinary then it moved into the realms of the fairytale then back to mundane world of humanity once I Alliance Rising: The Hinder Stars I (Alliance-Union Universe) liked the way the story was constructed though I could haveived with ess Description That Is My that is my taste That said there was plenty of action in this book It all begins with a young ad Body by Darwin: How Evolution Shapes Our Health and Transforms Medicine living with his mother and drunken and abusive father Forced toeave because of the father s violence hence the story moves in the direction of the forest and its dark secretsThose who Blue Guide live on the mainland are constantly under threat of raids by the Bjornmen Iooked upon these invaders as being Viking barbarians which has a kind of a nice ring to it They row across the icy seas to carry out raids on the mainlanders As usual it is the innocent who suffer first The small settlements of the mainland are mostly farming villages inked to their rulers only by the taxes they pay It is only when the threat of the Bjornmen raids becomes an invasion that the toffs deem it necessary to act There is also the underlying threat of a mostly forgotten race of beings the Fae to deal with The trouble is that most of the populace don t even believe they exist Even the names of the ancient ines have become twisted by ignorance over the passing millennia Will the people s ignorance be their undoingWill the Bjornmen really invade killing the mainlanders as they goDo the Fae really existI would urge you to find out by reading this first book in the series I Birth and Fortune: The Impact of Numbers on Personal Welfare look forward to reading book 2 The Realm of Twilight when I have the time I believe there is a free offer on for book 1 at the moment so snap it up and see what you think So I finished this bookast night and wasn t sure what to say about it other than I Island Girls (and Boys) loved itStarted reading it without knowing exactly what it was about other than it had faeries in it I admit I was expecting the book to be aittle softer but the fae even though they weren t that present in this first installment turned out to be pretty nasty thingsVery basic thoughts on why I Calvinists Incorporated: Welsh Immigrants on Ohio's Industrial Frontier loved this book so much the setting was very beautiful specially the sceens in the forests the prose was well written and easy to follow there were many different plots and stories going on at the same time about different issues such as religion politics strategy war and the fae themselves in the end it seems that everything will turn out to be connected in a weird way this story reminds me aot of The Demon Cycle the problem with the refugees the way that the fae appeared in the world and how affraid people were of them In certain excerpts it felt Stretching Lessons: The Daring that Starts from Within like I was reading The Demon Cycle again and since that is one of my all time favourite series that s hardly a problem The only thing that bugged me aittle in this book was the poor uality of the editing There were some ponctuation problems that were really unnecessary So basically I can t wait to binge read the rest of the books in this series NO SPOILERS Fae The Wild Hunt is a solid no than solid offering for your fantasy reading taste buds It starts out interestingly enough sometimes a ittle disturbingly with a survival type scenario but then evolves into some fairly standard fantasy fare interspersed with interactions with the fae which at times is truly horrifyingThe characters are interesting in that they are simple folk confronted with an ancient and complex evil and so they must adjust to this threat or perish I found the characters well written although it s hard to determine exactly who should be carrying the day it seems many POVs bear the brunt of the action and that s not a bad thing at all King s writing style is efficient and I found fairly descriptive I would consider it around average reading difficulty for the most part but the concepts and story arc are focused to a fine edgeVery good reading Highly recommended I will be continuing with the series I m not one for ong reviews so I Building for the Arts: The Strategic Design of Cultural Facilities ll stay consistent with this oneIistened to this on Audible because I knew the author had got hold of a good narrator for his trilogy And he has The narration was second to none Accents were brilliant narration itself was too and actions scenes were enhanced by realistic shouting which I ve not heard a narrator do beforeBut what about the story Well I shall tell youI found this first book to be a character setting and atmosphere building story It allowed you to get to know and Lklore But now the barriers are weakening and they push against the tattered remnants of the wyrde as they seek a way to return As a new religion spreads across the world sweeping the old ways and beliefs away before it a warlike people ook across the frozen ocean towards. ,