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Nation it was pretty fast paced And ven though that was needed as a set up I w 5 stars Fifth Read 83120205 stars Fourth Read 6920195 stars Third Read 101820185 stars Second Read 72720175 stars First Read 5222015 I LOVE THIS FREAKING BOOK I can t get nough of itWOW I honestly did not xpect to love this as much as I did The writing was Culture and Enchantment excellent the storyline realistic I would presume I ve obviously never been stranded in a rainforest but it seemed realistic to me and the characters were veryasy to like and relate to I had pause when I started because of some of the reviews I read I m not necessarily fan of a couple of the themes they alluded toThese are pretty significant spoilers beware1 view spoilerI dislike cheating not because I think it s some black and white scenario in which all cheaters are horrible people but because I often dislike the way authors handle the situation Too often it s just done with the idea that ither the cheater or cheated is a horrible person and that s the nd of it which is so untrue and just cheapens the situation frankly It happens to good people too it s a mistake like anything D DAY Through German Eyes 2 else or it s ultimately responsible to recognize you are with the wrong person which was the case here and given thextreme nature of this novel it would have made no sense to wait to tell Chris on the off chance they got rescued So needless to say I was impressed with how Layla dealt with this subject It was hard listening to Chris at the hospital but life is hard sometimes and I actually Baroque Personae enjoyed this aspect to the novel hide spoiler 5 Dazzling Stars Arc kindly provided by the author inxchange for an honest review My heart is swelling with Democratic Art emotions after reading thisngrossing and uniue story I wish for Did the Greeks Believe in Their Myths? everyone to read this book andxperience the verlasting love of a couple that had to face really xtreme circumstances but their love flourished and shined brighter than the starsAimee boarded her fianc s airplane to go to Brazil and get married in a beautiful ranch in a lavish ceremony she s been planning for months Her life hasn t been Codependent Forevermore: The Invention of Self in a Twelve Step Group easy after loosing her parents at a very young age but her best friend Chris who later became her boyfriend has always been there for her to help her through life and now they are getting married A few hours into the flight the turbulence gets very intense and Tristan the pilot announces there s difficulties with the plane that are forcing him to make anmergency landing in the middle of the rainforestTristan has been working for Aimee s fianc Chris for the past two years the handsome pilot mostly keeps to himself but is clear that he carries deep secrets that still haunt him Tristan has always njoyed being in Aimee s presence she s beautiful smart and incredibly sweet and she always manages to put a smile on his face Now that both Tristan and Aimee are stranded in the wild a deep bond starts to form between them and Aimee are stranded in the wild a deep bond starts to form between them that begins as a friendship but will turn into something special and as vital to them as breathingIt won t be Conscience and Memory easy facing the forest with the very scarce provisions they have but these two become a team their goal is to protect one another from the dangers of the rainforest both willing to fight anything and always aiming to survive Day after day hope of a rescue becomes a distant thought neither of them is willing to torture themselves with A fierce love is born desperate and unlike anything neither Aimee or Tristan havever known but the guilt and fear of hurting Chris plus all the scary Pansy Vol. 6 encounters in the wild will make it hard for their love toven have a chance Will Aimee and Tristan survive and if they do will their love continue once they get back into the real world and will they make it as a couple despite the traumatic circumstances they ve been throughThis book was an absolute page turner the story held me captive from beginning to Edible Memory: The Lure of Heirloom Tomatoes and Other Forgotten Foods end never predictable and absolutely romantic it wasverything I hope for in a novel I ve read a few books by this author now and her writing gets better with Elizabeth I every story and this time around she delivered a truly original storyline and delightful characters that completely brought out all mymotions specially the beautiful Education in a New Society epilogue that left with with tears in myyes amazing My Withering Hope music playlistIt Was Always You by Maroon 5Love Someone by Jason Mraz Tenerife Sea by Ed SheeranBe My Forever By Christina Perry ft Ed Sheeran. Despite her devotion to her fiancé Aimee can’t hide her feelings for Tristan the man for whom she’s slowly becoming verything You can hide many things in the rainforest But not lies Or love Withering Hope is the story of a man who desperately needs forgiveness and the woman who brings him hope It is a story in which hope births wings and blooms into a love that is as beautiful and intense as it is forbidde. ,

I received an ARC from the author in xchange for an honest review Thank you 475 5 SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL stars I m not a star I whisper I m a satellite rotating around you You re the star I need your light to shine Withering Love was author Layla Hagen s best work to date It nraptured me gutted me choked me up a couple of times and ultimately had me wanting to read this story again and again Aimee and Tristan s love was one of those once in a lifetime types of love that veryone wishes to have or xperience Tristan who you learn has always held a torch for Aimee pre crash "Days Is The Ultimate Sweetheart " is the ultimate sweetheart survivor who will do anything to keep himself and his unreuited love alive It s uite poetic and heartwarming to see the lengths he will go and Aimee vice versa to nsure her health and safety really So adorable Love has an ffect few other things have to mpower you with happiness and at the same time strip you of all power making you a prisoner of fear What s poignant and beautiful about his and Aimee s relationship is is that their romance doesn t take off right away but carefully builds over their time in the rainforest With nothing coercing forcing or stopping their irrefutable chemistry and connection it was amazing to see nature run its course in its most basic of intervals and to witness two people falling in love without ven realizing it The only catch is Aimee is ngaged to be married to another man Who will she choose Will Tristan be able to convince her to take a chance on himon ach otherOr is their love just simply not meant to beAll in all A breathtaking and touching readLife throws you unexpected curves and wedges sometimes in the right or wrong scheme of things and it s up to you to make the best of your situation or crumble to the abyss This totally sums up what happens to Tristan and Aimee as they struggle to cope with the bleak outlook of their situation their growing feelings for another and the rising stakes set against them and the realization that they may or may not make it back to civilization alive after allI against them and the realization that they may or may not make it back to civilization alive after allI fell in love with this story and wish there was like it It was so wonderful For all those of you ladies who are looking for a pure untainted and unadulterated story filled with love defying the odds in the most unlikely of situationsalong with realistic upheavals filled with terrifying and heartbreaking situations where verything could mean life or death Withering Love is for you Those terrifying months in the rainforest were in a way a gift Maybe it s true what they say that without darkness you can never truly appreciate the light 45 5 Excommunication: Three Inquiries in Media and Mediation emotional stars Withering Hope is anmotional and uniue book It s a story about a man who desperately needs forgiveness and a woman who gives him hope and brings him back from the dark dreams of his pastIt s not a love story It s a story about hope forgiveness and finding love in the most unlikely places The Plane Crash With no communication with the outside world can Aimee and Trisatn face the horrors of the forest and surviveCan they resist their attraction Will lo 35 Starsimage Gender Justice error 35 starsDo not read this book in publicAs much as I wasn t really feeling the characters and was not my typical speed of a book I was swept up into a monumental set of feels toward thend Read with tissues 5 Stars Originally Read 242015 4 Stars Re Read 3162017Overall Opinion This was still an Generations and Collective Memory enjoyable read and one that will remain on my favorites shelf I will however drop it from a 5 star rating to a 4 star rating though My biggest issue was that we don t really have any time with them as a couple in the real world after they re rescued To me that is such a missed opportunity I love that they go into different career fields but I wanted I felt like the confrontation with Chris was resolved way too neatly and we didn txperience any fallout from that whole situation view spoilerI mean what did Tristan do for a job Did the h live with her fianc and have to move out What happened with that mother figure Maggie that came up in conversation a few times Etc hide spoiler 45 hope stars I ve found something here I ve never had before Hope Aimee is on her way to Brazil flying in a private jet owned by her fianc to get married but all her dreams are shattered when Tristan the pilot had to perform an mergency landing on the hills of rain forest due to ngine failure Now stranded in middle of a dens. Aimee’s wedding is supposed to turn out perfect Her dress her fiancé and the location the idyllic holiday ranch in Brazil are perfect But all Aimee’s plans come crashing down when the private jet that’s taking her from the US to the ranch where her fiancé awaits her defects mid flight and the pilot is forced to perform an From Notes to Narrative emergency landing in the heart of the rainforest With no way to reach civilisation. E wild forest where there s no sign of a rescue the only hope of surviving isach otherAs days turns into weeks and weeks into months
Being Stranded In Forest Takes 
stranded in forest takes toll with wild animals lurking in Guitar Makers: The Endurance of Artisanal Values in North America every nook and corner whereven pretty looking flowers could been dangerous their chances of surviving becomes slim to none With only God's Choice: The Total World of a Fundamentalist Christian School each other to lean on they grow very close and fight to stay alivevery day and night not only battling with danger outside of their very plane but also with their inner turmoil In midst of all this they are in constant battle with desperation loneliness danger hunger and disease Will they survive in nature s cruel Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets (Paper)) environment or will their WITHERING HOPE destroy their chances of living yet another day I used to hate waking upvery morning Now I look forward to very day ven though we re stuck in this place Because it means one day with you I will go ahead and say that this story is no different from any other survival stories you have read and I m not the one to read a recycled plot and devour it but still I rated it 45 stars because of its SIMPLICITYOk let me laborate that At about 20% mark I predicted what s going to happen and how it s going to nd like any other survival story there were two helpless people alone in the harshest Foraging for Survival environment put together some romantic moments wild animals disease which will almost kill them and no sign of rescuing It wasverything and nothing like that As I started reading further I was lost in world of Aimee and Tristan I lived Fragments every moment of their distress situation and their constant struggle to keepach other alive and happy See The Thing Is This Author thing is this author t go to any Foundations of Tropical Forest Biology: Classic Papers with Commentaries extentxaggerating their already horrendous living condition or make the characters look like super humans or add any unnecessary danger to make it believable ven she didn t add any OTT romance to make it njoyable or glue to the pages The writing itself was uite simple yet the story was very much consuming with humble lovable characters and their love so subtle and pure adding right amount of passion humor keeping the story very grounded It happens so rarely that an author takes a used plot and makes it an amazing story delivering a wonderful message of hope love and will power Withering hope is an inspiring story of finding love in the darkest place a story of healing and discovering oneself in time of distress living and loving very small thing you are grateful in life A beautiful story which had me crying for hours after I read it and the one to always remain close to my heartSo why not 5 starsThis story definitely deserves a huge appreciation and the uote There is beauty in simplicity sits well with this one but I didn t get the tone of the nding or ven the pilogue It s not that I disliked it but view spoiler I wanted to see them having a happy and beautiful life instead of fast forwarding to 10 years and many years from there I felt like Aimee died in forest and not when she was old and in hospital because the sudden time leap didn t give me One Ticket To Texas enough time to be happy for them being rescued and spending rest of their life together but rather sad that they DIED Period hide spoiler FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED Wow I read this in one sitting and finished it with tears in myyes because of how beautiful the Helpmate epilogue was I m so glad I decided to try this one out Withering Hope is a standalone romance about a woman Aimee who was on her way to her wedding when the private jet she was taking crash landed in the middle of the rainforest With no ARC received by the author inxchange for reviewOUT TODAY 35 STARS Genre Stranded romanceCover 810 Writing 810 Heroine 710Hero 710Humour 110Hotness 310Romance 810Extra book Details Heroine POV 1st person small snippets of Hero s POV Stand Alone Approx 180 kindle pages I thought the bond between us here in the rainforest was one of friendship But maybe it s Maybe I feel for this man who s not only the strongest person I ve met but who also seems determined to keep me alive than himself Withering Hope is a sweet romance with angst friendship and actionDespite my 35 star "rating I njoyed the book the latter half I felt there was something missing something deeper maybe I wanted there to " I njoyed the book the latter half I felt there was something missing something deeper maybe I wanted there to a better connection or character depth than the one I was givenThe first half was a lot about surviving it packed in a lot of this is what we are doing to survive scenarios and xpla. Being rescued is Aimee and Tristan’s the pilot only hope A slim one that slowly withers away desperation taking its place Because death wanders in the jungle under many forms starvation diseases Beasts As Aimee and Tristan fight to find ways to survive they grow closer Together they discover that facing old inner agonies carved by painful pasts takes just as much courage if not ven than facing the rainforest. Withering Hope