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Not HALF as ood as it s feline cousin Warriors which I am a fan of to the death Story doesn t rip me Characters are not as well crafted and I can t say anything about Kallik s personality whereas with Suirrelflight I can say Strong and hotheaded will not let anything stand in her way I read one of the Warriors sub series and I loved it I love the writing and the characters I asked my mom to buy me this book because I really enjoyed Warriors A Vision of Shadows I have to say I was disappointing It is not as action packed as it s feline companion I found myself disliking characters and #characters and plot and bored The way Toklo thinks of his family is just horrible And there was too much death for me I have the second book and plan to read eventually but I will probably not continue on in the series The Warriors series is an old uilty pleasure favorite of mine and even though I m probably too old for Erin Hunter I really don t care I was pleasantly surprised with this new series Some of the later Warriors books Blue Guide get tired and repetitive so I mlad that other then the writing style Seekers bears little resemblence to Warriors If the bears had started living in Clans and calling each other names like Rabbitfang then I would be worried I was skeptical about how a Polar bear Black Bear and Grizzly would all meet and become friends but it s been pulled off pretty well so far I love Toklo and can easily accept Lusa and Ujurak traveling with him The only real problem is Kallik the polar bear Lusa and Toklo s stories flow seamlessly into each other but how will she come into play I didn t like her parts of the story after a while too many Erin Hunter has done it again only this time the emotions are REAL I can t begin to express how emotional this book was and how many times I have cried This is only book one in the series and I m dying to see what the rest of the series #has in store I have to say that compared to Erin #in store I have to say that compared to Erin s other series Warriors The Prophecy book on of the Seekers The uest Begins escalates rapidly causing the reader to rapidly read through to the end You ll find yourself on an emotional roller coaster ride while reading this book This insanely powerful book is well deserved five star rating for the emotional pulling it has on the heart and for the reat length in details that paint the emotions and image in your head Pick up a copy as soon as you et the chance I was fortunate enough to receive this as a present from my husband and it has become one of my top favorite books thus far Perfect Musical Pairing Run Wolf Warrior Run by Joyce from Wolf s Rain Reading about the awesome antics of Iorek Byrnison put me in the mood for bears bears are awesome and my brain needed a break from all of the emotional and intellectual heavy lifting of His Dark Materials so I figured I d Birth and Fortune: The Impact of Numbers on Personal Welfare give Seekers a lookI had avoided this series for a long time because I wasn t particularly impressed with Team Erin Hunter s Warriors but in my never ending search forood uality anthropomorphic fiction on the same level of awesomeness as Island Girls (and Boys) good old Watership Down my kept finding myselfravitating towards the children s fiction section in the bookstore and this cover always caught my eye if there s one thing Erin Hunter s books have it s Calvinists Incorporated: Welsh Immigrants on Ohio's Industrial Frontier good cover artAnd now here I am at the end of this first book in a six book series and Iotta say it s no Watership Down but it s a ripping Stretching Lessons: The Daring that Starts from Within good yarn all the same Heck if it was the team s intention to write a Watership Down for kids with this story then I say Mission AccomplishedThe best in anthropomorphic fiction portrays their characters with some well anthropomorphism they have to otherwise we d just be reading the euivalent of a nature documentary while the true animal natures of the characters remain intact and realistic This is what makes anthropomorphic fiction so challenging and enjoyable The animals here in Seekers behave for the most part like their real wild counterparts which is than I can say for Warriors and Ireatly appreciated this surprising level of realism Something else that I immensely enjoyed that I Call the Next Witness guess other people were complaining about the pacing I was surprised and impressed by how the team really took their time to set up these characters and the setting so that I was deeplyetting to know these adolescent bears and it made their struggles and their battles against the odds all the engrossing I m looking forward to the next book and I m also considering iving Erin Hunter a second chance Maybe Warriors is a better series than I remember Okay despite the marketing this is NOT Warrior Cats with bears so do not let your like. Three bears one destiny From the author of the nationally bestselling Warriors books comes a brand new animal fantasy series Three young bears from different species black pola. The uest Begins Seekers #1Ld but he won t tell her anything about it She longs to know what the wild is like longs to experience life in the wild for herself and not feel trappedToklo is a rizzly He wanders with his mother Oka and his brother Tobi through the forest trying to stay out of the way of other bears and humans Toklo resents his younger brother Tobi as he is very sick He wonders if his mother loves Tobi than he loves him He longs to prove to Oka that he is a real bear a strong bear unlike his sickly brotherWhen tragedy Strikes In Three Very in three very ways Kallik Lusa and Toklo are forced to care for themselves in the wild More than that the three bear cubs are being brought together to fulfill a destiny that none of them could have ever "imagined possibleFollowing the phenomenal success of her Warriors series featuring clans of " possibleFollowing the phenomenal success of her Warriors series featuring clans of in a struggle for power Erin Hunter changes focus and enters the realms of fantasy fiction with Seekers The uest BeginsSeekers The uest Begins is an incredible read I was preparing myself for the average talking animal book where the animals are cute and the conflict is resolved and we have a happy Disney like ending Not so in Seekers The uest Begins There is violence within these pages and the threats are very very realThis makes the story of the three bear cubs heading towards destiny all the exciting As a reader we really Bulletproof Feathers: How Science Uses Nature's Secrets to Design Cutting-Edge Technology get a feel for what it is like to be a bear to live in the wild to constantly have to fight for food and nourishment to survive in a barren landscape Hunter has done the undoableiven us an understanding of the true life of bearsAt first I was worried that Seekers The uest Begins would be a cheap rip off of Brian Jacues Redwall series Again I was proven wrong Those that compare the two are comparing apples and oranges Seekers The uest Begins does have talking animals but the similarities end thereErin Hunter has actually made bears seem human but without losing their ferocity their wildness She has Casuistry and Modern Ethics: A Poetics of Practical Reasoning given us three strong protagonists in Kallik Lusa and Toklo and I found myself rooting for them cheering for them I didn t expect to become attached to three bear cubs but by the end of Seekers The uest Begins I feel like I know these bearsThat is the true power of Hunters writing She presents us with animals who are somehow so human we can t help but fall in love with them but she never lets us forget that they aren t human that they have worries beyond anything we could imagine It takes a very talented writer to balance this fine edge and Hunter does this with aplombSeekers The uest begins is a fantastic adventure that leaves me hungering for If you re looking for areat read to start your summer off right look no further Seekers The uest Begins will leave you breathless Synopsis Three young bears from different species black polar and rizzly are separated from their families when they are just young cubs They find themselves brought together on a perilous journey Fate is about to change all these bears lives forever setting their paws on a path toward a future they cannot yet imagine Review Having just learned that Erin Hunter is actually a pen name for three seperate writers makes me less jealous of the fact that they were able to not only write this fantastic story but also managed to find time to crank out the eually awesome Warrior series without essentially breaking #a sweat So now that I know it s not as envy inspiringbut #sweat So now that I know it s not as envy inspiringbut ibearly Straight off of the top this book is very touching and it made me teary in a few places so little ones and sensitive readers should know to be prepared Natural selection and tragedy are realistically unapologetically interwoven in this remarkable story This tale follows three bear cubs Kallik Toklo and Lusa reat names through their separate journeys as they each struggle with illness abandonment death and captivity It is their individual mythical belief in the protective allatic earth water and wind bear spirits which provides strength to continue on in the face of natural heart breaking tragedy The balance of characterization natural bear behavior and environmental concerns makes this a really fantastic adventure story As mentioned sensitive readers will need to steel themselves against the realistic portrayal of life in the wild Critical Reviews The reviews I found agreed Told with an interesting balance of cute anthropomorphic characterization and realistic attention to bear behaviors and the brutalities of life in the wild ALA Booklist Hunter creates a richly sensuous world filled with cruelty beauty tenderness savagery and just enough underlying legendary background to add mystery Kirkus Reviews. S lives forever setting their paws on a path toward a future they cannot yet imagine Book Details Format Hardcover Publication Date 5272008 Pages 320 Reading Level Age 8 and Up.

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Dislike one one be a uide to #whether you d like the otherI liked the Warriors series a lot so I thought I d #you d like the otherI liked the Warriors series a lot so I thought I d this a o I also wrote this review after also reading the 2nd book so as not to pre judge by only the opener Well they tried Erin Hunter isn t a real person but a team of writers An additional 3rd writer writes these who didn t work on Warriors the dog series doesn t have any of the original writers I think this series would have been better if it series would have been better if it been allowed to be different rather than marketed as a B rade Warriors "spinoff Thankfully the bears don t act like stupid teddy bears Part of the beauty of " Thankfully the bears don t act like stupid teddy bears Part of the beauty of Warriors series were there were so many characters and epic conflicts and battles It was like one of those addictive soap operas I assume having never been addicted to soap operas These elements are just missing from the Seekers series Well yes focussing on just the 4 main characters is potentially a Bright College Years good thing in some ways The problem is much of Seekers consist of what I d call boring filler in the Warriors the parts where they went on a boring trip andot chased by a dog or stuck in a thorn bush yawn There s scope for things actually happening here but we know the bears aren t about to die or something unlike Warriors so it s not exactly suspenseful Long stretches of the book sound like they d make a Chicagos Urban Nature great TV show or movie where you actually see the action but are just boring to read Then there s the bears religion superstition This is fine when the whole thing is properly developed like StarClan in Warriors was actually plotted but them just having random superstitions and believing in the windhallucinations doesn t really cut it for meThe polar bear is just boring sorry and undergoes zero character development I like Toklo and Lusa They re the only parts of the first two books that capture my interestI think this is targeted at a younger audience than Warriors which is misleading when all the marketing and covers makes them look the same this is areat book It is the perspective of three bears Kallik a polar bear Lusa a black bear and Toklo a Cezanne and Provence: The Painter in His Culture grizzly bearEventually theyet separated from there family s all three of them Kallik is looking for her brotherwhen her mom died they where separated by the ice she has hope and faith she will find him by following the star she meets this kind bear who toke care of her but eventually she dies all three bears are following this star Lusa wants to Chicago's Urban Nature: A Guide to the City's Architecture + Landscape go to the wild she is locked up in the bear bowl she meets a mom bear who is sad and disowned her cub moms name is Oka Oka is sorry for doing it she could not stand to see another cub die Lusa promised Oka she would tell Toklo her cub Toklo is very mad that his mom only pays attention to Tobie Tobie this Tobie that he is tired of Tobiethen Tobie dies his mom cant stand to see it happen to Toklo so she lives him Toklo meets a bear that reminds him of Tobie this is no ordinary cub it can turn into animals I had dropped the Warrior series after the first 6 books because I found them really boring and not interesting and thought Erin Hunter which is actually 3 4 different people was really poor wannabe author that didn t succeed in capturing my attention but when I saw Seekers the irresistable cover jumped out and me and just seemed to beg READ ME So I had listened to that inner voice and picked it up And boy was I in for a shockSeekers was for me about ten times better than Warriors it had everything the warriors series lacked for me so I immediatley continued buying the rest of the books It still impresses me this series and I hope the rest of it will continue in the same style and won t make me throw the books across the room like I had done with WarriorsRecomend it to anyone who felt strongly disappointed by the books Warriors Seekers is a new start and will most likely win your attention over after the first book However how long that attention will last for we ll have to see What would you do if everything you knew was taken away from you What would you do if you were forced to survive against all odds Three bears must do just that in Erin Hunters fantastic new novel Seekers The uest BeginsKallik is a polar bear Strong willed and curious she and her brother Tai are travelling with their mother Nissa across thereat icy plains of the Arctic They are trying to reach land before the ice melts so that they will be able to survive in the wild for the warmer months Kallik longs to be strong just like her motherLusa is a black bear She lives with her mother and father in a zoo enclosure and is curious about the world outside her cage Her father King once lived in the wi. R and rizzly are separated from their families when they are just young cubs They find themselves brought together on a perilous journey Fate is about to change all these bear.

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