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To step away from this one for a *bit to try and see what Butcher was going for since it s such a huge change of *to try and see what Butcher was going for since it s such a huge change of for him All previous Dresden Files books have contained a full story arc wherein the temporary bad guy or crisis is resolved or defeated but that is not the arc this book employs at all and it s jarring and depending on how you feel about waiting two months for another book to finish up the main conflict may make or break the book for you A good way to explain is ike those special two parters you sometimes get on TV shows where the first episode sets up the conflict and part two resolves it Because I spent Wish Upon a Wedding last weekend finally finishing Picard I will use an example from that show as well as Star Trek TNG Think The Best of Both Worlds Part I which finished up season three of that show with an unprecedented cliffhanger beware thirty year old spoilers view spoilerPicard being taken and turned into Locutus of Borg hide spoiler My dear friends I just finished reading Peace TalksYes I finally read a book that I and approximately 1k other reviewers have been so vocal about wanting ever since Skin Game If I was going to be super precise about the actual waiting time I d say it s a TON For those whoike to challenge themselves with a We Got the Neutron Bomb: The Untold Story of L.A. Punk little basic math theast Dresden novel came out in May of 2014And so when I got an ARC for this I spit out my soup in surprise and started screamingYou understand It s just one of those thingsBut now that I ve read Peace Talks I m afraid to actually SAY that I ve read Peace TalksWhyBecause you FANS ARE NUTS I feel Renovations: A Father and Son Rebuild a House and Rediscover Each Other like I m starting a war I can hear you getting your guns out and your magical weapons and all your supernatural hoards and you re COMING FOR ME because I got it early and read it early and now I feelike my only recourse is to run and hide on DemonreachOf course if you weren t coming for me with hate filled eyes I might tell you that the book was AWESOME and Mr Jim Butcher pulled off something SWEET AS HELL in the New Novel I Could novel I could you that nothing is ost nothing is ignored and all things serve a purposeYou remember the book where the Council and all the other baddies stood to face the wall that kept the Outsiders on the other side and you read the scene with wonder and a crazy feeling that things were ABSOLUTELY NOT GOING TO GO WELL That feeling has survived uite nicely in this bookAnd you know what Mr Jim Butcher is spoiling usLook to October this year for BOOK 17 That s right Battle GroundThe crap is going to hit the fanPlease don t hurt me fellow fanboys and fangirls But even if you Do I Think It Was I think it was it The book was great Peace friends Edited 92315Jim said at yesterday s reddit AMA that the manuscript is due January 1st Generally a 4 month turnaround is necessary after that 6 preferable Penguin has managed to bring that down to as ow as 1 month but that is unlikely Props to Priscellie for most of the above infoHere is Jim s 50 word summary of what Peace Talks is aboutThe various supernatural powers are gathering together in Chicago to kind of hash things out in the wake of the Red Court s destruction and all the chaos in the world So basically they will all si 455 stars Peace Talks was everything I hoped it would be and Totally worth the wait Especially because we re getting TWO Dresden novels this year Battle Ground is currently slated for release September 29thThe I Am Cow, Hear Me Moo! last few Dresden novels have been hit or miss Ghost Story and Cold Days were by far myeast favorite books in the series I briefly considered abandoning it but then Skin Game possibly the best of the series PARKOUR came along and fuego total re ignition I didn t know what to expect after so much time between books but uckily Peace Talks was of all the things that make this series great good characters funny dialogue supernatural politics ots of magi Dear JimThank you for making 2020 a Puppet Master little better I would hug you but that will be breaking CDC guidelines so Il just wish you wellBob s Avid Fan. Tions threaten the very existence of Chicago and all he holds dear Peace Talks is the sixteenth novel in the Dresden Files series and follows Harry’s adventures after the events of Skin Gam. Se characters and there s nothing you can do to stop itIn many Dresden books you feel ike Butcher is always going to throw a new Janae (Blacktop, layer at you about Outsiders or Nemesis or the Denarians but hel also throw some minor or temporary foes that he gets to get a W against I l say the new threat in this bookthey re here to stayI guess if there s a not so good in this book it s two things but I don t really see them as a problem yet First this is a short book Like Storm Front short Many of you are going to finish this in one or two sittings Second I don t think there #are a ton of answers in this one #a ton of answers in this one ot of the ong running theories and speculation aren t going to be resolved here So if you re hoping for that you may be disappointed However I don t find either of these a negative since this is only half of the story Butcher intended to tell us Battleground comes out in 75 days So I feel ike that one is a wait and seeIf you re here I don t really think you l need a sales pitch from me on why you should read it I think Jim has put together a part 1 of a 2 part television midseason finale here You re going to be satisfied but eft wanting in a good way Let the countdown to Battle Ground begin 25 starsTL DR is that this book is kinda meh It picks up at the end but that doesn t really save it from mediocrityIt s been about 7 years since the previous book in the series and I haven t reread any of the other books in the series during that time I may need to go back and read some of them or at east ook up a character and event Why Diets Make Us Fat list 7 years is aong time and the book keeps referencing events and characters that I either outright do not remember or only vaguely book keeps referencing events and characters that I either outright do not remember or only vaguely Also the previous book was just a really fun really entertaining adventure A return to form for the series And a really great sendoff for my favorite Dresden sidekick In comparison this book is kind of really dull which is a bit disappointing after how Dont Hex with Texas (Enchanted, Inc., long it s been since the previous book and just how good that previous book was It s not bad I was just hoping for a bit fun and a bitess moping around The book has some really frustrating moments in it due to Dresden actively choosing not to communicate I get that the author was saving it for the big confrontation at the end but I spent half the book yelling JUST TELL HIM at the pages At its core this book is pretty much the same story type as Skin Game It s a heist But where Skin Game did everything right this one seemed really half hearted Not to mention that using the exact same type of story twice in a row didn t help with the boredom aspect for me It s not a terrible book I just felt that it was really dull until about the Spanish Dagger (China Bayles, last fifty pages or so I think this is the second book in the series after Ghost Story that I really just don t care for But I mean if only 1 book in 8 is not all that great that s still a pretty good ratio Big things do happen in this book mostly at the end but it s not presented in a very interesting way It kind of just feelsike Butcher was dragging his feet and maybe a Everyday life in medieval times little burnt out on writing Dresden I understand that he went through uite a bit of misfortune in the time between this book and the previous one and I wish him the best but I still don tike this book as much as others in the series Hopefully the next book this fall will be a bit fun and exciting Given what happens at the end of this book it ooks to be a pretty good book Hopefully Butcher managed to get out of his funk for it Unsalvageable I m tempted to tell Jim Butcher to go screw himself because he sure screwed his faithful What s most of his fans are rating this book praisin Update 72020 No fifth star here folks What we ve got here is a part one of two situation This is basically the first book in a duology inside the series proper with Battle Ground being part two We now know why the surprise second book And I can t fully judge this one until I see how most of it turns out Luckily September 29th isn t that far awayI had. Ongoing hostilities Harry Dresden Chicago's only professional wizard joins the White Council's security team to make sure the talks stay civil But can he succeed when dark political manipula. .
Butcher risks declining interest in the Dresden Files He s got such an interesting world with huge potential stories and story ines that he s setup and an interested fan base However with the snail s pace publishing of the adult version of the Files Butcher is risking a growing disinterest as readers turn to other authorsbooks that are a bit proliferate Certainly I find my interest in the next book to be fading as time moves on it is not something I m burning to buy as soon as it is released I barely was interested in Skin Game and didn t find the story as riveting or interesting as previous stories Since Ghost Story I ve found this apathy to be growing You re going to ose readers Butcher FantasticSix years I waited for Harry to come back SIX YEARSWas it worth the wait For me ABSOLUTELY I oved every second of it There s intrigue galore amazing characterization Awesome dialoguePeace Talks made me happy in all kinds of ways I got my fix of some Thomas Molly Michael Maggie Mouse Lara Raith Marcone Waldo Mab Justine you name it it was there Best I was Dead Giveaway listening to James Marsters for almost all of the book He is just superb as Harry and the other forty or so characters he renders his voice for this series In addition if you had read the short stories youl be happily surprised to reacuaint yourself with so many other characters from thoseAs always Harry is having all kinds of trouble He s tired running on Andrew Lost In the Kitchen little sleep and food and trying to save the world Or this case Chicago and some very important people to him Yet Harry is becoming smarter and trying to do thingsogically without burning down the building which shows #Some Major Growth On His Part For #major growth on his part For who ike Karin and Dresden together they *Are Going To Be *going to be Me being a MollyTeam or even a LaraTeam it didn t make me happy but it didn t make me mad either I guess I still hold a grudge for Karrin shooting Harry so many moons ago but if Harry is happy with her so be itAfter finishing Peace Talks I started thinking of so many things that could go wrong since this book doesn t have all the answers Luckily I don t have to wait ong for Battle Ground I believe if you are a reader who s saying there was not enough action in this book the next one is going to have too much The uestion is who are we going to Nope lose It terrifies me I don t want it to be any of my favorites which isike 20On a side note I m super concerned about Ramirez I don t trust him any Be careful MollyPeace Talks sets such a masterful way for Battle Ground Frenemies must come together to protect way for Battle Ground Frenemies must come together to protect all or die trying and Harry Dresden is going to be in the middle of it all with the baddies from all sides gunning for him Watch outCliffhanger YES A big one55 FangsA complimentary copy was provided by ACE via Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewMrsLeif s Two Fangs About It Facebook Twitter Instagram Video Non Spoiler Review Here Spoiler Review Here from an ARC courtesy of Penguin Random House in exchange for an honest reviewOver 6 years after the release of Skin Game Peace Talks has arrived did it Rejected Rejected Rejected live up to the hype Well I was one of theucky ones who binged this entire series in 6 months and then got to read it Listening: The Last Poems of Margaret Avison literally the day after finishing Skin Game so I wouldn t take my opinion on that answer as gospel But as a fan of the series now Il say this I Good Things Happen Slowly: A Life in and Out of Jazz left satisfied while still hungry for It s a Dresden Files book I feelike one thing you can count on is every adventure is going to be a good time This is no different I had the same evels of fun I always have in an adventure with Harry numerous brilliant pop culture references and a few twists along the way I couldn t have predicted at allButcher s writing is just as strong as it has ever been and I d argue his romantic dialogue is maybe the best it has ever been here The growing tensions between certain characters don t feel forced or rushed at all And in typical Butcher fashion it s things you can see progressing to a not so fun ending between tho. Harry Dresden is back and ready for action in the new entry in the #1 New York Times bestselling Dresden Files series When the Supernatural nations of the world meet up to negotiate an end to. ,

Peace Talks

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