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Mogo the Third WarthogS very uniue and INTERESTING IT IS THE PERFECT LENGTH AND I WAS It is the erfect length and I was the whole time I really liked the lot and the writing Mogo s story filled with adventure natural wonders and mayhem is both original and exciting and a great way for middle grade natural wonders and mayhem is both original and exciting and a great way for middle grade to escape into the wilderness in rint Could be a bit sad but Napoli deals with this loosely based Three Little Pigs story as the circle of life the way nature works survival story I love the way she chose to Use The African Savannah the African savannah the setting and a warthog and wild dog were erfect characters. Life not just based on survival but one that relishes in the joy of friendship and love Donna Jo Napoli a master at retelling fables and fairy tales spins a fascinating adventure from the story of The Three Little Pigs while Lita Judge's black and white illustrations bring the unforgettable cast of characters to li.

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E in town I ve been reading it aloud to the boysThe story of Mogo the Warthog living in Africa Personification is all over the Reality Hunger: A Manifesto. David Shields place I m really not sure thatiggies and baboons feel this way but it makes for a sweet story and a violent one The chasing and death is real life animal survival but rather intense Still the boys seemed to like itI thought the animal facts took away from the story flow but I learned lotsAnd I m sure glad Goodreads Has Reviews From has reviews from to tell me it was a spin OFF OF THE THREE PIGS I of the Three Pigs I that I really liked this book It And Mogo's bossy and lazy older brothers may not have what it takes to survive On his own Mogo must learn to battle not just lions cheetahs and wild dogs but also fear and loneliness Luckily the friendship of a young baboon who has also been cast out of his own community helps Mogo find what he's been looking for .
While this book is somewhat disjointed NOT AS FLAWLESSLY WRITTEN AS not as flawlessly written as by this writer I think will enjoy it because it gives a detailed sense of the life not just of warthogs not an every day topic in kids books but also the animals with which they co exists So aardvarks make an appearance as well as gazelles a ratel mongeese a baboon and wild dogs This is not a hard read and each chapter is somewhat self contained Don t expect it to win writing awards but to win over some readers This is the December selection for the Mayor s Book Club her. Mogo may be the runt of the litter but he's determined to make it in the tough African savanna When he and his two brothers are cast out of their burrow in order to make space for a new litter it's time for each of them to venture out and new litter it's time for each of them to venture out and a new home and a new life But the savanna is full of dangerous redators. ,