E–book/E–pub (The Trouble with Normal Sex Politics and the Ethics of ueer Life) by Michael Warner

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N Savage and Larry Kramer who regardless of their counter cultural shock approaches are nonetheless reinforcing ideas of middle class normalcy as the long awaited I Am Cow, Hear Me Moo! futureor ueers Warner differs and offers a radical notion of sexual autonomy and sexual ethics in their stead Though Warner seems somewhat unaware of the liberation theories advanced before him by radical eminists like Judith Butler and John Stoltenberg trans theorists like Riki Wilchins and race theoristshistorians like Robin DG Kelley his critiue of and within the ueer community is well #deserved I can totally appreciate his assertion that we in the US #I can totally appreciate his assertion that we in the US to admit that sex is being had by many people in many situations OTHER THAN *Marriagea Monogamous Relationship Only Then *monogamous relationship Only then safe sex programs have a chance of working and being effective This insistence amongst our politicians that abstinence is the only safe sex read NO SEX policy to be taught is ridiculous short sighted and a cop out rather than a solution PEOPLE HAVE SEX Especially BEFORE andor totally outside of a marriagemonogamous relationship Guess what Some people may not want to ever get married And they shouldn t have to There are many ways to live life Heterosexual and married is NOT the ONLY pathchoice Get over it and deal Sheesh 15 stars The main arguments of this book in my own words because I do not enjoy Warner s Humanization should be achievable without assimilation In an effort to gain the approval of people with power some people in the LGBT population distance themselves rom those who are less normal such as the overly Puppet Master flamboyant gay man or the transgender person who has no desire to pass as cisgender Warner would never use this example because I m not sure he knows what a trans person is or anyone who might confirm stereotypes Normal is a strategy used to shame and marginalize I guess Is it the same as saying We re all normal because this huge spread of diversity of sexual orientation and gender identity and gender expression and biological sex is normal The benefits of marriage should be extended to all kinds of households yet the current battle in the gay movement is to simply give same sex couples access to the institution of marriage Definitely agree that theocus is misplaced and our society would benefit Swoon: The Heartthrob Activity Book for Good Color-Inners as Well as Beginners from reducing theinancial power of marriage Warner criticizes the desire of some LGBT people to completely desexualize the community so they will be deemed worthy of marriage and the vanilla straight life I agree that this desire is problematic and elitist However I also think we can still acknowledge and discuss the harm that the common OVERsexualization of LGBT people doesANYWAY UGH HERE I GO TO MY MAIN GRIPE The Trouble With Normal is extremely outdated and as another reviewer mentioned not useful Janae (Blacktop, for today s ueer politics Everything isramed as exclusively gay and lesbian no other identities Gay culture gay life gay activism straight or gay gay movement gay marriage a conclusion even exclusive ocusing on gay men only yet the author can still say the book is about the ueer community I m gonna keep screaming 46% of the LGBT population is bi rom the mountaintopsHere s a real winner strike D normalcy are bad not just or the gays but or everyone In place of sexual status uo Warner offers Hroughs added by me Already the gay and lesbian movement has been orced to add bisexual and occasionally transgendered to *Its Self Description These Gestures *self description These #gestures often rightly perceived especially by bisexuals and transgendered people as afterthoughts half hearted gestures at #often rightly perceived especially by bisexuals and transgendered people as afterthoughts half hearted gestures at politically correctApparently this is the author s excuse or not including anything about bisexual people and transgender people except or several uncriticized t slurs Were things this different in 1999 If so yeah this book has historical value But if you want to actually learn something just go read a ew anti assimilation and critiues of blog posts or something Even though its almost 15 years old and even though some of the specific issues he raises are mute DOMA don t ask don t tell anti sodomy laws all thankfully consigned to the rubbish heap of history now the underlying assumption he works with is still incredibly valid mainstream culture is uncomfortable with ueer people because mainstream culture as a whole is simply uncomfortable with sex being discussed or addressed or engaged with in anything approximating general openness I think that s essentially correct even if its a very hard generalization to make as a young adult in 2014 at a time when gayueer culture is becoming much prevalent in general and not simply because of the sea change in attitudes on gay marriage and while Warner makes a compelling case against not simply gay marriage but against the institution of marriage as a whole as a ludicrous ritual which allows the state to say that some types of relationships are proper and others are not I don t buy into his alarmist and in retrospect incorrect conclusion that Why Diets Make Us Fat full acceptance of gay marriage will be the death of organicully sexualized ueer culture in America You can get married to your gaylesbian partner in a Presbyterian church in a wide array of states these days you can also spend your nights in a bathhouse or BDSM dungeon or a glory hole As long as people are biologically wired Dont Hex with Texas (Enchanted, Inc., for sex all of those things will exist in an uneasy and at times almost incoherent sort of euilibrium But where he is stillrighteningly right is how larger economic Spanish Dagger (China Bayles, forces can destroy ueer and really any other culture that gets in the way of economic development urban renewal really of gentrification in general A neo con senator blasting degenerate gays is ultimately infinitely less damaging to gay life than a real estate mogul with a blueprintor development and the backing of city hallWarner touches on a dizzying array of issues in this book everything rom healthcare to city planning to cultural assumptions about sex to the nature of marriage to byzantine zoning laws to the all out of the Lewinsky scandal The book really would be better if to byzantine zoning laws to the all out of the Lewinsky scandal The book really would be better if could just pick 2 3 ilters through which to examine this issue instead of trying to come at an issue this large rom every angle possible at once This is the odd polemic that would benefit Dead Giveaway from being academic ie a bit extensively structured in its general approach That being said it is also the rare book on a central LGBT issue whose basic premises are still valid and worth considering 15 years after it was written. Vision of true sexual autonomy that willorever change the way we think about sex shame and identity. The Trouble with Normal Sex Politics and the Ethics of ueer LifeWarners s argument is based in the ethical conviction that sexual autonomy should be a natural right in a sane and just society Why do our laws and culture reuire the criminalization and stigmatizing of consensual sex acts that aren t eveyone else s cup of tea He claims the gay marriage movement is obscuring the hierarchies of sexual shame that still operate within mainstream homophobia playing into a system that privileges normalcy as a moral value or some misguided reason in this country it s normal to be poorly educated and in bad health Strange Son: Two Mothers, Two Sons, and the Quest to Unlock the Hidden World of Autism for exampleSpeaking of post gay magazine editor James Collard who wants to de politicize the gay movement and publicly stereotyped ueer culture as the gay ghetto in a Newsweek article of 1998 Warner compares Collard s tactics to those of the 1950 s normalizing movement the Mattachine Society Then and now homosexuals were and still are afraid to be seen as ueerThen and now they bargained and still bargainor a debased pseudo dignity the kind that is awarded as a bribe Nope for disavowing the indignity of sex and the double indignity of a politics around sex The result has been a set of hierarchies Those whose sex is least threatening along with those whose gender profiles seem least ueer are putorward as the good and acceptable ace *Of The Movement These *the movement These are the ones who are staying home making dinner or their boyfriends Listening: The Last Poems of Margaret Avison for whom being gay means reading Newsweek The others the ueers who have sex in public toilets who don t come out as happily gay the sex workers the lesbians who are too vocal about a tasteor dildos or SM the boys who Good Things Happen Slowly: A Life in and Out of Jazz flaunt it as pansies or as leathermen the androgynes the trannies and transgendered whose gender deviance makes them unassimilable to the menu of sexual orientations the clones in the so called gay ghetto theist Buck: A Memoir fuckers and popper snorters the ones who actually like pornography all theselaming creatures are toldthat their great moment of liberation will come laterwhen we get to be about than sexuality when say gay marriage is given THE FORCE OF LAW FREE AT LAST I RECOMMEND force of law Free at last I recommend book highly well reasoned defence of sex in its own right and analysis of how sexual identities are ormed in response to public and private realms scandal shame and the consolidation of voice and power that is the result of capitalist systems within media and politics A comprehensive and incisive excoriation of same sex marriage as a movement Yikes, Vikings! (Canadian Flyer Adventures Series for gay liberation Warner s investigations of the interactions between gay shame and a pushor same sex marriage see also Mattilda Bernstein Syca and Benjamin Shepard is a useful lens to explore the millions of dollars and volunteer hours going almost exclusively to same sex marriage advocacy at the expense of issues that arguably have a larger impact on the day to day lives of most ueer and trans Five Days Left folksrom health care to housing to gentrificationThis latter trend which pits rich white gays and lesbians toward whom the advocacy organizations like the Human Rights Campaign are oriented against their less wealthy ueer and trans sisters and brothers assumes all the currency when reading gay assimilationist author activists like Michael Signorile Da. Michael Warner one of our most brilliant social critics argues that gay marriage and other moves towar.